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IOT - Patient Health Monitoring Pendant


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It describes the continuous monitoring of patients with heart-related ailments using IOT technology.

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IOT - Patient Health Monitoring Pendant

  2. 2. HARDWARE  Heartbeat sensor  Temperature sensor  Micro controller  Wi-fi modem  LCD/LED display  Transformers, capacitors & resistors
  3. 3. SOFTWARE  Arduino Compiler  Language : C/Java
  5. 5. WORKING  The user may set the high as well as low levels of heart beat limit.  After setting these limits, the system starts monitoring and as soon as patient heart beat goes above or below a certain limit  The system sends an alert to the controller which then transmits this over the internet and alerts the Doctors at hospital as well as concerned users
  6. 6. WORKING  Whenever the user logs on for monitoring, the system also displays the live heart rate of the patient  Thus, concerned ones may monitor heart rate as well get an alert of heart attack to the patient immediately from anywhere and the person can be saved on time
  7. 7.  The sensors are then interfaced to a micro controller that allows checking heart rate readings and transmitting them over internet  GSM module can be used in order to locate the patient during emergency  The patient's database that is stored on Cloud through the App, can be synced with the pendant during assistance
  8. 8. POSITIVE Vs NEGATIVE  Improved patient engagement  Identify patient’s need continuously  “WATERPROOF”  Provide essential services  Reduction in healthcare costs  More expensive  Technology Adoption  Security & Privacy