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Turkey school presentation


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Published in: Education
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Turkey school presentation

  1. 1. ÇELİKHAN  Çelikhan is a small town of Adıyaman, in south east of Turkey  Population : 8000  Source of income : Tobacco Cultivation  50 km to Adıyaman 90 km to Malatya  Famous for Tobacco, Honey and Floating Islands
  2. 2. ÇELİKHAN
  3. 3. Working on Tobacco Farm
  4. 4. Floating Islands on Çad Dam
  5. 5. ÇELİKHAN LİSESİ Our School was opened in 1970 as Primary School and turned a high school in 1996 There are about 500 students and 30 teachers in our school Dormitory Building for students who come villages
  6. 6. Dormitory Building  120 students can stay in the dormitory (65 boys+55 girls
  7. 7. Education 4 Years high school education in Turkey In our school students can study in: -> Math-Science, ->Math-Social Sciences, ->Social Sciences, classes
  8. 8. Education Smartboards were installed each classroom with FATIH project A new project, titled the «Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology» (FATİH) Students will get a tablet pc with this project soon
  9. 9. Social and SportActivities  Students join many sport tournaments such as table tennis, Chess and football tournaments  Every year a Theatre and Poem Performance are held at school.