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  1. Performance Review 1 Sheffield Hallam University: Performance Review Student: Megan Dutton Supervisor: Jody Smith First: 13/12/21 SKILL AREA Student Examples / Comments Supervisor Examples / Comments
  2. A. Professional & Organisational Awareness 1. General presentation 2. Equality & diversity 3. Professional ethics 4. Confidentiality 5. Company structure & function 6. Departmental structure & function 7. Commercial awareness First:  Follow casual work wear policy.  Participated in equality and diversity HR training.  Follow university policies, complete all work tasks to the best of my ability, understand professional responsibilities, ask for help when needed.  Completed cyber awareness/information security and GDPR training, completed mental health training which addressed the limitations of confidentiality.  The university is split into three colleges, the College of Business, Technology and Engineering, the College of Social Sciences and Arts and the College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences. Its function is to provide further education and facilitate research, with its three core activities being research and innovation, teaching and learning, and commitment to place. Attended ‘Transforming Lives & Introduction to the Higher Education Sector’ induction session which covered the universities mission and vision.  Laboratory and Analytical Operations sits within Technical Operations Resources and Services within Student and Academic services. It is split into research and analytical operations, life sciences and science projects. The department supports Biosciences and Chemistry, Chemical engineering, MERI, BMRC, Food Sciences and Teacher Education Science.  Customers of LAO include students and academics carrying out research in the BMRC. Attended the ‘Measuring Success and Impact’ induction session which covered how the university's performance is measured internally by KPIs and externally by league First: Megan has been part of the technical team for the past 3 months and in this time she has conducted herself in a professional manner. She has demonstrated that she has a sound knowledge of what SHU's structure and function is. She has an understanding of how LAO operates within TORS. As Megan progresses through her placement her professional and organisational awareness will increase. Score 6/10
  3. tables and teaching/research excellence framework etc. Score 7/10
  4. B. Communication 1. Clear verbal communication & active listening 2. Presentations 3. Explanatory ability 4. Writing skills 5. Communicating with people at different levels / from different backgrounds First:  Verbal communication could be improved through gaining confidence. More effective at active listening, such as communicating back what is needed and asking questions etc. Completed ‘Communicating with Confidence’ and ‘Communication Skills’ staff development e-learning to help improve.  Haven’t yet given any presentations whilst on placement, potentially will practice delivering oral placement presentation. Will complete ‘Presentation Fundamentals’ staff development e-learning in preparation for this.  Explanatory skills need improvement, for example when helping students, possibly due to lack of confidence. Will work on these in my role as a STEM ambassador once training has been completed.  Haven’t yet had to produce written documents whilst on placement.  Can communicate effectively with lead technicians and with students whilst assisting in practicals e.g. nutrition practical. Will potentially get more experience with students when helping in training for projects and as a STEM ambassador. Less confident in communicating with academics but will get more experience as a lead in practicals in semester 2. Score 5/10 First: Megan has expressed she’s needs to gain confidence in terms of her communication skill. As she progresses in her placement her confidence will grow and her communication skills will improve. In semester 2 she will be lead on her own practical’s and so will need to communicate clearly with members of the team when it come to asking for help with preparations of these classes. She will also need to communicate clearly with people at different levels for example academics when she briefs them at the beginning of practical classes and students when they ask for project support. Score 5/10
  5. C. Working with Others 1. Cooperating 2. Contributing to teamwork 3. Working under supervision 4. Supervising / showing leadership 5. Working with different people 6. Interdisciplinary working 7. Emotional intelligence First:  Good at cooperating/ contributing to teamwork/ working under supervision through assisting on practicals and helping during changeovers.  Work with different people within the technical team  Have worked on practicals covering multiple disciplines such as biology, chemistry and food science. Score 6/10 First: Megan has integrated well into the technical team, and it is clear she can work well in a team. She has been assisting on practical classes in both Biosciences and Chemistry and Food and nutrition where she has worked well with other members of the team. Her leadership skills will be worked on in semester 2 when she has practicals to lead and her team working skills will further improved as it is essential to work as a team during the project sessions. Score 6/10
  6. D. Self-Improvement 1. Enthusiasm, commitment 2. Willingness to learn 3. Initiative, resourcefulness, autonomy 4. Taking responsibility 5. Maturity 6. Effective time management 7. Personal organisation / work planning First:  Attended training and e-learning videos, read standards operating procedures, learnt new techniques such as making gels and splitting cells.  Have been responsible for practicals while staff are on leave - could’ve been more proactive with academics, responsible for testing and cleaning allocated equipment, prep room stock checks and tap flushing in allocated labs.  Use diary and outlook calendar to plan work tasks and training, refer to google sheets for timetable, notebook for notes, planning and to do lists, completed time ‘Time Management Fundamentals’ staff development e-learning. Score 7/10 First: Megan has shown that she is enthusiastic and is willing to learn new skills. She has successfully learnt to prepare SDS-page gels and has started to learn cell culture skills. This will enable her to provide support in these areas to the project’s students in semester 2. In semester 2 it will be crucial that Megan can manage her time effectively and be well organised as she will have teaching, projects and her weekly duties to support on a weekly basis. Score 6/10
