EFT With the Law of Attraction to Allow the Feeling of Abundance


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EFT With the Law of Attraction to Allow the Feeling of Abundance

  1. 1. ==== ====For More Information To Became A Law Of Attraction Practitionerhttp://tiny.cc/Law-Of-Attraction==== ====EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques (often referred to as tapping) can be a great aid in gettingto the feeling you want so that the Law of Attraction can work for you. Tapping was developed byGary Craig and is based upon ancient Eastern healing traditions.We will not cover the entire history of or rationale for EFT here. Suffice it to say that the bodyconsists of energy fields and in a well functioning (spiritually, emotionally and physically) bodythere is a natural and unrestricted flow of energy in, around and through the body. The energyflows along paths called meridians. When the energy flow is obstructed for any reason, anynumber or combination of maladies may occur. Acupuncture used needles inserted at key pointsalong the meridians to help release energy blockages. Tapping uses the fingers of one handtapping gently on key meridian points while speaking focusing, framing and releasing phrases tore-orient, release and refresh the energy flow through the body.There are many great online sources for detailed information about EFT and how and why itworks. The success stories are too numerous to mention.When trying to allow a feeling of abundance into our lives as a precursor to living an abundant life,which is the proper sequence if we are to allow the Law of Attraction to work properly, we oftenfind ourselves blocked. Our left-brain chatterbox voice continually kicks in and reminds us of whatwe dont have, how much is lacking, why abundance is bad or selfish or simply not for us. We getstuck in a frustrating loop of, on the one hand, desiring abundance while, on the other hand,sending out a message of lack of abundance to the Universe. This is just old beliefs and stuckenergy at work...and is exactly what EFT is great for releasing.What follows is a short tapping sequence to help release the energy blocks and to allow thefeeling of abundance to flow freely. In using the following script, and without going into the detailsof how to do EFT, the tapping points are noted in parentheses. You should tap these points whilespeaking the phrases shown out loud. Speaking out loud and with emotion do improve theeffectiveness of the technique.One other disclaimer here; I am not a medical doctor nor a trained practitioner (there no longerexist any formal EFT certifications); results will vary by individual (although I believe that EFTalways helps-and it cannot hurt); the specific ways in which EFT is employed vary widely, and allhave been shown to be effective. Approach this with a spirit of joy, fun, gratitude and expectation.The tapping points are (and it doesnt matter which side of the body you do these on): Side ofhand - The karate chop point; Eyebrow Point - End of the eyebrow closest to your nose; Side ofEye - The corner of your eye, on the bone of the socket away from your nose; Under the Eye -Directly under the eye on the bone of the orbit; Under the Nose - Directly under the nose, above
  2. 2. your lip roughly at the level of the top of your teeth; Under the Mouth - The cleft between yourmouth and chin directly below your mouth; Collarbone - There is some variance here, I prefertapping directly below the chin on the point where the two ends of the collarbone join; Under theArm - Directly below the armpit approximately four inches down; Top of the Head - Directly on thecrown of the head and tap in a small circle. The tapping should be hard enough to feel but not sohard as to cause pain.With that as background, we can try a tapping sequence to help our energy flow around the feelingof abundance.(Side of the Hand)-Even though I cant seem to feel abundant,-I deeply love and respect myself.-Even though I cant seem to feel abundant,-I deeply love and forgive myself.-Even though I cant seem to feel abundant,-I just cant let go of the feeling of lack,-I cant stop worrying about my bills,-I cant stop thinking about what I dont have,-Every time I look at my bank balance it gets worse,-I worry about having enough food,-I worry about having enough money,-I worry about being taken advantage of,-I worry about losing everything that I have,-And even though I want abundance,-I want abundance in all areas,-I am afraid that I am sabotaging my abundance,-With all my worries,-And so,-Even though I cant seem to feel abundant,-I deeply love, respect and forgive myself,-And anyone and anything that may be contributing to this.-(Eyebrow Point)-I cant seem to feel abundant,(Side of the Eye)-I cant seem to feel abundant,(Under the Eye)-I cant seem to feel abundant,(Under the Nose)-Its not just that I cant feel abundant,(Under the Mouth)-I am not abundant,(CollarBone Point)-And that worries me,(Under the Arm)-I want to be abundant,(Top of the Head)-But I cant feel abundant.-(Eyebrow Point)-I have to get the feeling before I can get the thing,(Side of the Eye)-The Law of Attraction says that,(Under the Eye)-So I have to feel abundant,(Under the Nose)-And I just cant.(Under the Mouth)-I cant feel abundance,(CollarBone Point)-Because I cant get past all my worries,(Under the Arm)-And my worries are legitimate,
  3. 3. (Top of the Head)-Just look at the checkbook.-(Eyebrow Point)-But, maybe I am overreacting, just a little,(Side of the Eye)-I do have a lot of things,(Under the Eye)-In a lot of the world, I would be viewed as a king or queen,(Under the Nose)-Sure times are tough now,(Under the Mouth)-But they have been tough before,(CollarBone Point)-And I have survived,(Under the Arm)-And even if they seem worse this time,(Top of the Head)-Ill probably survive this too.-(Eyebrow Point)-Maybe I can just be grateful for the little things,(Side of the Eye)-And there are still a lot of little things to be grateful for,(Under the Eye)-Maybe I even have an abundance of little things,(Under the Nose)-So I can be grateful for that abundance,(Under the Mouth)-I can be abundant in little things,(CollarBone Point)-And once I am abundant in little things,(Under the Arm)-Ill bet I start seeing bigger things.(Top of the Head)-And then I can get to the feeling of abundance.-(Eyebrow Point)-I am breathing and my body is working, at least a little,(Side of the Eye)-And I have a computer, or access to one,(Under the Eye)-My brain is working,(Under the Nose)-I do know what I want, and what I dont want,(Under the Mouth)-I want to feel abundant,(CollarBone Point)-And I can feel abundant, because I am,(Under the Arm)-I am abundant in the most important ways right now,(Top of the Head)-I accept my abundance with joy and gratitude.--Take a deep breath.Now, hopefully that helps, at least a little. Feel free to do it again. Play with the words. Make it fun.Tap and tap and tap your way to abundance and true allowing.Myril is all about everyones ability to create their own reality. Everyone can be, do or havewhatever they want. Be your own genie and grant yourself unlimited wishes. Get details at[http://www.yourlifeisbetternow.com/].Imaginality, Myrils latest products designed to help anyone manifest the life that they want, arebased on the Law of Attraction and all the Universal Laws as presented by Abraham-Hicks. It isalso based on all the great work by Joe Vitale, Shakti Gawain, and, especially, Neville Goddard.Make a miracle today!
  4. 4. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Myril_C_Shaw==== ====For More Information To Became A Law Of Attraction Practitionerhttp://tiny.cc/Law-Of-Attraction==== ====