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Meeting Archive: A Simple Step to Gain 33% Performance Improvements in Request Times


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A stellar mobile online user experience is crucial for e-commerce vendors. Even 100 milliseconds of latency is perceptible to humans and has been shown to impact conversion rates and revenue. E-commerce vendors need to ensure their website is performant at all times: whether it is just another normal business day or traffic is spiking.

Bespoke Post is the leader in monthly subscription services for men. They receive an average of 500K users coming to their site each month and, so far this year, is pushing over 25 million pageviews. Performance is of paramount importance, so they strive to keep the experience smooth and performant for their customers even during the busiest shopping days regardless of the device being used. Join us and learn how Bespoke Post:

-Handles traffic that spikes to 15x greater than a normal business day
-Improved site request times by 33.3%
-Achieves 83% reduction in bandwidth

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Meeting Archive: A Simple Step to Gain 33% Performance Improvements in Request Times

  1. 1. A simple step to gain 33.3% performance improvements in request times
  2. 2. Jared Hales Director of Engineering Christian Paulus Head of Product Marketing Speakers
  3. 3. Agenda • Bespoke Post case study • Argo Smart Routing • Questions & Answers
  4. 4. • A leader in market for men’s subscription services • Launched in 2012 • 500K+ unique visitors per month (Google) • 70+ million requests through Cloudflare per month • 14+ million dynamic requests going to our Rails backend • 3.5TB+ bandwidth per month Bespoke Post
  5. 5. Product imagery on the site
  6. 6. Bespoke Post focus Security is always a concern but Cloudflare has it covered Mobile user experience Speed even during traffic spikes Bandwidth
  7. 7. Mobile at the tipping point 27.9% Desktop 5% Tablet 67.1% Mobile Last month’s device type Traffic breakdown 25% 45% 55% 57% 67% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Increase in Mobile Traffic
  8. 8. Email marketing drives mobile engagement Paid Search 0 Which channels are driving engagement? Referral Direct Social Organic Search Email Other 3M 6M 12M 15M9M • Email: a lot of email engagement is happening via smart phones • Social: is heavily driven by apps on phone Users Sessions Page views
  9. 9. Business impact of response times 11% 7% Page view Conversions 16% Customer Satisfaction The average impact of a one second delay in response times on key business metrics* * Aberdeen Group
  10. 10. Spiky traffic Monthly traffic is very cyclical with big spikes on the first of the month
  11. 11. Architecture overview: Heroku and AWS Asset Servers Elastic Search Heroku on AWS App Servers Background Workers MemcachedPostgreSQL
  12. 12. Previous performance efforts • Identified some slow requests, handful of obvious problems - Improve SQL performance (better performing queries, add indices, etc.) - Fix inefficient code • Rewrite serialization code to be more performant, return less data • Tech updates: upgraded some of our core libraries (Rail version upgrade, Ruby upgrade) • JavaScript Performance - Split JS files into “modules” - More cacheable by CDN - Eliminated 3rd party CSS/JS libraries that were not being used much - Eliminated as much “onload” JS as possible - Improved JS loading
  13. 13. Cloudflare adoption at Bespoke Post • The current website and architecture was first setup in late 2012 • Business had validated the idea and seen some early traction • Cloudflare added in 2013: - Auto-minification of all HTML, CSS, JS - Optimization of all images - Cache all “assets” (CSS, JS, images) and some HTML and JSON API requests • Added asset servers for resizing images in 2015 • Enabled Argo in 2017
  14. 14. Cloudflare Argo Smart Routing Cloudflare “New Feature” e-mail • Added Argo Smart Routing to further improve performance • Low cost add-on • Easy set up: no development, configuration or implementation effort—just flip a switch • No risk: if it does not work as expected drop it the next month • Easy reporting of performance gains in analytics dashboard
  15. 15. Customer Challenges Origin Congested Network Path Unreliable Connection Poor User Experience Slow loading times and connection timeouts increase the likelihood of a poor user experience that can result in reduced revenue or damaged brand reputation Slow Loading Times Static routes can’t avoid congested network paths or unreliable connection Internet node / hop
  16. 16. Cloudflare Argo Smart Routing Origin Congested Network Path Unreliable Connection Faster Loading Times Cloudflare routes over 10% of all HTTP Internet traffic providing Argo with real world intelligence on the fastest network paths. Optimal Path Selection Minimize latency imposed by TCP connection-setup Congestion Avoidance Routing decisions using real-world network conditions Cloudflare’s private network 10Tbps throughput, with 117+ PoPs in 50+ countries Internet node / hop Cloudflare data center
  17. 17. Argo performance and reliability gains 70% improvement in reliability
  18. 18. Argo performance gains
  19. 19. Bandwidth savings with Cloudflare
  20. 20. Threat protection with Cloudflare
  21. 21. Summary Bandwidth saving Server resource savings Speed improvements Security coverage Peace of mind
  22. 22. Experiences / Lessons Learned • Cloudflare enables a lot of “easy wins” without much effort • Most Cloudflare features are very easy to try (and easy to turn off should you find they are working) • The ROI on that is huge: high impact, low effort, reasonable cost
  23. 23. Cloudflare summary 6M customers and routing traffic for 2.5 billion visitors/month Serving 10% of the world’s HTTP internet traffic and 38% of all DNS queries Cloudflare Advantage • Scalable global network with a modern, unified architecture across all datacenters • Integrated stack of security, performance and reliability services • Rapid onboarding, easy configurations 118+ datacenters with 10 Tbps capacity
  24. 24. Questions & Answers +