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Female Reproductive System


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An overview of questions pertaining to the female reproductive system as per Chapter 10 of "Medical Terminology: A Living Language" for Biology121.

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Female Reproductive System

  1. 1. REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM (FEMALE):STATEMENT COMPLETION<br />Meghan Cochran // Medical Terminology // BIO120<br />
  2. 2. A PHYSICIAN WHO SPECIALIZES IN THE TREATMENT OF WOMEN IS A GYNECOLOGIST. <br />Gynecologists are medical practitioners who deal with the health and function of the female reproductive system. They are integral with concerns of pregnancy, fertility and contraception, and detection of cancers or abnormalities. <br />
  3. 3. THE TIME REQUIRED FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A FETUS IS GESTATION.<br />The fetus spends approximately 40 weeks in utero, during which time it develops and grows.<br />Gestation is usually divided into three trimesters of 12 to 14 weeks.<br />Birth before 37 weeks is considered premature, and may result in developmental or physiological complications for the infant.<br />
  4. 4. The cessation of menstruation is called amenorrhea. <br />This refers to one or more “missed” periods, and has two forms: <br />Primary Amenorrhea: a woman is 16 years or older with no periods<br />Secondary Amenorrhea: three or more missed periods, barring pregnancy, in a woman who was previously menstruating. <br />Amenorrhea is considered a sign of a potentially larger complication, rather than a disease in itself. It can be indicative of polycystic ovarian disease, anorexia, premature ovarian failure, or hypoestrogenism or other hormone abnormalities. This may be a problem for reproductive-age women who wish to conceive. <br />
  5. 5. The inner lining of the uterus is called the endometrium. <br />This is the soft inner lining of the uterus/womb that is shed during menstruation every month. <br />Complications of the endometrium include various forms of uterine carcinomas (cancer,) and endometriosis (when the lining of the uterus grows out of control into other areas of the female reproductive system.)<br />
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