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The culture and_ethnic_in_poland


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The culture and_ethnic_in_poland

  1. 1. The largest national minority in our country areGermans. They inhabit mostly the south andnorth of the country. Second largest nationalminority are the Belorussians. They live in thesouth-eastern part of Poland. Other nationalitiesin our country are :Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Russians, Slovaks andJews.
  2. 2. The largest ethnic minority in our country areRomani people. Romani are widely known in theEnglish-speaking world as “Gypsies”. They live inall our country. Romani communities differ verymuch in terms of language and culture. They areof Indian origin.
  3. 3. Other ethnic minorities are Lemkos. They live inthe southern and western parts of the country.Italian shepherds wandered and encountereddifferent cultures. Over time, they created adistinct culture and language.
  4. 4. Other ethnic minorities are Tatars and Karaites.Before World War II, Poles constituted two thirdsof the population of the country and after the warPoles constitute 98.8% of the population.
  5. 5. Poles have different varieties of language indifferent regions. These include Podhale,Silesian, Lowicz, Kurpie and Kashubian region.They have different traditions. These areregional costumes, music, dance and art. Wecall it folklore.
  6. 6. The most popular is catholicism. Next is theOrthodox Church, protestantism, Jehovahswitnesses, Islam, Buddhism.