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  1. 1. • Name : TOPOP• Genre : Pop/Top 40 : I have chosen this genre as it is a genre of music that is very popular and has a huge following, also due to my personal interest in this genre I know a lot about it. Also due to the music being top 40 it will be very popular with listeners and each artist will have a huge fan base who will hopefully follow my magazine when their favourite artist is included. Also this genre of magazine is typically associated with the 16-24 year old age category which is the target audience I have chosen to aim my magazine at.• Target market : my target audience is female and are around 16-24 of age, this is reflected in my audience research (reference results). My magazine will be maid for a white British audience as that is the highest ethnicity population in Britain, also this audience is reflected in the music’s target audience. The pop music target audience is mainly young white British females.• Price : £2.99 : I have chosen this price as it reflects my target market as many people that are in the 16-24 year old age category are in the NRS social grade abc1, therefor they will have some disposable income however not a lot as they will be either students or may only have a part time job however they tend to chose to spend their disposable income on luxury items like clothes, music and magazines (which I found on during my interviews) which will be reflected in my magazine.• Frequency of publication : Biweekly : I have chosen my magazines publication to be biweekly because most of the magazines that my survey discovered people liked come out once every 2 weeks. I have also chosen to do this as I feel weekly is too frequent and it would be easy for customers to miss an issue and therefor the fan base may not be as strong as it will be hard to keep up with the magazine so I feel every 2 weeks would suit my magazine better.• Structure : I am going to take inspiration from the ‘Q’ magazine contents page where they have new features of their magazine on the left hand side of the page with some images in the middle and then on the right hand side of the page all the regular features will be listed. My magazine will have around 50 pages depending on the size of the issue, however I will only be producing a front cover, contents page and double page spread.• Magazine mission statement : TOPOP is your fortnightly insight into the lives of famous pop artists from around the world. Our readers will receive exclusive , up to date stories focusing on the biggest and best music of the year and interviewing the artists and getting the latest on their career and life.(audience profile)
  2. 2. I want to take a picture of someone posing as Ed Sheeran. I want to take a black and white medium shot of the person who is looking down at the acoustic guitar (that will borrow from the music department) that he will be holding. I will take this image in an urban setting with a graffiti wall behind him, and due to there one being a 10 minute walk away from college I plan on using that one. I have decided to take the image in black and white as the wall is very brightly coloured and considering all of the text and colours I want to use on my front cover I thought it would look too crowded and messy if the image was in colour. I considered having the entire image black and white apart from his hair which would be in colour, emphasising his ginger hair, however I felt that this would clash with my colour scheme and once again make my magazine front cover look too crowded. I have chosen my front cover artist to be Ed Sheeran has he is very modern and has a huge fan base who will hopefully invest in my magazine. I will take these photos around mid day so that the light is very bright and hopefully will capture all of the details of the surrounding setting. I am going to chose a model who has ginger hair as Ed Sheeran’s hair is his trademark and what he is best known for (I have asked my friend Levi and he has agreed), I will dress my model in a standard navy/black t-shirt and jeans as Ed Sheeran always dresses in a casual manner. I have chosen to do a medium close up of my model so that his hips are in line with the bottom of my magazine, I will leave a large gap at the top of my image (just like the magazine on the far left) so that my magazine masthead will fit on, however I don’t want the image and masthead to overlap. I am going to take a portrait image for my front cover and find the part of the wall that looks the best and place my model in front of it. I am going to take my image from a slight distance from the model and background so there is space around the edges and top so that I can fit in all of the text and subheadings that I plan on using on my front page.Images of Ed Sheeran posing how I would want my model to Magazine front cover I have Image of graffiti wall I will use as my pose, and the far left has the composition I plan on using taken inspiration from background for my front cover.
