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Introduction to RDA


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Introduction to RDA

  1. 1. Introduction to RDAResource Description and AccessMeghan FinchDigital Assets Librarian | Oakland UniversityOakland County Follett Destiny User Group MeetingApril 26, 2013
  2. 2. Currently:Oakland UniversityDigital Assets LibrarianFormerly:Wayne State UniversityMetadata LibrarianMetadataDigital CollectionsInstitutional repositoryMARC21RDATrainingXSLTXMLCrosswalkingDataAACR2Project managementArchivesElectronicresourcemanagementserialsIf my job were a word cloudMeghan Finch
  3. 3. What is RDA?Stands for “Resource Description and Access”Replaces Anglo-American Cataloging Rules,Revision 2 (AACR2)So, it’s a content standardWent live (Library of Congress) March 31, 2013
  4. 4. Why is RDA?
  5. 5. Timeline of RDA2004Work onAACR3starts2005AACR3becomesRDAJune 2010RDAToolkit isreleased2011LoC RDATestresultsJune 2011LoC delays RDAimplementation,pendingchangesMarch 2013LoC beginsusing RDA9 years from conception to implementation
  6. 6. RDA is univerisalPhoto by [Jim] - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
  7. 7. RDA works with existing TechnologyPhoto by markvall - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
  8. 8. RDA is more than booksPhoto by NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License
  9. 9. Key changesRule of 3 no longer appliesGMD is gone too. No more [electronic resource]Content, Carrier, & Media are the new GMDNo more abbreviations (farewell, Dept. of…)Take what you see, but also cataloger’s judgmentTalking about Relationships more via FRBR data model
  10. 10. [GMD] replaced byContent, Media, CarrierInstead of…245 10 $a Snoopy come home$h [videorecording] / $cThis245 10 $a Snoopy come home / $c336 ## two-dimensional movingimage $2 rdacontent337 ## video $2 rdamedia338 ## videodisc $2 rdacarrier
  11. 11. No more abbreviationsInstead of…710 2# $a Dept. of State.Agriculture.This710 2# $a Department of State.Agriculture.
  12. 12. Instead of…245 10 $a All teh [sic] prettyflowers246 3# $a All the prettyflowersThis245 10 $a All teh pretty flowers246 1# $i Title should read: $a Allthe pretty flowersTake what you seeInstead of…245 10 $a Research methodsin linguisticsThis245 10 $a Research Methods inLINGUISTICS
  13. 13. Take what you see: 264264 #0 Production264 #1 Publication264 #2 Distribution264 #3 Manufacture264 #4 Copyright notice date
  14. 14. Rule of 3Instead of…245 00 $a Second growth : $bcommunity economicdevelopment in rural BritishColumbia / $c Sean Markey …[et al.].This245 10 $a Second growth : $bcommunity economicdevelopment in rural BritishColumbia / $c Sean Markey, JohnT. Pierce, Kelly Vodden, and MarkRoseland.OR this245 00 $a Second growth : $bcommunity economicdevelopment in rural BritishColumbia / $c Sean Markey [and3 others]You can include 7xx fields for all authors,or only include a 1xx for the first author.Cataloger’s Judgment.
  15. 15. RelationshipsPhoto by the FRBR Blog -
  16. 16. Relationships3 ways of doing it:authorized access point110 2# $a Society of Linguistics $e authorStructured description776 08 $i Also issued as $t Health statisticsUnstructured description500 ## $a Translation of the authors novel Digital fortress.
  17. 17. New Authority fields046 - Special Coded Dates (R)368 - Other Attributes of Person orCorporate Body (R)370 - Associated Place (R)371 - Address (R)372 - Field of Activity (R)373 - Associated Group (R)374 - Occupation (R)375 - Gender (R)376 - Family Information (R)378 - Fuller Form of Personal Name (NR)MARC ChangesNew fields forwork and expression336 - Content Type (R)377 - Associated Language (R)380 - Form of Work (R)381 - Other Distinguishing Characteristics of Work or Expression (R)382 - Medium of Performance (R)383 - Numeric Designation of Musical Work (R)384 - Key (NR)Lots of new 3xx fields336 – Content Type (R)337 – Media Type (R)338 – Carrier Type (R)344 – Sound Characteristics (R)345 – Projection Characteristics of Moving Image (R)346 – Video Characteristics (R)347 – Digital File Characteristics (R)
  18. 18. For TrainersDon’t reinvent the wheel– Library of Congress RDA Training Materials– Library of Congress Train the Trainer webinars– NACO RDA Training Materials– Adam Schiff (University of Washington)’s AACR2 / RDAcomparisons
  19. 19. Policy-makersWatch out for– 264– 33x– All things related to authority records
  20. 20. To the futureBibliographic Framework– Reports from participants in the RDA testindicated that MARC21 limited RDA and libraries’ability to implement it fullyMay 2011Library ofCongressannouncescommittee toinvestigatenewbibliographicframeworkMay 2013Library ofCongressannouncespartnership withZepheira, demosintended RDF-based framework
  21. 21. Thank you!mmfinch@oakland.eduView/Download presentation: