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  • To begin, we want to tell you more about HS by discussing some fast facts, a brief history, some traditions, and the overall culture.
  • Rev. Samuel Stanhope Smith, the college's first president, was actively promoting the idea of establishing a college in the heavily Scotch-Irish area of south-central Virginia. HS is modeled after Princeton because he graduated from Princeton.The name Hampden-Sydney was chosen to symbolize devotion to the principles of representative government and full civil and religious freedom which John Hampden (1594-1643) and Algernon Sydney (1622-1683) had outspokenly supported, and for which they had given their lives, in England's two great constitutional crises of the previous century. They were widely invoked as hero-martyrs by American colonial patriots, and their names immediately associated the College with the cause of independence championed by James Madison, Patrick Henry, and other less well-known, but equally vigorous, patriots. Chris Howard—First African American president in the county that was on the losing side of the Brown vs Board of education suit—Rather than integrating, they shut down public schools for five years
  • Freshman Convocation: The freshmen come together, sign the code of conduct and honor codeGreeting others: Students, faculty, staff members—Everyone acknowledges those they passAthletics: Attending football games, basketball, etc. *They wear coats to football games*Involvement: It’s rare to find a student only involved in one organization—Several opportunities
  • Brotherhood-Ralph Lauren Jacket StorySubstance abuse—There are lots of drugs, but going through steps to help it. Strategic plan.Honor code—A HS man does not lie cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do. Code of conduct—A HS man will behave as gentleman at all times and in all places—Treat others as you would want to be treatedTo get a feel for the culture on campus, we asked, “What is a Hampden Sydney man?” To everyone we met. We pulled out some key themes that we’ll discuss later.
  • Backpacks left and Aaron’s story (left)They sign this document—Code of conduct and Honor code (right)
  • This is Aaron Van Allen ’12 our Tour guide. Aaron was a complete gentleman and we’ll let him tell you what he thinks a HS man is.Just to give you an idea of what a HS man is, Aaron is Greek, tour guide, baseball player, student government representative, residence hall advisor, and involved in an off campus internship.
  • We focused on five topics we’ve discussed in class when we researched HSC. Access, Admissions, Inclusiveness, Retention, and Benchmarking.
  • Tuition discounting is first academic-based, then needs-based20% of student body is Pell Grant eligible95% of students receive some form of aid
  • President Howard is from corporate America so he has a different perspective of education. He understands the changing market of education.
  • Admissions is selective and very competitive.HS men are from all 50 states and across the world. Admissions is looking for unique men who want a unique education experience so there are many factors that play into acceptance.
  • HS hired 2 consultants who have Phds in History (as opposed to business, etc) to help with the future strategic plan.The next strategic plan will review questions like: Do you want to increase enrollment? Add more majors and schools? Add new courses outside of the LA curriculum? Make HS co-educational?
  • “Look to the man to your right and the man to your left. One of the three of you won’t make it to graduation.” Rigorous academicsRetention rate isn’t bad for all-male institution –AnitaHSC offers scholarships and tuition discountingResources and other things help like Aaron’s story of the professor inviting him to dinner. Oxygen in the library. Small classroom size. Brotherhood wants you to succeed. Office of academic successReasons for transferring: Want the co-ed experience, want a more urban area, want a specific major not offered.To counter transferring, students do events with all-womens schools in the area.
  • Meet Kyle. One question we asked Kyle was, “Have you ever thought of transferring?” and the thought has never crossed his mind. He loved the community and brotherhood which is reflected in his answer to “What is a HS man?”
  • Inclusiveness is an important topic on the HS campus.Admissions is always looking to increase diversity on campus, and with that comes more opportunities to promote inclusiveness.Intercultural affairs—Making all HS men knowledgeable and dedicated to an inclusive community for students, faculty and staffMentor program for underclassmen to upperclassmen.
  • Shawn White—Every woman we talked to was excited and extremely happy to work at HS.Dean of Faculty available for faculty members.HS Faculty are overall happy.Living on campus helps the faculty bond.
