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I mbbs plasma proteins tutorial


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I mbbs plasma proteins tutorial

  1. 1. IMS <br />Department of Biochemistry Phase I Lecturer : Dr.B.Raghu<br /> Plasma proteins - Tutorial<br />I . Multiple Choice Questions: Choose the correct answer<br />1.Plasma albumin performs the following functions, except<br />A.Maintenance of osmotic pressure<br />B.Transport<br />C.Solublization of glucose<br />D.Nutritive.<br />2.Emphysema is due to the deficiency of<br />A.Fibrinogen<br />B.α1 antitrypsin<br />C.Ceruloplasmin<br />D.Haptoglobin<br />
  2. 2. 3.Bence Jones proteins are <br />A.Momoclonal heavy chains<br />B.Monoclonal light chains<br />C.Intactγ globulins<br />D.α2 macroglobulins<br />4.In multiple myeloma which one of the following plasma protein level is increased<br />A.Albumin<br />B.Haptoglobin<br />C.α1 antitrypsin<br />D.γ globulin<br />
  3. 3. 5.Antibodies fall into which category of serum protein? <br />A. Albumin<br />B. Beta globulins<br />C. Alpha globulins<br />D. Gamma globulins<br />6. Which one of the following Immunoglobulin can cross placenta <br />A. IgA <br />B. IgG<br />C. IgM <br />D. IgD<br />
  4. 4. 7. Which one of the following immunoglobulin is secreted in milk <br />A. IgA <br />B. IgM<br />C. IgD <br />D. IgE<br />8. Antibody produced during primary response is:<br />A. IgM<br />B. IgD<br />C. IgG<br />D. IgA<br />
  5. 5. 9. Humoral immunity is mediated by:<br />A. T cells<br />B. Eosinophils<br />C. B cells<br />D. Macrophages<br />10. Which class of antibody is most abundant in serum?<br />A. IgM<br />B. IgG<br />C. IgE<br />D. IgD<br />
  6. 6. 11. The major antibody produced during the secondary immune(booster) response is:<br />A. IgM<br />B. IgD<br />C. IgG<br />D. IgA<br />12. Regarding the immune system and its role in body's defense mechanism, all the statements are true except:<br />A. B cells are responsible for humoral immunity<br />B. Immunoglobulins are produced from T cells<br />C. Plasma cells are specialized cells of B cells <br />D. T lymphocytes are involved in cell mediated <br /> immunity<br />
  7. 7. 13.Bence Jones proteins are precipitated when urine heated upto…….’C<br />40-50<br />60-70 <br />80-90<br />100-110<br />14.Which of the following protein is useful in the diagnosis of neural tube defect<br />A.α1 antitrypsin<br />B.γ globulins<br />C.α2 macroglobulin<br />D.α1 fetoprotein<br />
  8. 8. 15.Normal Plasma albumin concentration<br />A.3.4-5.0 mg%<br />B.6-8 g%<br />C.2.5-3.5 g%<br />D.3.4-5.0g%<br />16.Hemoglobin excretion is prevented by <br />A.Fibrinogen<br />B.Transferrin<br />C.Heptoglobin<br />D.Immunoglobulins<br />
  9. 9. 17.Decrease in plasma albumin level leads tp<br />Wilson’s disease<br />Emphysema<br />Edema<br />Multiple myeloma<br />18.Which one of the following protein is useful in predicting the risk of coronary artery diseases.<br />A.Haptoglobin<br />B.Ceruloplasmin<br />C.Transferrin<br />D.C-Reactive Protein<br />
  10. 10. CASE STUDY<br />  <br />A 54 year old with polydypsia and polyuria presented with generalised edema in the OPD. The following are the results of the laboratory test :<br /> <br /> <br /> Serum protein - 5 gm%<br /> <br /> Serum Albumin - 2.2 gm%<br /> <br /> Urine Protein - 3.5 gm / 24 hrs<br /> <br /> Serum Cholesterol - 600 mg%<br />Questions :<br /> <br />1. What is the probable diagnosis ?<br /> <br />2. What other biochemical tests would you like to do, to confirm the <br />diagnosis ? <br /> <br />
  11. 11. II. Short Answer Questions:<br />1. Structure of IgG<br />2. α1-Antitrypsin<br />3.C-Reactive Protein<br />III. Short notes:<br />1.Immunoglobulins<br />2.Acute phase proteins<br />3.Electrophoresis of plasma proteins<br />IV. Long Answer Questions:<br />1. Describe the types , functions and separation of plasma proteins.<br />