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Why You Should Read a Weight Loss Consumer Report


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The Diet Industry's Dirty Little Secret Reveled!

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Why You Should Read a Weight Loss Consumer Report

  1. 1. ==== ====The Diet Industrys Dirty Little Secret Reveled! ====The development of the weight loss industry has led to the growth of scores of weight losssupplements and programs each claiming to be the best thing to ever come out in the weight lossindustry. While these weight loss products are not necessarily lying, some may also be guilty ofnot telling you the whole truth. So thats where a weight loss product consumer report comes in. Aweight loss product consumer report works by providing information on weight loss products thatare made available to the public. With the general aim of weeding out the lies from the truths in theweight loss industry, a weight loss product consumer report is used to protect unknowing weightloss product consumers from falling prey to dishonest weight loss product manufacturers.Choosing weight loss productsChoosing a weight loss product to use can be very tricky. Its not even just because of the sheeramount of products available to you but more so the amount of information that each one isfeeding you. So be careful before you buy a weight loss product. It is not enough that you compareproducts based on whats popular although that would give you an idea on which one works. Toguide you, start out by looking up the list of ingredients of a weight loss product. Then look up a listof ingredients that according to the Food and Drug Administration are harmful for consumption.Just by the list of ingredients alone you will find out if you should be taking a particular weight lossproduct or not.Prescriptions: yes, no, maybePrescription drugs are generally of higher potencies compared to over-the-counter products.Weight loss products that come with prescriptions are normally given to very obese patients or if aperson has a particular weight loss need that cannot be addressed with simple over-the-counterweight loss products. Because of their highly specific content, prescription weight loss productsare approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Degree of effectiveness depend from oneperson to another but most who take prescription weight loss products lose about 5% to 10% fromtheir weight. While usually given to very obese patients, prescription weight loss products may begiven to people who have healthy body mass indexes considering that they have consulted withtheir doctors and have been cleared to take them.Go over-the-counterA lot of weight loss products are available to you over the counter. (Over-the-counter weight lossproducts mean that you dont need a prescription to take them.) However, a weight loss productconsumer report will tell you that buying weight loss products over-the-counter actually posesmore threats than buying with a prescription because use is not regulated. Any person can buy asmuch as they want, in as many brands as they want without regard to what would work best for
  2. 2. them. Essentially a trial-and-error process, the threat also lies in using too many weight lossproducts at the same time. While all claiming to promote weight loss, weight loss products arentgenerally intended to be used in conjunction with another weight loss product. Well, because eachone is claiming to handle singlehandedly all your weight loss needs, they arent formulated to be"friendly" to other weight loss products. Using too many weight loss products at the same time canactually make you sicker instead of better. By piling on different substances into your body, youmay be overloading your body systems in the process. This makes your body slow down andweaker in defending you against threats in the environment.Unproven claimsBe careful of weight loss products labeled as "herbal" or "natural" as these can be misleading.Just because they are labeled as such, that does not guarantee that they are indeed safe forconsumption. Not everything herbal or natural is safe for you. Some might even be potentiallydangerous especially to those who are suffering from any health condition or are already takingprescription medication.Protect yourselfAs any weight loss product consumer report would, you have to learn how to protect yourself.When buying any weight loss product, check to see if a weight loss consumer product report hasbeen done on it. This will tell you how it worked for other people, what does it do, and what does itcontain--some of the very basic things you have to know about any weight loss product. Unlessapproved by the Food and Drug Administration, be cautious about products that contain thewords: breakthrough, easy, magical, new discovery, guaranteed, effortless, exotic, secret,miraculous, and mysterious. If youve taken the time to find out what works, take the time to tellother people what works. Create your own weight loss product consumer report and help ensurethat other people are informed and protected as well.Phillip England is a weight loss expert and Author of the popular report "The Ultimate Weight LossSecret". To receive your free information on the secret that doctors, and health companies eitherdont know, or dont want you to know, please see[]Article Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====The Diet Industrys Dirty Little Secret Reveled! ====