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Innovative Case Studies with Ozone Therapy for Treatment of Anosmia, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Body Odor


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How Ozone Therapy Can be Used in the Treatment of Anosmia, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Body Odor

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Innovative Case Studies with Ozone Therapy for Treatment of Anosmia, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Body Odor

  1. 1. Innovative Case Studies with Ozone Therapy for Treatment of Anosmia, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Body Odor" Dr. John C. Hughes, D.O. April 12-13, 2012 AAOT Conference (Dallas, Texas)
  2. 2. Ozone Therapy for Treatment of Anosmia, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Body Odor"  Ozone Therapy for Anosmia--Glycozone Inhaled  Ozone Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease US Guided Intradiscal Ozone Plus Nutrients  Ozone Therapy for Body Odor  Conclusion
  3. 3. Anosmia: Treated by Ozone  Anosmia- Inability to perceive odor  Due to inflammation of the nasal mucosa (or a destruction of one temporal lobe, rarely)  Inflammation is due to chronic mucosa changes in the paranasal sinus lining and the middle and superior turbinates.
  4. 4. Anosmia: Causes  Anosmia: smell may be caused by death of olfactory receptor neurons in the nose or by brain injury  Nasal sprays that cause vasoconstriction of the nasal microcirculation can also be contributory  Nasal polyps due chronic sinusitis or allergies are a factor  Several other causes: Drug side effects, hypothyrodism, head trauma
  5. 5. Paranasal Sinuses: Chronic Inflammation Leads to Anosmia
  6. 6. Anosmia: Treated by Ozone  Glycozone: Nikola Tesla created his ozonated oil by bubbling ozone through pure olive oil in the presence of a magnetic field for eight weeks.  By 1904, ozonated olive oil, also known as Glycozone, was in the medical literature.  Does inhaled ozonated olive oil deliver a safe form of O3 to the sinuses and surrounding tissues?
  7. 7. Anosmia: Treated by Ozone  If so, the properties of ozone can be counted on as the following: Improved Microcirculation Decreased Inflammation (comparable to steroids without the side effects) Anti-allergic and Anti-microbial effects ( A treatment of Anosmia and Sinusitis!
  8. 8. Anosmia: Treated by Glycozone  The Technical: Get Bubblers from Longevity Resources Add Sterile or Filtered Water to one Bubbler Add Organic Olive Oil (plus a few drops peppermint or eucalyptus as desired) to other Bubbler Begin O3 at 10 to 16 ug/cc into bubblers (the one with water is first) with Nasal Canula or Mask attached to second bubbler Breathe in deeply for 10-20 minutes (either sitting or lying down)
  9. 9. Anosmia: Treated by Glycozone
  10. 10. Intervertebral O3 injections--Italian Study   (American Journal of Neuroradiology)  From 1999 to 2001, 600 patients aged 20–80 years treated with a single dose of oxygen-ozone therapy. (All done in Italian hospitals).  Three hundred patients (group A, received an intradiscal (4 mL) and periganglionic (8 mL) injection of an oxygen-ozone mixture with an ozone concentration of 27 µg/mL
  11. 11. Ozone (O3)-Italian Study  The other 300 patients (group B,) received identical oxygen-ozone injections, followed by a periganglionic injection of corticosteroid (1 mL of Depo-Medrone 40 mg and anesthetic (2 mL of Marcain 0.5%  The L4–5 level was the most frequently treated (61.8%); L1–2, 0.7%; L2–3, 1.2%; L3–4, 8.7%; L5-S1, 27.6%.
  12. 12. Puncture at L4-L5 performed under CT guidance.
  13. 13. FIG 3. Therapeutic outcome 6 months after oxygen-ozone therapy. Light gray bars indicate group A (n=300); dark gray bars, group B (n=300). Numbers at top of bars are percentages.
  14. 14. US guided injection of an Intervertebral Disc MRI-L4-5 disc herniation US L4-5 disc herniation
