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Introducing Cloudflare Workers


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Cloudflare Workers brings the power of edge computing to everyone. The possibilities are endless, and largely dependent on what you can think of. However the primary benefit that resonates across all use cases is simple; do more at Cloudflare’s edge with a Worker, and less at the origin.

Learn about the new Cloudflare Workers and the value they can bring to your business.

-What are Cloudflare Workers and use case examples.
-The architecture of Cloudflare Workers and how they compare with other offerings on the market.
-Examples of Workers deployed in production at and Report URI that increase their customers’ security posture, while supporting increased volumes of requests faster, without having to build any additional origin infrastructure.

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Introducing Cloudflare Workers

  1. 1. Introducing Cloudflare Workers
  2. 2. Scott Helme, Founder Jonathan Bruce Product Management Cloudflare Platform
  3. 3. Cloudflare Workers Open edge computing to the masses
  4. 4. Increased User Personalization Respond dynamically with code on the edge. Run Complex Business Logic at the Edge Cloudflare Workers are deployed to Cloudflare’s global data centers. Reduced Infrastructure Costs Shift more request handling to the edge. Cloudflare Workers Improved Security Posture Apply custom security rules and filtering logic. Users Origin / APIs
  5. 5. What can you do with Workers? Deliver personalized user experiences Detect bot activity Simplify A/B testing Aggregating API responses Identifying users at the edge So much more... 5
  6. 6. ● What are content security policies? ● How can they be used to increase the security posture of your website? ● How security headers are useful?
  7. 7. Workers at SanitizeSet Policies Remove
  8. 8. Define specific policies
  9. 9. Header Sanitization
  10. 10. Header removal
  11. 11. Setup Workers
  12. 12. Setup Workers
  13. 13. Use case: Using Workers to filter JSON requests at the edge to reduce the number of bad requests that their origin servers handle Problem: Primary concerns around lowering costs of infrastructure needed to process requests and serve reports to their users Benefit: Workers has enabled them to lower traffic requests to their origin servers by almost 50%, lowering their overall operating costs. Report URI is a real-time monitoring platform for cutting edge web standards 13
  14. 14. Demo
  15. 15. Workers Recipe Exchange New Workers Recipes Visit the Cloudflare Community Forums for details #SlackChannel Share your Workers Recipes
  16. 16. Cloudflare Workers Summary Transforming Edge Computing ● Apps & Workers ● WebAssembly capable ● Edge Storage, DNS Triggers ● Deploy Workers globally in less than 30 seconds ● Workers script runs in < 1ms $0.50/million requests Safe Harbor 16
  17. 17. Workers Pricing by Domain Free Professional Business Enterprise Starting at: $5/Month Includes up to 10m requests $5/Month Includes up to 10m requests $5/ Month Includes up to 10m requests Custom Billed at $.50/1m requests Price/Request Subsequent charges at $0.50 / 1m Subsequent charges at $0.50 / 1m Subsequent charges at $0.50 / 1m Subsequent charges at $0.50 / 1m # of Scripts 1 1 1 Unlimited CPU Time <5 ms <10 ms <50 ms Negotiable/requires a scoping discussion
  18. 18. Next Steps @jonbruce
  19. 19. Get Started Today!
  20. 20. Questions