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Best Personal Fashion Stylist for Women


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Contact Megan for best Style Makeover. Sign up for best virtual makeover program. Megan LaRussa is most trusted wardrobe consultant in Alabama.

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Best Personal Fashion Stylist for Women

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  2. 2. Introduction of style coach  Style Coaching is a combination of personal styling advice, image consultancy tips and life coaching motivational techniques rolled into one. 2
  3. 3. Personal Fashion Stylist for Women Professional Wardrobe Stylist Virtual Makeover Program Top Rated Image Consultant Style Makeover Program 3 Megan LaRussa
  4. 4. •A style coach is typically referred to a lifestyle professional that understands each and every aspect of one’s personality and provides fruitful advices with respect to one’s lifestyle. From suggesting the most perfect piece of attires to communication characteristics, one can expect to get full- fledged support in terms of improving his or her personality. 4
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  6. 6.  My name is Megan LaRussa and i am from Birmingham, Alabama. I am a professional wardrobe consultant and i help those people who are not satisfied with their style and want to look better. I am arranging a style makeover program to help them. 6 About Megan LaRussa
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  8. 8. Contact Us Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana & North Florida U.S.A.35004 8 Phone Office: 205-586-2811 Email
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  10. 10. Thank You 10