  15. 15. Intradiscal Ozone for Degenerative Disc Disease  If Ozone is so great for Intevertebral Disc Herniations, then why not consider it for Degenerated Discs?  “Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for Degenerative Spine Disease in the Elderly”  Servizio di Neuroradiologia Istituto Clinico Cimi di Brescia; * Servizio di Neuroradiologia Spedali Civili di Brescia; Italy  Rivista Italiana a'i Ossigeno-Ozonoterapia 5: 25-32, 2006
  16. 16. Intradiscal Ozone for Degenerative Disc Disease  Bonetti etal injected 129 elderly patients (65 to 93 years old) with spondyloarthrosis or degenerative discs  Patients were given an initial CT guided intradiscal injection followed by 4 paralumbar injections one week apart  61% of patients received improvement after 1 year with 34 % with a resolution of pain; 27% reported improvement but with mild pain; only 1 patient opted for surgical intervention
  17. 17. Lumbar MRI: Do You Want to Treat This 68 yo Male Patient?
  18. 18. Intradiscal Ozone for Degenerative Disc Disease  68 yo male with severe back pain due to lumbar disc degeneration and nerve compression  Instead of just ozone, why not add some other growth agents and nutrients to the disc?  And inject the disc multiple times as needed, instead of just doing paralumbar shots?  Let’s do some local at 0.5 % procaine (diluted by sterile water), 1 cc glucosamine, 1cc dextrose (diluted to 15%), trace hyaluronic acid and follow it all by O3 at 20 ug/cc (10 cc/ disc)
  19. 19. Intradiscal Ozone for Degenerative Disc Disease  Also, let’s pretreat and posttreat the back with lumbar decompression (at the local chiropractors office)  And finally, let’s skip the CT radiation exposure and just use a clinical ultrasound for everything.  The Results: “John, you’ve saved my back. I’m strong again and can hike or do anything I want. I don’t have any back pain.”
  20. 20. US Guided Disc Injections More Testimonial  Another Testimonial from B. Theire with pain from degenerative discs and disc herniation 
  21. 21. Ozone Therapy for Body Odor  Body Odor in Humans: apocrine sweat glands, which secrete the majority of chemical compounds  Skin flora, members of Corynebacterium, manufacture enzymes called lipases  Lipids in sweat are broken down to create smaller molecules like butyric acid, a smelly compound often used in fish bait  Propionic acid (propanoic acid) created by propionibacteria are also present in sweat glands and create a vinegar-like smell 
  22. 22. Ozone Therapy for Body Odor  Butyric Acid is a product of anaerobic fermentation   The triglyceride of butyric acid makes up 3% to 4% of butter.  When butter goes rancid, butyric acid is liberated from the glyceride by hydrolysis, leading to the unpleasant odor  The same kind chemical reaction happens in human armpits, anal-genital areas
  23. 23. Ozone Therapy for Body Odor  It is theorized that O3 in the form of glycozone (ozonated olive oil) can prevent or slow the anaerobic fermentation process that creates butyric acid from lipids  Ozonated oil may simply slow the ability of the skin flora to break down the lipids as they are dissolved in the glycozone oil  Finally, glycozone has further antimicrobial effects on the organisms, of course
  24. 24. Ozone Therapy for Body Odor  The Technical:  Buy Ozonated Olive Oil: Pure Energy is a good brand  Apply every 1-3 days under your armpits or whenver you desire  Note: The ozonated oil should be solid and be rubbed into the skin or hair wherever applied  Smell yourself or your patient after a few days; If needed, apply again  If motivated, add 20 drops of tea tree oil to the ozonated oil
  25. 25. Men Smell Like Cheese; Women Smell Like Onions 257/organic-ozonated-extra-virgin/Detail
  26. 26. Ozone Therapy for Body Odor Lecture Conclusions: Ozone Helps You Smell Ozone is the Bomb for your Back Ozone Helps You Not Smell  Any Questions?