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Law of Attraction Article - Let The Universe Handle Your Holidays While You Get To Enjoy Them


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Law of Attraction Article - Let The Universe Handle Your Holidays While You Get To Enjoy Them

  1. 1. ==== ====For More Information To Became A Law Of Attraction Practitioner ====I love the holidays! I didnt always feel that way, however. In theory I wanted to love them, but inreality the craziness that always took over the entire month of December made it almostimpossible.The decorating with the tangled lights, the shopping with the long lines, the must have items youjust couldnt find anywhere, the invitations that clashed, the numerous holiday functions at theschool which there was no time for, and those darn Christmas cards. I used to look at any personwho actually got their cards out within the first two weeks of December as if they were Gods. Myfriends and family considered themselves lucky if they received mine by January15th...Correction... They considered themselves lucky if they received them at all.And each year it just seemed to get worse. More crazy -- more frantic. I actually started to dreadthe upcoming holiday season knowing that there would be no rest until December 26th.That is, until I decided to put the Universe and the Law of Attraction to work.I have been studying the Law of Attraction for over 15 years, and it amazes even me that I neverthought to really test its abilities during the holiday season. It wasnt until about two years ago thatI decided to really "hand the holidays" over to the Universe to deal with while I went back toenjoying them.So I decided to write a list. A play-by-play if you will of how I wanted my holiday season toprogress.First I started with a letter stating my intentions."Dear Universe:This year I choose to enjoy every possible moment of this holiday that I can. I expect you willhandle everything I want accomplished smoothly and easily. I will watch for signs from you that willhelp things along and I am grateful in advance for all of your help.Thank you,Love Me."Then I specifically stated my intentions:1. Decorating goes smoothly and easily. Everything works perfectly. If there is some decorationthat I will need to buy, I know you will urge me to buy it at the right time and place beforehand.
  2. 2. 2. Christmas cards go out effortlessly. I will get the perfect picture of my son and find the easiestand most cost effective place to have the cards printed .3. Presents. I will find every gift on my list with ease. I will pay attention to any nudges you give meand head to places you direct me to.4. Sales. I choose to purchase all the items on my list at wonderful prices. I trust you to lead me tothe best places to buy them at the right time.5. Gatherings with friends. I trust that the timing of all social engagements will coincide perfectly.Me and every one else involved will be satisfied and happy.There were a few more things I put on the list, but you get the idea.Then I started my holiday season with the confidence that the Universe was working behind thescenes and watched as it unfolded.1. Decorating did go much smoother than ever. I was in a discount store that was having a sale onChristmas lights. I felt the urge to pick up a few strands (about three I think) at a great price and afew other knick knacks I felt pulled to buy that were very reasonably priced. Sure enough when itwas time to decorate, the things I purchased fit in perfectly to create the finished product with verylittle effort.2. Christmas Cards. My girlfriend emailed me a picture she had taken of my son in October in frontof a bunch of large pumpkins that I had forgotten about and it had turned out awesome! Then sherecommended that I use an online Christmas card service that was much faster and cheaper thanthe place I had normally went to every year. My cards and envelopes arrived in the mail with 4days and I didnt even have to leave the house! What a huge difference from previous years oflong lines at the photo place getting my tired and cranky son to smile. The cards were perfect!3. Presents. I had written out most of my list of what gifts I had wanted to get certain people. ThenI kept my eyes open. At times I felt led to check out a certain news flier, at others, I felt an urge togo to a particular website or store. Sure enough, not only did I find everything I needed, but quiteoften at a huge discount due to a sale. Quite a few of the items online even had free shipping. Itwas awesome!4. Sales and discounts (see above).5. Gatherings with Friends. Sure enough everything fell into place here as well. Where normally Ihad 2 or 3 invitations that would clash - this time the timing worked out perfectly. One would be aholiday brunch - another for later in the evening. (Actually one invitation did clash - but I didntreally want to go to that one anyway, so I was glad I could say I had something else planned -Yeah Universe!)Then last year came the best "miracle" of all. My son wanted the Wii system (actually I kind of didtoo). As you probably know last year it was the most impossible gift to find. The ones online weregoing for at least $500 and up each, and on principle I was not willing to pay that kind of money for
  3. 3. a gaming system. So I decided to hand it to Universe.This one I chose to write down on its own sheet of paper. I wrote down that I wanted to find the Wiisystem at its regular price by Christmas time and thanked the Universe in advance for supplying it.Then I did my part by telling everyone I knew to keep an eye out for the system when they wereout shopping. (I cant tell you how many laughs and "good luck with thats!" I received) but I didntlet it deter me. I also envisioned my excitement when I received it and I envisioned my sonsexcitement when he opened it on Christmas day.Sure enough about a week before Christmas my brother calls me from his cell phone in disbelief.He was in Target just as a store clerk came out of the storage room with about 4 or 5 systems onhis hand truck. My brother snatched one up before it even made it to the shelf! The funny partabout this is my brother normally does not shop for Christmas. He is totally a gift certificate man.But he happened to need something for himself in the electronics section when he saw the clerkcome out! I still get chills when I think about this. (No matter how many times the Universe comesthrough for me, I always get these chills. There is no better feeling!)So it is time for you to get started making your own Holiday list for Universe. Think of it as yourown private Santa Claus. And all you want for Christmas is to actually enjoy the holiday a little.If this is your first time doing this, do not feel discouraged if things dont fall in place immediately.Stay with it. Take notice of the little "miracles" that keep happening and let it boost your beliefsystem. If you feel yourself getting stressed remember to go back mentally to your list and knowthat all is well.Happy Creating and Happy Holidays!Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law ofAttraction for over 15 years. If you would like more fun ways to use LOA visit her website at[]Article Source: ====For More Information To Became A Law Of Attraction Practitioner
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