  3. 3. For my contents page I plan on using 4 images:My main image will be a photo of Ed Sheeran, who is the main feature of my magazine and is on my front and is the artistfor my double page spread. I will use the same model on the front cover, contents page and double page spread. Thisimage will be a medium close up (as it will include my models shoulders) as I am trying to replicate this iconic and wellknown image of Ed Sheeran. My image will be a landscape image as it will fit in with the composition of my contents pageand the image that I am taking inspiration from is also landscape. My model (Levi) has ginger hair that I will style withgel/wax into a messy ‘just woken up look’ that Ed Sheeran usually styles his hair in. I will dress my model in the samenavy/black t-shit that he wore in my front cover and double page spread so that it looks like the images were taken in allone shoot. My model will have his tongue out with a small piece of paper on his tongue saying ‘HI!’ just like on the photobelow. I have chosen to have my model not looking directly into the lense of the camera as after looking at a number ofcontents pages the majority of people photographed on the page don’t have direct eye contact with the audience. Also Ifeel that not having my model looking directly at the camera makes the image look more playful and light which is what EdSheeran’s music is like.I will also have an image of someone posing as Rihanna, I will take this image as a close up of her face as I want theimage to look just like her ‘LOUD’ album cover as on my contents page I plan on writing a review of this album. My model(who will be my friend Amber who has offered to do it ) will have vibrant red hair and red lips, due to the image only beingof Rihanna’s face and part of her shoulder my model wont have to wear a specific outfit as you wont be able to see it. I willneed no props for this image however I will need to use Photoshop afterwards to superimpose letters over the image andhighlight and adjust contrast on my photograph, like on the front cover of Rihanna’s ‘LOUD’ album. I will take the image inthe photo studio at college to create a professional standard, I will then crop my image to be a square to replicate heralbum cover.
  4. 4. I will also have an image of someone posing as Taylor Swift. The image will be medium close up with all of her bodyincluded but she will by lying down on the floor with her elbows propping her face up and her legs crossed behind her(like in the image below). I will take this image I the photography studio on a white background so the image looks lightand airy. My model (my friend Gemma who looks like Taylor Swift) will have long blonde curly hair with a sweepingfringe, my model will have quite natural makeup and natural light coloured lips and enhanced eyes. My model will havea very innocent look about her at Taylor Swift is known for being an innocent country singer. I will dress my model in awhite floaty vest top and plain dark blue jeans with no shoes as Taylor is known to perform with no shoes on. I willaccessories my model with 1 plain silver bracelet on one wrist and no other jewellery as I want my model to be the mainfocus of the image.I will also have an image of someone posing as James Arthur. My image will be a mid shot with my models armscrossed. My model will have a t-shirt/polo necked short sleeve shirt on with his tattoos on show. The model that I havechosen to use (toby who is part of the performing arts department) doesn’t have any tattoos so I am going to have todraw some tattoos on his arms, however if this doesn’t look very good or if it is too time consuming then I will changemy model into a full sleeved shirt. My models hair will have a side parting and his hair will be brushed to the side andthen pushed up, a bit like a quiff how James Arthur usually styles his hair. I will use makeup on my model to darken thebottom of his face to give the illusion of stubble and will put canceler makeup under his eyes to make his eye area lookbrighter. I will take this image in the photography studio as I can control the lighting in the room to enhance my modelsappearance and the effect of the image as I want the image to look clean cut.
  5. 5. My main image will be a photo of Ed Sheeran, who is the feature of my double page spread. This image will be in colourand will be landscape as it will fill and will be in landscape so it fits in with the composition of my page (as my image istaking up an entire page which is half of my double page spread). The image will be taken in a photography studio as amid shot holding a microphone (that I will borrow from the music department) in one hand whilst waving the other arm inthe air as if he is singing at a gig. I chose to use this position as I recently saw Ed Sheeran at his concert and he didthis pose a lot and I think it would look very effective if I recreated it. I took a photo of him in this pose at the gighowever I don’t think the image was of a good enough quality to use in my magazine as it pixelated a lot as I enlargedit. My model will be the same model as I use on my front cover and contents page and will have ginger hair that I willhave styled into a messy ‘just woken up’ look as I am trying to replicate how Ed Sheeran really looks. My model (whowill also be Levi as he is posing as Ed Sheeran on my front cover) will be dressed in a navy t-shirt and baggy jeanswhich is standard simple clothing that Ed Sheeran is normally seen to be wearing.
  6. 6. • Front cover- Ed Sheeran model (Levi)- Navy/Black plain t-shirt and baggy blue jeans- Hair gel/wax to style hair- Acoustic guitar- Graffiti wall background (10 minute walk from College)• Contents page- Photography Studio- Ed Sheeran model (Levi) – navy/black t-shirt, hair gel to style hair, piece of paper saying ‘HI!’.- Rhianna Model (Amber) – red lipstick, natural makeup, mascara, Photoshop after.- Taylor Swift model (Gemma) – white floaty vest top, dark blue jeans, plain silver bracelet, hair curlers, natural makeup but enhanced eyes.- James Arthur model (Toby) – short sleeved shirt, whiteboard pen/eye liner (for tattoos), conceler, makeup remover wipes, wax and comb to style hair.• Double Page spread- Photography studio- Ed Sheeran model (Levi)- Navy/Black plain t-shirt and baggy blue jeans- Hair gel/wax to style hair- Microphone