Turkish education system


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Turkish education system

  2. 2. General Information about Turkish EducationSystemOfficial Language: TurkishAlphabet: Latin AlphabetAcademic Year: September through JuneDuration of Schooling: 4+ 4 + 4Compulsory Schooling: 12 years (ages 6-17)
  3. 3. General Information about TurkishEducation SystemNumber of Schools About 62.000Number of Students (formal Education) 17.2 MillionNumber of Teachers 832.000
  4. 4. Turkish National Education System has twomain parts:Formal EducationNon-formal Education
  5. 5. Formal EducationFormal education includes: pre-primary primary schoollower secondary school,upper secondaryhigher education institutions(Universities)
  6. 6. Pre-Primary Schoolsinvolves the education of children in the agegroup of 3 to 5 who have not reached the ageof compulsory primary educationThey are optionalTheir objective is to ensure that children developphysically, mentally and emotionally and readyfor Primary Education
  7. 7. Primary education
  8. 8. Primary Schoolsprimary school age group is 6 to 9.It’s compulsory.Primary Education is free all state schools.Foreign Language lessons will start at 2nd gradewith new law (Previously it was at 4th grade)Students have 3 hours of English lesson in a week
  9. 9. Primary SchoolsThe purpose of primary education is to ensure thatevery child :acquires the basic knowledge, skills, behaviors, andhabits to become a good citizen,is raised in line with the national moral concepts andis prepared for life and for the next education levelparallel to his/her interests and skills.
  10. 10. Lower Secondary Schools
  11. 11. Lower Secondary Schools(Elementary)Lower Secondary school age group is 10 to 13.It’s compulsory.Lower Secondary Education is free all stateschools.Students have 4 hours of English lesson in a week
  12. 12. Secondary Education
  13. 13. Secondary Schools (High Schools)Secondary Schools age group is 14-19With a new Law in 2012, four years of Secondaryschool is also compulsory today.Secondary Education is free all state schools.Students have to take two general exams shortlycalled YGS-LYS to enroll a University.Every year about 2 million students attend theseexams and 630,000 students get a chance toenroll any faculty, four or two-year collegeaccording to their points. So this exam is veryimportant for every student.
  14. 14. Secondary EducationThere are 5 main types of high-schools in Turkey.Public High-SchoolsAnatolian High-SchoolsScience High-SchoolsVocational High-SchoolsMilitary High Schools
  15. 15. Our School is…A Public High School.4-year-educationMinimum number of lessons in a week 30.Maximum number of students in a class is 30We have 3 hours of English lesson at 9th gradeand 2 hours at other grades
  16. 16. Main Lessons at High SchoolMathsPhysicsChemistryGeometryBiologyTurkish Language and LiteratureHistoryGeographyForeign Language (English)
  17. 17. Secondary SchoolsThe purpose of secondary education is: to give students a minimumcommon culture, to identify individual andsocial problems, to search for solutions, and to prepare the students forhigher education, for profession, for lifeand for business in line with their interestsand skills.
  18. 18. Higher Education (Universities)University Education is mostly 4 yearsBut, Faculty of Medicine is 6 yearsVocational Education is 2 yearsStudents apply Universities with their YGS-LYS ExamGrades (University Entrance Exams)University number in Turkey: 173State University number: 107Foundation (Private) University number: 66
  19. 19. Most Popular 5 Departments atUniversities1. Faculty of Law2. Faculty of Medicine3.Preschool Teaching4.Faculty of Engineering5. Psychological counseling and guidance
  20. 20. University EducationFaculty of Education is very popular.Manystudents want to be teacher.At the end of University education, studentsshould enter another exam called KPSS to workfor government.Government give scholarship for thousands ofstudents who have economic difficulties.
  21. 21. University EducationMain Aims :1. Train students according to our country’sscience policies and the need for labor in higherand various levels of the society2. Providing scientific training at various levels,3. Doing research exploring sciences in furtherdetail in order to finding solutions to scientific,technical and cultural problems especially toones related to our country
  22. 22. FACTS about Turkish Education SystemCompulsory education starts at the age of 6.A lesson duration is 40 or 45 minutes.Course books are given for free for everystudent.Every student will have a tablet pc and eachclassroom have a smart board in a few yearswith Fatih ProjectSchool Uniform is compulsory until the end ofhigh school but with new regulation it won’t becompulsory next year.
  23. 23. Thank you for Listening us Presented by: Sema Bakış Miyasse Bakış