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Analysis of adverts


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analysis of magazine adverts promoting albums

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Analysis of adverts

  1. 1. Analysis of Magazine Adverts Lana Del Rey-Born to Die Bastille- Bad Blood Florence and the machine- Lungs
  2. 2. Lana Del Rey- Magazine advertisement Lana Del Rey’s advertisement for her album is similar to her album cover it is the same layout but has added the release date. She uses a pastel colour scheme, this is something she does in her videos. It uses the same colour scheme as the album. Pastel blues and whites. It all flows nicely together and is quite pleasing to the eye as it is not overly busy and in your face. It is nice to look at. Uses bold text to stand out against the blue background. The colour used is a bold white. The medium close up of Lana Del Rey makes the audience feel like they are being directly looked at. This makes them feel like they are the targeted audience and it is directed just at them. In the image Lana Del Rey looks very serious which goes with her brand image of being unique. In this certain advertisement it has the important information about when the album is being released, what it is called and it also has the website address in case her fans want any extra details. The advertisement is nearly identical to the CD cover, this is done as a selling tool. It is also a convention of the role of a advert that is promoting an album/artist, they often enlarge the album cover. Usually adverts promoting the artist or their music tend to follow the same theme as the album cover. This is shown in the advertisement for Lana Del Reys ‘Born to Die’ as it is merely just a close up version of her album cover. It also follows the convention of having ‘includes..’ adverts often use the artists newly released single to promote/ intrigue the reader to recognise the single and therefore go and buy the album because they liked one of the songs.
  3. 3. This advert is promoting the bands upcoming tour dates. By using bold font on the dates and where they are playing it shows the important information. It has all the contact details that need to be. It shows that there is a variety of ways to buy tickets and the different ways to get in touch. The advertisement would likely have been run in magazines and thorough posters around music themed areas. The bold font they have used catches the eye of the reader as they are drawn to it immediately. They have used the same style font that the band uses on their album cover. This is a recurrent theme throughout the advert. It uses the triangle instead of the ‘A’. This is a recognisable symbol that the fans will relate to the band. The image used in this advertisement links to the name of the bands tour and their album. ‘Bad Blood’ has connotations of evil and danger as well as the literal meaning of blood. This links to the image of a car in the middle of nowhere with what looks like blood. Also on their album cover ‘Bad blood’ it features a road and what looks like the person being chased. This advert links to the second album cover they released for their ‘Bad Blood’ album. In their second cover they have a car that’s been abandoned which is similar to how they have styled this advert, with the car in the middle of nowhere. This is a good advertisement as it promotes both the bands tour and also their band. Their fans will like this advert and it will appeal to them as it uses the conventions that are related to the band but it will also attract new fans as they will be intruded by the bands image and style. This makes the advert a success as it is an adverts job to sell the product and do so in different ways. Bastille Magazine Analysis
  4. 4. This advert is a enlarged version of the album cover for Florence and the machines album Lungs. Therefore it is nearly identical to the album cover. It follows the conventions that go with advertising albums. This advert follows the conventions of the band as they are unique and very different in style. The front man/women Florence has a unique personality that follows through to her music. The band is seen as indie rock genre. The album was released on the 3rd of July, therefore the advert would have had to be promoting it a couple weeks before to get interest in it. Florence and the Machine Magazine Analysis The colour scheme for this magazine cover is the same for the album cover, it uses very dark colours with hints of pinks that flows from the flowers to the colour of the text. It all flows together and looks sophisticated. This advertisement in particular shows all the different ways the album can be distributed. It can be sold on a variety of platforms including vinyl which has become increasingly popular over the years with the younger generations. Especially with the ‘Indie’ listeners. The pose that the main artists is posed in is the same as on the cover, she has lungs which is a literal link to the name of the album and also has other connotations.The advertisement also has the release date along side the website for fans of the album to go to and get exclusive details about the album and other exclusives. This is done as a way to reach more fans and promote the album on a larger scale.