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Final presentation for our GCEP 585 class, "Developing a Professional Online Identity"

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trma gcep585 m driscoll2013

  1. 1. Megan Driscoll, B.SGCEP 585: Developing AProfessional Online IdentitySpring 2013
  2. 2. online identities, personal branding, social media
  3. 3. “Construct, manage andengage your professionalidentity”I found especially useful tostore and share resumesonlinewww.linkedin/in/megan520LinkedIn
  4. 4. Keep personal informationlimited and lockedCreate secure passcodesfor every site and regulatewho can view yourinformationIt only takes one hacker toruin a lifeOnline Privacy
  5. 5. Follow your interestsand stay connectedAlthough I wasreluctant to join at first,it is a greatprofessional tool toshare information@mdriscoll520Twitter #GCEP585
  6. 6. “Keep up with friends”…not clients.Be aware of what isposted and who views itI like to keep this onepersonal. I do notforesee a professionalFacebook accountProfessional Facebook Pages
  7. 7. Hang out with those inyour circles and staysocialGreat way to streamvideo messaging withfriendsI found this a useful wayto connect with peersGoogle Plus (G+)
  8. 8. “Personal publishingplatforms”Share your thoughts,reviews, experiences etc. atlength with people from allover the globeWary of what this impliesfor physical socialinteractionBlogs: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr
  9. 9. Thank you Julie Hanks foryour Q/A with the GCEP585class!I learn something new withevery Tweet posted by theMH professionals I followon Twitter!It’s amazing how muchinformation is out thereLearning from Mental health Professionals &organizations
  10. 10. Wonder how MHprofessionals manage theircountless profiles? This ishow…Social media managementtoolsHootsuite, Tweetdeck,Threadsy and more!I’m overwhelmed!Managing your online identity
  11. 11. Portfolios & profiles
  12. 12. Gather and organizeinformation intocategories or interestsI prefer to use Pinterestto curate my crafting,recipes and professionalinterestsCuration Tools: media ethics for therapists
  13. 13. Create professionalwebsitesSimple or complexDo so independently or hirea professionalConstruct, fortify andmanage an onlinepresence to be easilyavailable and staymarketableWebsites & domain namesI bookmarked each “how to” site for future reference- greatmaterial!
  14. 14. The use of social mediafor social changeUse your unique voice toinspire, promote, or be acatalyst for reformMy thoughts go out toBoston and the use oftechnology that allowedauthorities to apprehendthe suspects so quicklyWe can do great thingsMaking A DifferenceGoals & Strategies
  15. 15. Share presentations Privately or publiclyCreate slide shows for a variety ofpurposes: professional, academic,leisure etc.Allows users to browse presentationsby searching for key wordsIn my current graduate studentstatus I see slideshare as anexcellent tool for sharing academicpresentationsslideshare
  16. 16. Although at times I feltoverwhelmed, or severelylagging in my technologicalknowledge and experience, Ibelieve social media (if usedappropriately) allows us to doextraordinary things. Asprofessionals we can createsolid online presences thatallow us to be easily sought out,and offer aesthetic displays topotential clients. I give socialmedia a big “thumbs up”!Final thoughts