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Project We Like


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Sem-2 project We like.

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Project We Like

  1. 1. PROJECT WE LIKE Meghana Nevrekar HPGD/ OC15/ 2183
  2. 2. PROJECT TIMELINE We Tube : 1. New roles in HR and support functions : 2. Employee engagement : 3. MICE Tourism : 4. Building a winning resume : 5. Handling criticism with grace We Lounge : 1. Mr. Prasanth Nair (HR - Cipla) : 2. Mr. G. Nilakantan (HR – Reliance Industries) : 3. Ms. Shobha Swarup (HR - Sealed Air Corp) Newswire : 1. Why It Makes Sense To Start Your Career With Start Ups : 2. Quikr Buys Online Real Estate Platform CommonFloor : 3. Ericsson India Offers Incentives To Employees For Referring Potential Recruits : 4. Flipkart To Hire 10,000 Temporary Staff Ahead Of Festive Season : 5. Ways To Tailor Your Resume For A Leadership Position : 6. Google, American Express Are Top Workplaces In India: Et Survey : 7. India Seen Surpassing Us As Country With The Most Facebook Users : 8. Skill Development And Its Impact On Employee Retention : 9. Ways To Maintain A Positive Mindset : 10. Now Your Smartphone Will Reveal Your Personality
  3. 3. WE TUBE 5 Topics
  4. 4. Prof. Chinmay Kamat New roles in HR and support functions
  5. 5. Learnings - Evolving Hr. • HR started out as personnel department which was responsible for payroll benefits. Since 1990’s HR became more strategic. • Recruitment, learning and development, organizational design, payroll compensation and communications were the new topics covered under HR functions. • HR now has moved from business partners to business integration. • They are responsible for Talent management, competency management, performance management, succession planning. • Need for Change : o Attrition o Competition o Workplace Diversity o Changes In Global Thinking.
  6. 6. Creative activities conducted by Biz. HR. • Innovative inductions are provided that provides value adds. • Cutting out the formalities. • Reducing Monotony. • Fun Sessions. • Team building sessions. • Rewards and recognitions Innovation recruitment. • Out of box styles • Networking styles (Facebook, LinkedIn) • HR sites (CiteHR) • Discotheques or malls • Radio Adds
  7. 7. Value adds by training and development. • Providing training solutions in different industry domains. • Creating custom training content. • Integrating online & instructor led training. • Mapping of organizational training objectives. • Providing support services to end users, trainers, administrators etc. • Creation of E-Learning modules • Creation of learning management portals Future roles of HR. • Internal consultant - helps to spread HR competencies through the organization. • Talent manager - Responsible for finding and retaining of brightest workers. • Vendor manager - Responsible for monitoring quality and costs. TrainingDevelopment
  8. 8. Prof. Vinima Sharma Employee Engagement
  9. 9. Learnings - Employee Engagement : • Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. • The concept is from business management. • An engaged employee is fully involved and enthusiastic about his work. • Employee engagement exists when the employee feels attached to work in below areas :  Physically  Intellectually  Emotionally
  10. 10. Why does employee engagement matters : • When employees are engaged, they are not there for the money, they are there because they care. • They genuinely want to see the company succeed, and they’re willing to use discretionary effort without being asked. • Engaged employees are happy and satisfied with their work. • They are always more innovative. • They are more committed to customer satisfaction. • They contribute more than their less engaged peers. • They consistently go extra mile to get the exact required results.
  11. 11. Role of HR in employee engagement : • HR make employee feel more comfortable and motivate them. • They help building a culture of praise and recognition. • They give them responsibilities to prove their abilities. The 3 main engagement drivers: • Placing right employees in the right job. • Exceptional leadership. • Organizational systems & Strategies.
  12. 12. Factors Enhancing Employee Engagement : • Equal opportunity to everyone. • Timely performance appraisal. • Proper health and safety measures for them. • Job Satisfaction. • Creating rewarding work environment • Recognition of employees contribution towards company growth. • Creating a supportive and friendly office environment. • Motivating them for effective work life balance. • Various indoor and outdoor activities such as internal celebrations and annual picnics are great ways of ensuring employee engagement in an organization.
