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SOS Children's Villages Lahore


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A marketing plan for SOS Children's Villages Lahore

Published in: Marketing
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SOS Children's Villages Lahore

  1. 1. Presented By: M. Omer Saeed Shanza Fatima Mehreen Omer Ammarah Nasrullah Rafia Saman Ali Aman Noor Nasir Sidra Ali SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan
  2. 2. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Current & Proposed Product Mix Children’s Villages Community Welfare Youth Homes Hermann Gmeiner Schools Rehab Center for Depressed Women Vocational Training Center Terrorist Children Victim Relief Works Rural Support Program Social Research Projects
  3. 3. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Where will we get our revenue from? Revenue Source T-shirts, mugs, souvenirs, mascot toys Clients/Customers Young urbanites who want to help SOS Children’s Villages but cannot volunteer Teacher-training programs College graduates taught in Urdu-medium schools Public Speaking & Seminars Universities with business and social research programs Online Advertising Advertisers seeking to publish their advertisements on the blog of SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan
  4. 4. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan New Branding Strategy  Slogan changed to ‘Protecting Innocence’  Age of Suicide Terrorism  Everyone is a potential stakeholder
  5. 5. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Other Promotional Tools Online Forums Specialties Documentary Shows Infographic Tools Greeting Cards Prizes
  6. 6. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Public Advocacy Publicity Stunts to cause people to argue Freeze Mobs to make people think Zombie Walks to scare people Pseudo-Press Conferences to embarrass government officials Webisodes on real stories of orphans Adding ‘Rights of Children’ in Islamiat Textbooks Write book entitled ‘Orphan’s Odyssey’ and produce a docudrama on it Annual Reports & News Releases Stop-Ignoring Campaign
  7. 7. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Public Media Identifying Local Opinion Leaders like Junaid Jamshed Hire and train skilled PR personnel to deal with Public Relations Crises like in the 2005 earthquake Contact Prominent Book-Writers like Sadat Manto Symposiums with well-known speakers like Imran Khan to voice their concerns against drone attacks Work on getting a story published in Pakistan Today
  8. 8. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan How will we raise our funds? SMS Donations University fundraising campaigns Say-No-to-Drone Attacks Campaigns & Other Community Campaigns Partnerships with Corporations (Donation Boxes, Percentage of Profits Donation etc.)
  9. 9. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Marketing Budget Budget allocation to different mediums of marketing 27% 40% tvc print Ads 10% 3% Internet radio spots 20% Public relations
  10. 10. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Media Strategy Vehicles (Social media) Frequency for posting Facebook Posting new developments every four hours Twitter Posting latest developments in the social sector of Pakistan every hour Pinterest Posting pictures of orphans and volunteers every day Blogger Posting a new article every single day YouTube Uploading documentaries and volunteer videos every week
  11. 11. THANKYOU We are open to constructive criticism