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Olin 12p-corporate-gb

  1. 1. I N D U S T R I A L PA RT N E R S H I PThe Right Formula to move forward, together.The alchemy of succ e s s Butyl sealing tapes, Polyurethane Sealants
  2. 2. Olin’s expertise, a winning formula for demanding professionalsFor over 40 years Olin has developed its A reliable, powerful andexpertise and know-how in the design and flexible technical partner:manufacture of specific and multi-purpose,sealing, insulation and bonding products. Olin provides its customers complete technical solutions adapted to the specific requirementsOur tailored solutions are dedicated to: of over 20 trades through a wide and perfectible• Manufacturing industry range of products.• Building industry• Specialized distributors supplying those sectorsBuilding Industry• Fasteners • Adhesives (tapes converters)• Roofing accessories • Anti-vibration and sound dampening• Roof sealing (bituminous, PVC & EPDM membranes) • Thermal insulation, cold rooms• Construction chemicals (cement, mortars, …) • Aeraulic and ventilation (HVAC)• Subtrades construction chemical • Industrial applications (tile adhesives, coatings, …) • Transportation (commercial & leisure vehicles,• Sealing (sealants, expansion joints, …) ship building, railway industry)• Bonding technology • Facility management• Metallic & Modular construction• Joinery, wood parquets, floor coating• Civil engineering, concrete structures
  3. 3. Designing and producing the “right solution” Olin’s research capacity is fuelled by two integrated R & D laboratories dedicated to: “Butyls” and “Sealants” including: - Research and formulas improvement - Methods (design, packaging study, etc.) This double ability enables OLIN to provide a fully optimized offer, completely in line with your specifications. A “High-Tech” organizational structure dedicated to your success The success of our industrial partnership is the key to your own one Each product is a success story elaborated from support in the design stage – from formula to packaging – to development of the customized finished product thanks to the total control of the full process. OLIN’s flagship range of products: strengths Butyl tapes: Preformed, Polyurethane sealants double-sided or laminated • Multipurpose & effective formulas • Unequalled technology and experience • Successful private brands strategy • Wide range of chemical formulations • Products conforming to international • Large production capacity and technical requirements • Tangible results in industry and construction fields
  4. 4. Olin designer of tailor-made solutions with high added valueThe Flexibility of a specialized Formulating tomorrow’s productsand independent company As a responsible company now giving priority to the useCreated in 1957 and thanks to its size and of solutions with lower environmental impacts and seekingorganizational structure, Olin became a flexible to reduce packaging’s size and weight, Olin anticipatesand reactive company, with the ability to the expectations of tomorrow’s market.summon up in a record time all the necessaryskills for identified requirements.Our company, strengthened by more than120 employees, provides a commercialpresence on the 5 continents.We keep striving to develop a product range thatfulfils the current and future requirementsof construction and industry professionals.Our assets:• Total control of the process: design/production/packaging, allowing high levels of productivityand excellent commercial competitiveness.• Major player on the butyl market:- Yearly capacity of over 9,000 tons- Production area of over 12,000 m2• Recognized producer of polyurethane sealants- Products spread worldwide and benefitting from the main international approvals: ASTM, ISO, DIN etc.
  5. 5. For mass production or low quantities: a global offer matching your challenges Omnipresent, performance-generating qualityR & D and production • ISO 9001 quality systemfacilities: permanent • Rational organization with technical andinvestments for optimal quality commercial support and tailor-made follow-up • Rigorous quality process, ensuring continual improvement of customer satisfaction. • Testing of finished products and raw materials upon receiptA constant and ambitious strategy of investmentsin R & D and production equipments enablesOLIN to benefit from 2 production and storageunits on a global area of 16,000 m².Result and benefits for our customers:• Qualitative optimization of existing formulations• Customized formulas as to obtain the same degree of excellence either with small or large orders.
  6. 6. A strong international cultureOLIN controls all aspects andrequirements related to the managementof an international logistic: appropriatepackaging, marking and labelling, networkof qualified partner carriers, etc.All steps of the logistical chain are in fullcontrol to ensure compliance with deadlinesas well as excellent quality of service. Presence in over 60 countries thanks to a competitive product range • Portfolio of over 750 private brands worldwide, (exports account for 75% of total turnover)Olin multilingual team masters of all export-related • Industrial flexibility with a product customizedspecificities: for the specificities of local markets• Commercial and field presence (Area Sales Managers • Products respecting local standards restrictions and representatives) on all continents.• Continual optimization of packaging to: - Ensure transport is secure - Limit logistics costs
  7. 7. We add value to your projects Benefit from the support of a multi- disciplinary organization fully devoted to your project. In addition to its role of manufacturer OLIN gathers all its energies to offer a global and efficient solution, incorporating R&D, support and advice, and thereby provides tailor-made follow-up to its customers in over 60 countries through industrial partners or exclusive importers. RC 434 166 286 - Photos : Pascal Boy, Jupiter images, Dreamstime, Fotolia.A strategic geographical location at the heart of Europe’s “prosperous crescent” and close to major air and rail highways HEADQUARTERS25, avenue de lIndustrie - B.P. 419 - 69960 Corbas - FRANCE Tel. +33 (0)4 72 23 18 00 - Fax +33 (0)4 72 23 18 18 Butyls factory: Z.I. Les Portes du Dauphiné Rue Ampère - 69780 Saint Pierre de Chandieu - FRANCE www.olin.fr - info@olin.fr