  13. 13. Mr. Shaikh Rahmatullah Mice Tourism
  14. 14. Learnings - MICE is … • Mice is an acronym which stands for – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. • The Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibition consist of activities including conventions, trade shows, seminars, events workshops forums and incentive travels. More About Meetings : • Meeting bring people to one place for purpose of sharing information & for discussing and solving problems. • Corporate meetings are held by companies in following ways : • Board Meetings • Management Meetings • Shareholder Meetings • Training Seminars • Meeting with Partner, suppliers and Clients. • Product Launches • Strategic Planning meets
  15. 15. More About Incentives. • Incentive is anything that motivates an individual to perform an action. Incentive travel is management tool for rewarding and motivating employee, dealers, distributors and in some cases customers. • In Travel incentive, employees are sent on a trip which includes hotel stays, dinners, parties, and games. • Factors behind Incentive travel decisions : 1. Incentive budget economy 2. Buying power 3. Political climate 4. Value 5. Uniqueness of experience More About Conferences. • Similar to meetings, conference are gatherings of people with common objectives organized to exchange ideas. • Unlike meetings, conferences last for several days and involving social program. • Usually conducted once in a year. • conference generate income for the association.
  16. 16. More About Exhibitions. • Exhibitions are activities organized to show new product, services and information to interested buyers. • Exhibition areas and booths are rented to show new product. • Purpose : 1. Get sales lead. 2. Network building. 3. Company image building. 4. Gathering new information on competitors. • Types : Trade exhibitions : Trade exhibitions are generally designed to meet the needs of one particular type of business or product. Consumer exhibitions : are horizontal markets. They usually involve a range of products from a number of different industries on display to the general public
  17. 17. RM Saravanan Building A Winning Resume
  18. 18. Learnings - Resume is personal and professional profile of an individual which is documented by him on paper. Purpose : • The purpose of a resume is to provide a summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments. • It is a quick advertisement of who you are. • Provide a snapshot of your career. How important resume is : • Resume works as your visiting cards which helps you meet the potential employer. • Resume attract right opportunities to you. • Resume is advertisement to promote you. • Your performance in interview gets you job but what makes you to be in team of 100 potential candidates is your resume.
  19. 19. Common mistakes in resume : • Resume needs to be original. It should never be copy  pasted. • No Cover letter & No Signature in the email. • Grammatical error or spelling mistakes. • Over exaggeration. • Overload of information. • People don’t invest time to update their resumes. Few points to remember while making resume: • State clear objective. • State – Why you are best fit for the job. • Make resume maximum of 2 pages. • Add cover letter along with resume. • End with proper signature.
  20. 20. Creative ideas to make winning resume : • Customize resume according to requirement of job. • Match your skills along with recruiters required skills. • Emphasis on how you are suitable to the position. • State your vision statement for the job which you are applying. • Add testimonials in your resume with complete details of person who has provided it. • 5 minute video about you. • You can highlight your achievements and failure stories as an additional attachment. • First few lines of resume act as a first impression towards you. • Honest resumes are always appreciated more than exciting resumes.
  21. 21. Ms. Suruchi Yadav Handling Criticism With Grace
  22. 22. Learnings - • If you’re going to do anything interesting in the world, criticism is an unavoidable fact.. • You’ll be criticized, because you’ll make mistakes or because people want to help you. • Acknowledging a mistake is not the same as acknowledging that you are an inferior person/a failure. • If you believe the criticism is accurate, take full responsibility. • Criticism highlights our area of improvement. • See criticism as an opportunity to improve. • Be proactive about asking for feedback. • This doesn’t mean you have to listen to entire world, Filter the people you respect and whose opinion you value. • No matter what kind of criticism is aimed at you, analyze it to find something you can learn from it.
  23. 23. With Grace : • They Listen to what a critic is saying. • They don’t get defensive. • They thank the commenter and acknowledging their point. • They don’t let criticism stop them from doing anything. • They correct action if criticism is valid With Negativity : • They let Criticism bring them down. • They get discouraged. • Respond with anger. • Deny they made any mistake. • They take it personally. • This may affect the relationship with others. Handling Criticism In Two Ways “ Learn to see the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Appreciate the constructive, ignore the destructive. By – John Douglas
  24. 24. Responding to criticism : 1. Listen to what a critic is saying. 2. Don’t be defensive. 3. Don’t expose to criticism from people you don’t respect. 4. Delay your reaction. 5. Admit your mistakes. 6. Even if you disagree, maintain a professional demeanor. 7. Be firm but graceful. 8. Enjoy the fun of failure.
