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Research into our genre


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Research into our genre

  1. 1. Screen shots of The Bourne Identity: Looking at this scene it is relatively similar to the scene my group will be filming. As during our scene we will be filming Jack waking up to find a brief case full of different identity’s. By looking at the way the director filmed this scene in The Bourne Identity, it gave myself some ideas of how to position the video camera when filming this scene.
  2. 2. Screen shots of The Bourne Identity: • These props were used in The Bourne Identity film. • In the scene Matt Damon opens a brief case revealing his numerous identities. PEN U.S.B PEN KNIFE DIFFERENT CREDIT MEDICAL PASSPORTS CARDS DOCUMENTS • This scene gives our group ideas as to what to include in our scene were Jack opens a brief case filled with money and other important props. •This scene made myself think of other props to include so that this scene would look more realistic and interesting.
  3. 3. Screen shots of different passports: These screen shots are of the numerous passports that Matt Damon discovers when opening the brief case. A passport is a document that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. This is why we will be creating different passports so that we can illustrate to the audience that Jack will be playing a character that has multiple identity's. Therefore suggesting to the audience he is involved with dangerous individuals but also gives the audience an indication that these passports connect to his job and what his career is.