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Behind mTBI Conference


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Behind mTBI Conference

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Behind mTBI Conference

  1. 1. Beyond MildTraumatic Brain Injury Conference August 5th, 2017 Aspen,CO
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  4. 4. Estimated Average Percentage of AnnualTBI by External Cause in the United States 2002–2006
  5. 5. More to come...
  6. 6. Assessment methods may attempt to determine if symptoms match a previous brain injury...
  7. 7. Multiple Choice Questions: 1. One symptom of a mTBI is: 2. It is estimated that there are ______ head injuries every year in the United States. 3. From 2007 to 2014, the Department of Veterans Affairs screened nearly 850,000 veterans for brain injuries. How many brain injuries did they miss during their first screening? 4. What is the most common cause of a head injury per the CDC? 5. Which is not a symptom of a brain injury? 6. The DSM categorizes a head injury under: 7. There must be one of the following to diagnose a TBI: 8. Assessment methods for TBI are used to: 9. The issue with assessment methods is: 10. How fast can a mTBI heal? 11. How can you treat a mTBI? 12. What words are found in defining a mTBI? True or False Questions: 1. There are major inconsistencies among assessing and diagnosing mTBI. 2. There is a globalized method to assess and diagnose mTBI. 3. mTBI is also known as concussion. 4. mTBI can be caused by a blast while on the battle field. 5. The most overlooked aspect of mTBI are the psychological effects. 6. Once cognition is reestablished, all the other symptoms go away. 7. The prevalence of mTBI is mostly unknown. 8. When you get a concussion, you will know! Please refer to your handout to answer these questions:
  8. 8. ThankYou For Attending