  25. 25. WE LOUNGE 3 Topics
  26. 26. About Cipla : • Cipla Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, headquartered in Mumbai, India. • Cipla sells active pharmaceutical ingredients to other manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical and personal care products. • Cipla believes medicines should reach to the needful and works for it. About Mr. Prasanth : • Prasanth is an IIM, Ahmedabad Alumni. • He has done his B. Tech mechanical from NSS College • Currently heading the Global HR function of Cipla. • Served as president & Head HR at Thomas Cook. • Founded the centre of learning – A business initiative for creating talent for industry. Discussion With Mr. Prasanth Nair – Global Head – HR – Cipla Global Head – HR
  27. 27. Key Learnings : • Mr. Prasanth started his fellowship with IIM Ahmedabad. • He enjoyed meeting different people at IIM apart from rigorous academics. • Very early in his career stage he realized importance of people and getting along with them. He developed interest in HR as he realized how an HR professional can make difference in the life of people. • While speaking about the evolution of Hr. he mentioned Hr. role has evolved from administrative role to analytical role of current. • Most important role of Hr. is to be medium between Business and People. • He adds that primary role of HR. should be connecting with people addressing their problems. • Hr should take responsibility for the people issues in the organisation. • Talking about employee working styles and work ethics in different countries he explains that culture varies from place to place hence the differences can be easily managed if we are aware of the differences.
  28. 28. Key Learnings : • While talking about selecting HR as a profession he says take up Hr. as a profession if only you are interested in taking it. • They should have basic interest in working with people for the people. • Taking about frequent job switches by young generation Mr. Prasanth says that organisation should itself be more creative in employee retention as the new generation is very career aspirant. • He advises to an individual not to jump for salary hike but jump for value adds to your skills and abilities. • Speaking about work life balance he prefers keeping off work on weekends. He adds work life balance is most important to keep you mentally stable. • As a final message in his discussion he mentions importantly that everyone should be happy, keep inspirations and passions in life to look forward.
  29. 29. Head – Human Resource About Reliance Industries : • Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mumbai. • Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail and telecommunications. About Mr. G. Nilakantan : • Nilakantan currently working as a Head - HR with Reliance Industries Ltd. • Before joining Reliance he has worked with famous names such British Gas Xerox, Voltas and JSW (Jindal Iron & Steel). • He is gold medalist with Master Degree in Social Work – Specializing in Personnel Management, Industrial Relations & Labour Welfare from Chennai University. Discussion With Mr. G. Nilakantan – Head – HR – Reliance
  30. 30. Key Learnings : • Mr. Nilakantan has been involved with various industries in his career such as consumer durables, engineering, Pharma, oil and gas and much more. • Speaking about challenges working with various industries he mentions biggest challenge is to manage people of different mindsets and different working profiles and those are culturally different. • Speaking about Hr. role in next few years he says hr has evolved from basic duties to business decision. Hence the future role of Hr Would be more matured and analytical over the time. • He adds the organisation and Hr. activities are going to a huge transformation process and it will continue in future. • He explains that Hr. should start from basics such as basic facilities, administrative policies and then look forward for higher level Hr. parts. If basic start is not correct the next levels of Hr Functions can be improper. • Mr. Nilakantan always tries to reach out the people and address their problems and he wishes to build young HR professionals.
  31. 31. Key Learnings : • Speaking about involvement of Hr. in strategic roles he says.. Hr must make people ready for the future jobs. try to make people adapt new knowledge. • High potential employees are always a plus point to the organisation. This helps to maintain a leadership in the organisation. • Talking further about workplace diversity he says workplace diversity is more than gender diversities. Workplace diversity includes cultural diversity as well. • Contact staffing is a new trend in global corporate market which has very advantages in terms of liabilities , short term projects, and it doesn’t build in your balance sheet year on year. • This helps to get large variety of skills from pool of large people for short period of time. • Now speaking about emotional connection with organisation he says it is important to understand people to understand various phases of organizational culture. Currently organisations are spending more on employee relation building to enhance the emotional connect with them.
  32. 32. Director – Human Resource About Sealed Air Corporation: • Sealed Air Corporation is a packaging company known for its brands: Cryovac food packaging, Bubble Wrap cushioning, and Diversey cleaning and hygiene. • Sealed Air Corporation has three divisions: Food Care & Product Care. • Sealed Air Corporation is headquartered in North Carolina. About Ms. Shobha Swarup: • Currently working as Director HR - Indian Subcontinent at Sealed Air Corporation. • Earlier worked at Wockhardt, Reliance broadcast & TATA Motors. • Pursued MBA, Human Resources from Pune University. Discussion With Ms. Shobha Swarup – Director HR – Sealed Air Corporation.
