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U.S. Landmarks and Symbols


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U.S. Landmarks and Symbols

  1. 1. United States Landmarks and Symbols
  2. 2. Key Facts: • It is in Philadelphia. • It has been cracked since 1751. • It is also a symbol of freedom.
  3. 3. Key Facts: • It is in Washington D.C. • It was made to honor Abraham Lincoln, an American leader. • The memorial is a symbol of freedom.
  4. 4. Key Facts: • It is in South Dakota. • It involves four presidents. – George Washington – Thomas Jefferson – Theodore Roosevelt – Abraham Lincoln. • It took 14 years to create.
  5. 5. Key Facts: • It is in New York City. • It includes seven rays which represent the seven seas and continents of the world. • You must take a ferry to get to it.
  6. 6. Key Facts: • It is in Washington, D.C. • This is the building that Congress meets in. • The President of the United States is inaugurated at this building.
  7. 7. Key Facts: • It is in Washington, D.C. • This monument was built to honor George Washington’s leadership in the American Revolution. • It is about 555 feet tall.
  8. 8. Key Facts: • It is in Washington, D.C. • This is the building the President lives and works in. • John Adams was the first President to live here (1800).
  9. 9. Key Facts: • It was created by Betsy Ross. •The first one was made in 1777. • It includes one star for every state in the United States.
  10. 10. Key Facts: • It has been a national symbol since 1782. • It is native to North America. • One of the key words in it’s name means white rather than hairless.