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YEC Competition package


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Published in: Education, Business
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YEC Competition package

  2. 2. Why Compete?• your opportunity to showcase your smarts, creativity, and business talent to some of the top industry professionals in their fields• Learn from invaluable feedback laced with expert knowledge and experience• Flex or gain entrepreneurial skills and passion on a platform• perform in a team environment acquiring experiences relevant to real world situations• network with bright peers and seasoned professionals
  3. 3. Prizes• Vary from free consultation from business professionals, exposure, monetary prizes of 1000 dollars presented by Intertainment Media• Tickets to Android TO• Kobo ereaders• More to be announced…
  4. 4. Competition details• Teams must have at least 2 members and maximum 6• They can consist of different students across universities or colleges• Team members must be current post-secondary, or newly graduated (within the last 2 years)• Students are responsible for forming their own teams and ideas• The competition is about presenting an vision for a mobile or web product or service• the idea does not have to be developed prior however the presentation will consist of a sufficient business plan including market focus and action plan, marketing plan, financial plan, etc...
  5. 5. Details continued• students will go through a coaching series the afternoon of the conference, 15 minute round table discussions examining the product vision from distinct relevant angles• Competitors will have a workshop the morning of the competition, an hour to regroup and compete in flights.• 3 flights will happen simultaneous• the top place in each flight will continue on to present infront of everyone in the awards dinner where the group panel will deliberate on a first place winner and awards will be administeredRegister here:
  6. 6. Submission Details• One member of the team will fill the challenge submission form• Each member of the team’s name, number, and email will be submitted• The idea must be presented in a 500 character or summary with key components drawn from business plan ideas• Submissions will be accepted until December 29th and Submission winners will be announced Jan 1st.Submission online:
  7. 7. Screening Process• Submissions will be screened by the DEM Society members• 15 submissions will be invited to compete at the challenge• Submission considerations will be based on originality, feasibility, and creativity• Each member of the team upon passing the screening process must register for individual delegate tickets, the competitors package will be a group purchase made by one member of the team• Submissions made after the final acceptance date will be ineligible
  8. 8. Competition Deliverables• 2-5 page standard business plan submitted January 12th• Final Presentation of Vision to Panel of judges – Presentation will be 15-20 minutes in length Individuals Qualified to Enter-- Students must be either currently in their undergrad or masters or have graduated within the last two years
  9. 9. Considerations• Product Design & Development: key selling features, user experience, how will the product be designed? what is appealing about it? how, when, and what will be used to develop the product?• Business Strategy: how will the start-up succeed, who will you hire, what relationships will you form, etc..• Target Demographic: what need is the product serving? Who will be the target audience/consumer, how will you go about acquiring market share?• Marketing Approach: how will you get the word how? what channels will you use? what will be your staged approach?• Financial Forecast: present the idea of how will you find the monetary seeding money to create and develop the product, bring it market, and grow
  10. 10. Evaluation• the business plan will be an aid to the presentation for the judges to pull details and ideas presented by each team-- the business plan will be marked on professionalism and how well most bases of business areas are covered relatively.• The presentation bares the greatest weight of evaluating each idea, marks are given on pitch, professionalism, originality of idea, creativity, feasibility, scalability, market relevance, etc.• The decisions made by the panel of judges are final-- the DEM Society has no influence in the decision making process
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