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Media digipak


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Media digipak

  1. 1. Research for my ownDigipak
  2. 2. First Album CoversI noticed that most artists for thethere first cover feature themselveson it. However it seems to be onlyPop genre that mainly do that otherthan Rock or Hip-hop.So for the front cover it would bethe best option to have the bandon.
  3. 3. Graphic and Illustration CoversI want to design a Digipakthat has elements of agraphic/illustration designon. Instead of being photosof just the band.I like the idea of maybedrawing the band membersfaces on front but I wouldonly put this in my Digipak ifit was easy to recognize theband members. Otherwise Iwill just put photos of theband together and then edit
  4. 4. Back CoverBack covers normally feature adifferent picture on the back of theartist. However seeing as we aremaking a Digipak I may just have thelogo or a rose for the back pictureinstead of all four band members.I have come up with 12 songs for thealbum which is called Taking Control.