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Why Your Career Has to Fit for You Today, Not Tomorrow


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If it's true that we reap what we sow, then what are you going to reap in your career in the future? When we start working the way we want to today, we build meaningful and sustainable careers tomorrow.

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Why Your Career Has to Fit for You Today, Not Tomorrow

  1. 1. Why Your Career Has to Fit for You Today, Tomorrow Megan Leatherman | NOT
  2. 2. Many of us were told that we have to work incredibly hard, climb the professional ladder, and that we'll rest after we've worked 40+ years and have made enough money to retire. This logic says that we have to sacrifice everything today in order to reap rewards tomorrow. Hustling to Get Ahead Megan Leatherman |
  3. 3. Here's what I've seen to be true for myself and countless others: - When I make the time to value my well- being today, I reap better rewards tomorrow - When I live my days the way I want to live my life, this awesome thing happens: I live the life I want to live. This Doesn't Work for Me Megan Leatherman |
  4. 4. "Delayed gratification," and all that has a place in our worklives, for sure. But how many of you are hating each day in the hopes that something will change when you're much, much older? If we reap what we sow, then millions of us are going to reap: - exhaustion - hopelessness - sickness I Know, I Know... Megan Leatherman |
  5. 5. If your life IS your day today, how's it looking? How does that statement make you feel? What, if anything, do you want to change in order to get closer to the life that's right for you? Annie Dillard Said it Best: "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." Megan Leatherman |
  6. 6. What's one thing you're hustling for today because you want it in the future? For example, are you busting your ass in a job you hate in the hopes that you'll be promoted in the future and then love your work? Is that realistic? Could you actually have more demands placed on you after that promotion? What One Thing? Megan Leatherman |
  7. 7. Whatever your one thing is, stop waiting for it to be created out of thin air. For example, if you're getting sick all of the time because you work too much, that will not magically change after you're promoted. Spend your day today the way you want to spend your life. If you know you need to rest, take a sick day. Do what you have to do to make your career work for you... today. Don't Wait for It Megan Leatherman |
  8. 8. If you sow healthy seeds each day, beautiful things will grow. Megan Leatherman, MS, PHR Career Coach & HR Consultant