  • Benchmarking is difficult for HS because it’s all-male, liberal arts, and private. It’s extremely unique.HS encourages professionals to attend conferences to learn more from other universities.
  • Zack gave us our favorite answer that truly summed up every interview we had--
  • Hsc final

    1. 1. Hampden-Sydney College Forming Good Men and Good Citizens MEGAN HIGGINBOTHAM SAMANTHA MILLS GEORGIA PRICE
    2. 2. Learning Outcomes Students will be able to: Articulate at least three facts about Hampden- Sydney College (H-SC). Describe H-SC‟s history and present culture. Discuss H-SC‟s stance on the following higher education topics:  Access, Admissions, Inclusiveness, Retention, and Benchmarking
    3. 3. Hampden-Sydney Contacts Ms. Anita Garland, Dean of Admissions  Current students Dr. Christopher Howard, President  Alumni Dr. David Klein „78, Dean of Students  Staff members Ms. Shawn White, Assistant Dean of Students for Substance Education  Faculty members Dr. David A. Keck, Chaplain
    4. 4. A Look into Hampden-Sydney FAST FACTS HISTORY TRADITIONS CULTURE
    5. 5. Fast Facts All male, selective liberal arts college Private (affiliated with the Presbyterian Church) Mission: “Forming good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning” Colors: Garnet and Grey Mascot: Tiger
    6. 6. History Founded in 1775  First President, Rev. Samuel Stanhope Smith Fund raising began the state-sanctioned lottery One of four all-male institutions in the US 24th President, Dr. Christopher B. Howard  One of the youngest Presidents in the US
    7. 7. Tradition Freshmen Convocation Greeting others on campus Athletics Involvement
    8. 8. Culture Brotherhood Substance abuse On These Two Commandments  Honor Code  Code of Conduct What Makes a Hampden-Sydney Man?
    9. 9. Culture
    10. 10. What is a Hampden-Sydney Man?
    12. 12. Access “No matter what people say, you connect pricing with quality” –Anita Garland $42, 000/ year tuition plus room and meals Pell Grant opportunities Tuition discounting, scholarships, loans, work-study
    13. 13. Admissions “We‟re in the business of education…students and their parents are seeking a product-A product to make them a better human being.” –President Howard
    14. 14. Admissions Average high school GPA: 3.4 Average SAT: 1130 2500 students apply annually, 1500 accepted “ (Students) come to H-SC to become a doctor or a lawyer… to make money.” –Aaron
    15. 15. Admissions Ethnic diversity Geographic diversity Reoccurring single-sex education discussion Future strategic plan
    16. 16. Retention 65-67% Retention rate  “Great” for an all-male institution Continuing scholarships and tuition discounting Resources for success Reasons for transferring Walter M. Bortz III Library
    17. 17. What is a Hampden-Sydney Man?
    18. 18. Inclusiveness STUDENTS Diversity in enrollment  Currently 18% minority population  Future goal is 25% Intercultural affairs  Mentor Program, Minority Student Union Involvement  Over 60 organizations
    19. 19. Inclusiveness FACULTY & STAFF Women  “(Hampden-Sydney students) are some of the finest students I‟ve ever worked with.” -Shawn White Living on campus
    20. 20. Benchmarking Four all-male institutions in the US  Wabash College, Indiana Uniqueness and tradition Attend national conferences “If outcomes don‟t point to a mission, it‟s time to re-work it.” –Dean Klein, ‘78
    21. 21. In ConclusionWHAT IS A HAMPDEN SYDNEY MAN?
    22. 22. What is a Hampden-Sydney Man?“It‟s not just going to school, raising the flag, and being a Hampden-Sydney man…whatever the hell that is. It‟s striving to be a gentleman…exactly what the word reads, a „gentle man‟: One who tries not to do harm to others.” -President Howard
    23. 23. What is a Hampden-Sydney Man?“Our guys need to have modeled for them how to be a father…husband…friend. A Hampden- Sydney man is respectful to everyone and cares about being a good person.” -Dean Klein, ‘78
    24. 24. What is a Hampden-Sydney Man?
    25. 25. Questions or Comments?