  33. 33. Key Learnings : • Ms. Shobha Swarup describes her excited journey being in HR. She started her career as journalist. She started her management course as she was more into her academics. • She speak about her role in sealed air corporation. She speaks about her journey and growth from past till current in her organisation. • Speaking about her role in diverse industries and how it affected her she explains working with different industries has made her more creative. • Every industries are different in terms of their work culture, their growth, practices and their approach hence it is lot to learn from all those sectors. • There is definitely age group difference in all industries which was a task to manage as you have to understand each age group in different manner. • She further suggests current students pursuing Hr. that this field is be totally real and get on the ground of reality as reality is far away from the concept. This will help you to get more adjustable to the new organisations.
  34. 34. Key Learnings : • HR function in Sealed Air Corporation is very transparent. The working culture here is very politics free hence the agenda are very to the point and achievable. • Sealed air corporation has around 30 thousand employees worldwide and strength of 600 employees in India. • The company’s agenda this is year is to focus on talent management. • Engagement at workplace is carried out in various forms by celebrating various events such as family day, personal development coaching. • Recruitment of skilled talent has always been a challenging task. To overcome this talent Hr. should first decide whom they dint want to hire. • Next they try to look people who are aligned in their values, cultures, able to relate to company’s values. • Sealed air is very open to employees transfers as they do not want to constrain their ability to work in different areas.
  35. 35. NEWS WIRE 10 Topics
  36. 36. 1. WHY IT MAKES SENSE TO START YOUR CAREER WITH START UPS. • A Start-up company is an newly emerged and fast growing business. It is usually a company such as a small business or a partnership firm. • Working in a company that is only a few years old can be both challenging and enlightening. • Taking example of OYO Rooms in this topic, they prefer employees who can keep up with the fast pace of the company's development. • They prefer problem solver and pro active candidates. • Oyo rooms hiring processes are conservative and mature – They spend enough time with candidate to study his behaviour closely. • Social media plays a very vital role in hiring process. • Mr. Dinesh R - Chief HR officer, OYO Rooms says fresh graduates are perhaps the ones most anxious but also the ones with the newest of ideas about a particular field.
  37. 37. • Mr. Dinesh believes to stand out from the crowd Graduates should do their homework well before seeking an interview. • The real challenge for first time employees is adjusting into the complexities of a professional life. • Candidates in this environment should be prepared for a steep learning curve. • Sometimes they can be deliberately given new challenges to test their ability. • Most new-age companies encourage risk-taking ability as long as the checks and balances are in place. • One must also have hobbies and interests in his life beyond work. This is important for both mental and emotional wellbeing. • One should be ready to take up new challenges and use the unique opportunities that start-ups provide in on job learning.
  38. 38. 2 . QUIKR BUYS ONLINE REAL ESTATE PLATFORM COMMONFLOOR. • Quikr, an Indian classified advertising platform, which is founded in 2008 has a use base of 30 million and is quite prevalent in verticals such mobile phones, household goods, cars, jobs, services and education. • In January 2016 Quikr acquired, which is a real estate online portal for $120 million in an all-stock deal. • Quikr had reported sales of Rs.24.78 crore for the year ended 31 March 2015 while CommonFloor generated sales of Rs.45.76 crore for that year. • However, Common Floor attracted a much lower valuation because of the metrics used by e-commerce investors seem unusual to shareholders in traditional businesses.
  39. 39. • Over the past six months, Quikr has been expanding into new businesses segments like automobiles, real estate, jobs, services and customer-to-customer sales to boost revenue. • CommonFloor will continue to exist as a separate brand, however, as a combined entity they will have the largest real estate inventory in the country. • Quikr is betting that its user base of more than 30 million will help the company make profits in the online real estate business. • Also, CommonFloor gets access to Quikr user base – which helps it grows faster than the competition.
  40. 40. 3 . ERICSSON INDIA OFFERS INCENTIVES TO EMPLOYEES FOR REFERRING POTENTIAL RECRUITS. • Great employees are the foundation of a successful business, but finding them can be challenging. • Since word-of-mouth is an effective recruiting tool, it makes sense to use existing staff to help you locate the talent you seek. An employee referral program might just do the trick. • Employees recommend qualified friends, relatives or colleagues, can be an excellent source of candidates. • Ericsson is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Sweden. • Ericsson has continue this year to provide incentives to its staff for referring potential recruits, after this mechanism helped it hire 45% of the people added to its workforce in India in 2015.
