iPad and iPad 2 - Apple Takes One More Step Further


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iPad and iPad 2 - Apple Takes One More Step Further

  1. 1. ==== ====For Latest iPad Information Click Here Now!http://tiny.cc/Ipad-How-To-Videos==== ====Update (Tuesday, March 15, 2011): iPad 2 Sales SoaringiPad 2 sales have been sky-rocketing. Apple sold close to, or over 500,000 iPad 2s last weekend.Its reported that in many cities several retailers like Best Buy, Target and Walmart ran out of stockon the very first day of the launch.Sources claim a sale of 400,000 to 500,000 iPad 2s as compared to 300,000 of the original iPadsin its first weekend. There appears to be a large number of sales made to first time owners ofiPad.iPad 2 retailers should be replenishing the tablet stock this week. Buyers also have the option ofordering online through the Apple or the AT&T site. However this involves a waiting period of 3-4weeks for Apple and 2-3 weeks for AT&T before shipping the product out.Apple takes one more step further with the launch of iPad 2Apple has always been known for introducing products with out-of-the-ordinary designs andinnovative features that have never failed to take the consumer market by storm. Years ago thisstarted with the iPod revolution. Today iPod with its several designs and models has been a must-have possession for music lovers. Then came iPhone which was akin to having a mini-computerwith a phone in your pocket. With its sleek design and features and increasing popularity, it soonproved to be a phone that everyone was proud to flaunt.The launch of iPadApple did not stop at that and the market saw the advent of Apples popular touchscreen tabletdevice, the iPad, which went on sale in April of last year. The aesthetics and the ease-of-use ofiPad was worth raving about. Though there was a section of the consumer market that wasapprehensive of the usability of the tablet and called it merely a status symbol, people graduallystarting to appreciate the ease-of-use, portability and convenience it brought whether you had tosurf the internet, check emails, use it as a music jukebox or for document processing and file-management.It soon gained popularity amongst students who preferred studying their notes from the iPad. Itslonger-than laptop battery life and light-weightedness made it popular amongst those who arefrequently on the go. Right now at the App Store, there are thousands of apps available todownload that open a whole new world of features to the iPad. iPad apps are expanding thelearning experience both inside and outside the classroom. From interactive lessons to study aidsto productivity tools, theres something for everyone. iBooks on iPad has introduced a novel way to
  2. 2. buy and read books.The world of business apps for iPad will transform the way you work. On iPad, you can review andedit common office documents such as Microsoft Office and iWork files. You can also createbeautiful presentations from scratch, craft complex spreadsheets, annotate PDFs, and accessimportant files on your corporate network.The increasing popularity was clearly evident from the iPad sales which shot to 7.46 million bySeptember 2010, which was just 6 months after its launch. Reports say that the last 3 months of2010 saw an additional sale of 7.33 million iPads.Though Apples Steve Jobs introduced the iPad as a device that would occupy the world betweensmart phones and laptops, potential customers werent convinced because of certain missing andexpected features. To mitigate these gaps, Apple unveiled the iPad 2 on March 2. The longanticipated iPad2 will debut the market on March 11, 2011. The iPad 2 has also been rumored tobe called "iPad HD".Here are some of the upgrades to the iPad2 in comparison to the original iPad:Faster Processor with great graphicsiPad2 has 2 core processors (dual-core) in one A5 chip. This is an upgrade to the A4 processor inthe original iPad. Youll notice the difference when youre surfing the web, watching movies,making FaceTime video calls, gaming, and switching from app to app. Multitasking is smoother,apps load faster, and everything just works better.With up to nine times the graphics performance, playing games on iPad is even faster, smootherand more realistic. Even with the sleeker design and higher power, Apple claims the battery lifewill still stay the same amazing 10 hours.FaceTime again with two camerasiPad2 has 2 cameras - one on the front and one on the back. The Apple fans got a taste ofFaceTime with the launch of iPhone 4. It has been gaining so much popularity lately that iPad2has decided to add the FaceTime functionality to the iPad2 through the two cameras. The frontcamera puts you and your friend face-to-face. Switch to the back camera during your video call toshare where you are, who youre with, or whats going on around you. When youre not usingFaceTime, let the back camera roll if you see something movie-worthy. Its HD, so whatever youshoot is a mini-masterpiece.More variety with Two ColorsiPad2 is available in both black and white whereas the original iPad was only available in black.Lighter and Thinner in your handsApple promises to deliver what it advertises about iPad being Less in your hands, More at yourfingertips.iPad2 will really make you feel the difference when you hold it your hands. iPad2 is upto 15% lighter than the original iPad. The iPad2s WiFi-only model weighs about 1.3 pounds. Thelighter weight could mean a lot for those always on the go and for those who like to carry their iPadaround like any other book.
  3. 3. Apple is known to give a lot of importance on the sleekness and thinness of their gadgets. iPad2 is33% thinner than the original iPad. It is 0.34 inch (8.8 mm) thin.Introducing the iPad Smart CoverThe iPad Smart Cover protects your iPad without adding bulk to its thin, light design. It works withiPad such that the smart magnetic technology built into each really pulls them together. Open theSmart Cover and your iPad wakes up instantly. Close it and your iPad goes to sleep automatically.The smart cover also acts as a perfect stand for the iPad when you are watching movies orplaying games.The above lists only the major visible upgrades. There is much more in store including thegyroscope, accelerometer, compass, HDMI out and the features supported by the new operatingsystem iOS 4.3Undoubtedly, iPad2 will prove to be incredible technology under your fingers. It definitely is up toan individual whether he would like to invest in iPad2 after having invested in the original iPad.One would think pricing and affordability would be a concern here, but history has it that Apple hasits strategies well-thought of, be it design, development or marketing. The release and sales of theseveral upgraded versions of iPod and iPhone are excellent examples. It is rumored, that the newtargets for 2011 is that Apple will ship up to 4 million iPad2 per month, reaching a total of 40million iPads for 2011. And despite competition from big brand vendors like Samsung, Motorolaand more, analysts predict that iPad2 will continue the Apples tablet dominance in the market.Latest on the iPad2So the latest for those waiting to possess the iPad2 is that it goes on sale Friday March 11 at 5PMand two weeks later in 26 other countries. Unfortunately, Apple is not taking pre-orders for theirsecond generation iPad. Reports reason that when pre-orders began for the Verizon iPhone, therewere so many pre-orders that it took both the Verizon and Apple online stores down within twohours. Though the sales were enormous, the reality lines were short at Verizon stores since mostpeople pre-ordered online. Apple does not want this to happen again. Apple wants long lines foriPad2 which would provide better advertising for a major Apple product release. March 11 wouldsee many who owned the original iPad upgrading to the newer model, while many others whodidnt get the first generation iPad buying their first iPad.Link to original article on my website: iPad and iPad 2Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Pavitra_Shetty
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