  7. E. Problem Solving & Resilience 1. Prioritising tasks 2. Defining problems 3. Taking action 4. Locating information 5. Taking a range of approaches 6. Persevering First:  Refer to QMS or confers with the lead technician to see what needs doing.  Knowledge of N drive and staff intranet sites e.g. blackboard and core, QMS’s, risk assessments and standard operating procedures.  Completed ‘What is Resilience’ staff development e-learning. Score 5/10 First: Megan has started to plan her workload and prioritise tasks accordingly, her ability to do this well will become critical in semester 2 when she has her own practical’s to lead, along with projects to support and her weekly tasks. Megan has demonstrated she can locate the require information she needs to do different tasks. Her ability to do this will be important during project support in semester 2 as she maybe asked questions by students, she may not know but she will need to direct them to the appropriate place to gain this information they require. Score 5/10
  8. F. Information technology 1. Using Word/Excel/PP etc. 2. Using specialist software 3. Using databases 4. Literature searching 5. Open to developing and utilising new technology skills First:  Confident in using Word/PP. Haven’t yet had to produce any documents on placement but have started to produce a PowerPoint presentation on my placement experience for PSP3.  Maintain faulty equipment log and equipment maintenance excel databases to ensure records are up to date  Identified literature for literature review using library resources and pubmed for PSP3 portfolio but not during placement.  Use stores database to complete stock ordering and developed knowledge of E5 portal ordering system for external ordering Score 7/10 First: Megan has got to grips with some of the databases that she needs to use on daily basis as part of his role for example the chemical inventory, stores data base, equipment inventories and the equipment repair log. She is competent at using the E5 portal for externally ordering. During the projects sessions in semester 2 there are number of databases that are used to support the students, Megan will need to get to grips with these to be able to the support the students. Score 5/10
  9. G. Numeracy 1. Calculating / evaluating 2. Checking results 3. Applying appropriate statistics 4. Recording / presenting data First:  Adjust QMS instructions for different quantities.  Need more experience on applying statistics Score 5/10 First: Megan has used her mathematical skills to prepare reagents for practical classes. She has been able to estimate the amount of reagents/ consumables needed for a practical class from the given student numbers. She will further develop her numeracy skills in semester 2 when she is lead on her own practical's of which she will have to generate and interpret standard results. Score 5/10
  10. H. Working Practice (i) Knowledge 1. Experimental/project design 2. Function / principles of equipment 3. Health & safety procedures 4. Knowing reasons for particular working practices 5. Background / theoretical knowledge First:  Understand function and principles of equipment used, e.g. SDS electrophoresis, western blotting, spectrophotometry.  Knowledge of health and safety procedures through risk assessments and training which supports standard operating procedures.  Knowledge of background theory of practicals through university course. Score 6/10 First: Megan has got to grips with numerous different techniques and pieces of equipment. She can work safely within the laboratories as she has completed all the necessary health and safety training and has awareness of the risk assessment and SOPS we have in place. Megan experimental/ project design skills will be used in semester 2 when she is assigned practical development to complete. Score 6/10
  11. (ii) Work Skills 1. Careful & safe working practice 2. Manual dexterity 3. Correct use of equipment/methodology 4. Follows methods / protocols 5. Competent in a range of activities First:  Knowledge of SOPs and risk assessments, received chemical safety training.  Work in a standardised manner/to a specific QMS under tight time deadlines i.e. before lab classes, can pipette accurately and load gels, carried out dissections.  Follows methods and uses equipment e.g. native and SDS gels, pH meters, centrifuges correctly when producing reagents for practicals I am assisting on and when assisting the lead with run throughs  Competent in activities from existing practical experience and from practical run throughs e.g. column chromatography, SDS electrophoresis, western blotting. Competent in activities through assisting on practicals such as producing columns and gels and learnt cell culture techniques such as splitting cells. Score 7/10 First: Megan’s ability to follow methods and protocols will be further tested in semester 2 when he has his own practical's to lead and run through and also when she has practical development to complete. Score 6/10
  12. (iii) Quality of Work 1. Accuracy 2. Reliability of service 3. Attention to details 4. Efficiency 5. Meets deadlines 6. Resilience under pressure First:  Follow best practice and QMS’s  Asks questions if unsure.  Will plan tasks to make best use of time e.g. gel setting over breaks.  Completed ‘What is resilience?’ staff development e- learning.  Efficiency will increase with confidence for some taks e.g. slower when working in cell culture as less confident Score 6/10 First: Megan's ability to work under pressure will become apparent in semester 2 as there will be projects and teaching happening at the same time. Megan will be involved in both so will need to be able to cope with pressure of this. She will also still need to complete her weekly tasks. Score 5/10 TO BE COMPLETED BY THE SUPERVISOR
  13. Comments / Proposals Potential action to assist with training, extend experience or address problems as follow-up to Performance Review First: Megan has integrated well into the technical team and has built a good relationship with her colleagues. Megan has adapted well to the busy working environment and coped well with the pressures of semester 1. It is essential that Megan can do this in semester 2 also, as it is a busier and more pressured working environment than semester 1. As Megan progresses through semester 2 her confidence will grow as she work more independently on the practical’s she will be leading. Megan has used her own initiative and identified areas she needs to work on and has completed or is looking to complete e-learning training courses to help her with these areas. Date discussed: First: 13/12/21 Supervisor: Jody Smith Student: Megan Dutton