  41. 41. • Since 2013, when the programme was launched in Ericsson the number of employees hired through referrals has gone up 20%. • They emphasis on employees personal network to bring in more suitable employee in organization. • Under this 'Get Connected' campaign, an incentive is given to employees for successful recruitments for select positions. • Such programmes help speed up the recruitment process and the possibility of retaining new employees through referrals gets enhanced because they are already familiar with an Ericsson employee • They are also using social media platforms such as LinkedIn for special skilled candidates and Facebook to post updates on company openings. • Ericsson's attrition rate in India is in single digits due to such employee engagement programmes.
  42. 42. 4 . FLIPKART TO HIRE 10,000 TEMPORARY STAFF AHEAD OF FESTIVE SEASON. • Flipkart is an e-commerce company founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The company is registered in Singapore, but has its headquarters in Bangalore, India. • Shopping is in high mode in India during festive seasons. Flipkart expects to hire over 10,000 temporary staff to ramp up its delivery and logistics service to meet the festive demand. • This decision is made as they launch offers to boost sales during the upcoming festive period. • Flipkart’s rival Snapdeal also expects creation of 10,000 temporary jobs at the company between 15 September to 15 November, with the positions mostly being in logistics to ensure smooth deliveries. • Mr. Nitin Seth – Flipkart says company’s hiring plans are in line with its business goals and that it continues to hire talent in key strategic areas.
  43. 43. • In July, Flipkart had sacked some of its “underperforming” employees. • Asked about reports of the company laying off 800 people, Seth answered. “We completely and unequivocally deny any layoffs at Flipkart in the coming months. • The big round of layoffs at Flipkart just further fuels the concerns people have over e-commerce, particularly as this comes soon after rival Snapdeal completed a round of approximately 200 job cuts, which it had started in February. • While the company had refused to comment on the number of layoffs, officials had said the number ran as high as 1,000. • For e-commerce companies in India, the pressure is on to start making money, and these layoffs may just the tip of the iceberg.
  44. 44. 5 . 7 WAYS TO TAILOR YOUR RESUME FOR A LEADERSHIP POSITION. • Before applying to job an individual should us below seven strategies to tailor your resume for maximum impact. • Revamp Your Resume’s Keywords : - Applicant Tracking Systems count the number of times certain words are used in your resume. - These keywords are industry - specific and are unique to each role in each company. - Your resume ranks higher if you include more of these words in the document. • Reposition Your Resume’s Summary : - Briefly describe the highpoints of your leadership experience in your summary. - Consider including 2-3 brief but impactful career achievements. • Clarify The Context Of Each Position, Promotion, Or Achievement : - Include a brief position overview or introduction to each role on your resume. - Showcase the context of your hire or promotion. - Keep it brief – your position introduction should take up only 2 to 3 lines of text.
  45. 45. • Front-Load Your Resume’s Achievements With A Strategic Focus : - In leadership positions, your strategy influence is often a bigger deal than your monetary impact. - Begin your statements by clarifying your strategic impact, then note the specific impacts you achieved. • Align Your Education & Extra Sections With A Leadership Focus : - If you have won leadership awards or been selected for leadership development programs with any of your employers, make sure you note these. • Use The Job’s Title As Your Resume’s Title : - Make sure you insert the exact title of the position you’re pursuing into your resume as its title. • Harness Your Career Brand In A Tagline : - Whether you call it a tagline or a power statement, these single-line headlines are the perfect length to Summarize a key leadership trait you possess
  46. 46. 6 . GOOGLE, AMERICAN EXPRESS ARE TOP WORKPLACES IN INDIA: ET SURVEY • Google India, known for pampering its people with spas and massage chairs, has emerged on top in the India’s Best Companies to Work in 2015. • Next in the rankings is another global company, credit card major American Express India, which has climbed two places this year. • Ujjivan Financial Services has climbed a massive 24 places in the rankings to take the third place. • This company has just gone public with a very successful initial public offering (IPO) and stock options have made its people rich. • Financial performance is just one of the measures of our success," said founder Samit Ghosh, who started Ujjivan in 2005.
