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Famous spanish poets and writers


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Famous spanish poets and writers

  2. 2. Miguel de Cervantes was a novelist, poet andwriter of plays. He is considered the greatestfigure of Spanish literature. It is universallyknown for his work Don Quixote
  3. 3. Lorca, Spanish poet and playwright, belongs to theliterary movement called "Generation of 27“Because of his murder during the early days of theSpanish Civil War, his work was quickly known
  4. 4. Spanish poet Becquer is one of the most importantfigures of Romanticism and his "rhymes" assumedthe starting point of modern poetry Spanish
  5. 5. Camilo Jose Cela was the fifth nobel Spanish literatureand the first of our novelists who achieved soappreciated and universal award.He was a complete writer: novelist, poet, writer, authorof romance and travel books, in all of them has left theimprint of his vigorous human and literary.
  6. 6. José Echegaray (1904),Jacinto Benavente (1922),Juan Ramón Jiménez (1956),Vicente Aleixandre (1977)Camilo José Cela (1989)