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Replacing a Wood window


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Replacing an old wood window with a new high efficiency vinyl window.

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Replacing a Wood window

  1. 1. How to replace an old wood window with a high efficiency vinyl window
  2. 2. Removing the inside wood stop This window has a metal slide track that needs to be removed Be careful when removing the inside wood stop, we will want to re use it
  3. 3. The center stop needs to come out with a chisel. Don’t worry about breaking it we will not be using it again
  4. 4. Cutting the cord You will hear a thunk! When the old lead sash weight drops. Now remove the old pulley as well.
  5. 5. On this window the metal track is on top as well, when the top sash is pried down we can remove the track
  6. 6. Close up of the top metal track. ( note the summertime Christmas lights)
  7. 7. Now the top sash is removed
  8. 8. Removing the top sash
  9. 9. Cleaning up the opening The new window will fit nicely against the outside stop Leave the outside stop intact
  10. 10. Getting the opening ready for the new window Removing the old pulley
  11. 11. Bringing in the new!
  12. 12. Will it fit?
  13. 13. Whoops, we forgot to take off one side of the inside stop
  14. 14. Yes!
  15. 15. Make sure you shim behind wherever you place a screw
  16. 16. Be sure to place the screws where they will not interfere with the operation of the window
  17. 17. Finishing the installation After foaming the inside, once the shims are removed, we’ll put the inside stop back on and this will be covered up
  18. 18. Getting window # 2 ready Remember to be careful removing the inside stop, we will be re using it
  19. 19. The outside stop needs to stay in place Don’t worry about busting this center stop, we won’t be re using it
  20. 20. Taking out the last piece of metal track
  21. 21. Job almost complete! All we have left to do is remove excess foam at the sill, caulk, and of course give the wood trim a new coat of paint.