  47. 47. • Economic Times-Great Places to Work study had 791 participants and involved interviewing 1.55 lakh employees. • In the top 10 are hospitality brands like Marriott, Oberoi and Lemon Tree. • "Any company can be a great place to work," said Prasenjit Bhattacharya, CEO of Great Places to Work. "It doesn't matter what size they are or what industry they are in.” • Venkatesan listed below qualities required by leaders today – • A good leader is one who can connect a bird's eye view with a worm's eye view. • leaders need to have learning agility. • leaders must have courage.
  48. 48. 7 . INDIA SEEN SURPASSING US AS COUNTRY WITH THE MOST FACEBOOK USERS. • India, Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines seen as the top four countries to see the fastest Facebook user growth until 2020. • Six years ago, 60% of the social platform’s 482 million monthly active users lived in the US. • Now two-thirds of its 1.7 billion users are from outside US. • Researcher E-Marketer estimates India will surpass the US next year as the country with the most Facebook users. • “This is probably one of the most unappreciated platforms even though it’s really well-known and it’s a large market cap”.
  49. 49. • India currently has 57 million registered Facebook members, putting it some distance behind the US (157 million) . • The increasing affordability of low-end smartphones and Web-enabled feature phones is a key factor in this development.
  50. 50. 8 . SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND ITS IMPACT ON EMPLOYEE RETENTION. • Employee development has become an important function in human resource management. • The organisation needs to ensure that its employees are efficient and in line with the competition. • To maintain and sustain these valuable resources, organisations are required to look after the job satisfaction and retention of employees. • Today most companies are investing money on skill development of their employees to be successful. • Such opportunities by companies does not only helps person in enhancing his skills but also ensures profitable outcome to the organisation. • Various companies provide various trainings and development programs to their employees. • But only training programs are not enough to retain employees. • The organisation should also take care of their career aspirations.
  51. 51. • Career development options within the organisation should be the first step to enhance the skills of the employees and also develop a sense of loyalty in towards their employer. • Many organisations now have online portals and platforms to help the employees nominate themselves for a training course or opt for an e-learning course. • Employees should be encouraged and motivated to have their career aspiration discussion with their superiors • Various industry best practices on career and skill development can be implemented in organisation's today to see a positive change • It gives the organization long term benefits in terms of loyalty and retention of key resources to the organization.
  52. 52. 9 . 5 WAYS TO MAINTAIN A POSITIVE MINDSET (NO MATTER WHAT CHALLENGE YOU'RE FACING). • A positive mindset makes you happier, it improves your relationships, and it even increases your chances of success in any endeavor. • In addition, having a positive mindset makes you more creative and it can help you to make better decisions. • You don't learn anything when the wind is always at your back. • You don't improve your problem-solving skills when there's never a problem to solve. • Hence Instead of looking for ways to avoid obstacles, Face Them ! • Whenever you are confronted with a challenge, take a moment and realize that someone else, somewhere, has most likely run into this exact same challenge and they've found a way through it. • Believe in the fact that nothing is impossible. • There is always a solution hence the solution you're looking for might come in a variety of different forms.
  53. 53. • Most people resort to stressful behavior whenever they're put in a challenging situation. This sort of thinking does nothing to help you or your team move forward. • When you run into a challenge, use your network as a resource. Don't try to do everything on your own. • If you remain open and in a positive problem-solving state, then the answers will float your way. • Don’t let your anger come in the way of your decisions. • It is challenging to keep positive mind always but should be improved by practicing.
  54. 54. 10 . NOW YOUR SMARTPHONE WILL REVEAL YOUR PERSONALITY. • Smartphone can reveal our personality if clearly observed in below ways : • The latest study has revealed that people who use Android smartphones are more modest and have greater levels of honesty than iPhone users. • The study also stated that women are two times more willing to acquire an iPhone than Android one. • Android clients are seen to have more noteworthy levels of genuineness and modesty, suitability and openness qualities yet are seen as less outgoing than iPhone customers. • This study provides new insights into personality differences between different types of smartphone users. • Smartphone choice is the most basic level of smartphone personalisation, and even this can tell us a lot about the user. • Android users avoided similarity more than iPhone users.
  55. 55. • It is becoming more and more apparent that smartphones are becoming a mini digital version of the user. • This is the reason many of us don’t like when other people use our phone because it can reveal so much about us. • There is always a debate on use of Iphone over android and vice versa. • But the decision is totally depended on personality of individual. • People who like change over period of time prefer to buy android phones. • People who relate status with their buying power prefer IPhone.