Basilica Newsletter for Dec 2, 2012


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Basilica of Saint Mary December 2012 Newsletter

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Basilica Newsletter for Dec 2, 2012

  1. 1. WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT DECEMBER 2, 2012 Connect with us! The Basilica of Saint Mary @BasilicaMplsWelcomeIf there were an easy way to promote peace throughout the world, would you do it? If there was asimple project to leave the world a better place for future generations, would you participate?The Basilica will provide such incredible destruction. metals needed to create thean easy opportunity There have been significant device, as well as fromthroughout the weekend of efforts made by some tech haphazard disposal of theJanuary 12-13, 2013. At all companies to trace the source device.Masses on January 12 and 13, of metals used in their devices. It is estimated that there arethere will be simple bins However, many other tech over 100 million cell phonesavailable for you to recycle all companies continue to stockpiled in U.S. households.your old personal electronic purchase these minerals from The good news is that people“If you receive any new personal electronics this Christmas, are holding onto these devices Janice Andersen rather than throwing them intoconsider recycling your old devices at The Basilica in January.” landfills. If you are one of these Director of Christian Lifedevices. If you hope to get a 100 million people with The Basilica of Saint Mary mining companies fueled by personal electronic devices atnew cell phone, digital camera, violence. home, here is your chance toor iPod this Christmas, put this If you receive any new personal According to CTIA (The get rid of them safely anddate on your calendar! electronics this Christmas, Wireless Association), the effectively! consider recycling your oldIf it seems like a stretch to United States has more cell Throughout the weekend of devices at The Basilica inthink that recycling your old phones in use in 2012 than January 12 and 13 2012, The January. This is a win-win-winelectronic devices can promote total population. Americans Basilica will have clearly activity. Recycling will allowpeace throughout the world, also change phones more often marked bins for you to bring the materials to be turned intoconsider that one of the metals than anyone else in the world— your discarded devices for new products, removing theused to enable your cell phone upgrading about every 21 recycling. need to mine and manufactureto run efficiently has been months to a new phone. As a anew—reducing the cycle offueling civil war in the Congo result, Americans discard 130 Here is what we can accept: violence and destruction.for over a decade. Coltan, the million cell phones every year, • Cell phones (keep your Participating in this recyclingAfrican term for the metallic with many ending up in chargers, they are not effort will keep toxins out ofore columbite-tantalite, has landfills or incinerators. In recyclable) our landfills. And, The Basilicaincredible value due to 2011, only eight percent of cell • iPods will receive payment for allconsumer electronic demand. phones were recycled safely, • MP3 players devices presented for recyclingWhile Coltan is found in according to the • Digital cameras from the company we areseveral countries including Environmental News Service. • GPS devices partnering with! Re-gift yourAustralia, Canada, and Egypt, It is staggering to consider that • Tablets old personal electronics to Thethe largest supply is coming toxic pollution from consumer • Ink cartridges Basilica! For more informationfrom the Congo. Mining of this electronics happens on both or to get involved with thismetal in the Congo is ends of its life: in the mining for effort, call the Christian Lifestimulating civil war and office.OUR VISION:Seek the well-being of the city to which I have sent you. Pray for it to the Lord. For in seeking its well-being, you shall find your own. — Jeremiah 29:7
  2. 2. Biblical stewardship Liturgy and sacred arts GLOBAL STEWARDSHIP CHRISTMAS MEMORIALS Please help us beautify The Basilica this Christmas. Envelopes for An Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture Development Christmas flower donations are available in the church or you can give online at All gifts received by Promoting equality and our social mortgage on December 10 will be acknowledged in the Christmas worship property leaflet. Minnesota, and the greater Midwest, has had a strong history of OF THE FATHER’S LOVE BEGOTTEN agriculture and its effect on our local economies. Around the CRÈCHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD world, agriculture means a great deal to the livelihoods of EXHIBIT, RUNNING NOW—JANUARY 13 particularly rural villagers. In developing countries, agriculture JOHN XXIII GALLERY & TERESA OF CALCUTTA HALL, comprises a significant portion of the economy as a result of LOWER LEVEL lacking other sectors. Yet, rural farmers continue to struggle in oppressive economies and in providing a living beyond ADVENT MORNING PRAYER subsistence farming. TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS, 9:15AM DURING ADVENT SAINT JOSEPH CHAPEL, GROUND LEVEL When we recognize the potential farmers have in developing local economies and beyond, their stake and participation in SOLEMN VESPERS FOR ADVENT society grows. People rely on food to survive, and providing SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 3:00PM, BASILICA CHOIR STALLS support for the agriculture sector strengthens other areas of the The Basilica Schola Cantorum economy. It also strengthens the dignity of those providing Evening Prayer or Vespers (30 minutes) consist of the singing of a food. hymn and Psalms, the proclamation of the Word of God and prayers for the church and the world. At the end of Evening Our Catholic Social Teaching speaks of a “social mortgage” on Prayer everyone processes from the choir stalls to the Chapel of property, a concept that calls for responsible stewardship for our Lady of the Immaculate Conception for the singing of the the sake of the larger good of society and creation ( Marian antiphon. Farmers and their property—land—must be cared for properly. CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL—MARVEL OF THIS NIGHT While we can develop the agriculture sector, it should also be FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 4:30PM AND 8:00PM sustainable so it may continue to provide. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 8:00PM With our planet surpassing seven billion people, not only NATIONAL LUTHERAN CHOIR should we consider humanity’s survival, but also the future of FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 4:30PM AND 8:00PM the land used to achieve this. We, as Catholics, have a moral TICKETS: CALL 6.12.722.2301 OR WWW.NLCA.COM. sensitivity to treating the weakest participants with dignity. We also recognize the immorality of destroying God’s gifts, such as SOLEMNITY OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF THE the land God created and provided. Harmonizing these two BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION) ideas to develop a significant economic sector sustainably SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 10:30AM BASILICA promotes peace in countries experiencing conflict. (Cantor, Organ) OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE CELEBRATION SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 4:30PM, BASILICA In anticipation of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe we will celebrate with Mariachi Flor y Canto, the Banderas and traditional Aztec dancers with a bi-lingual Eucharist. Procession and dance begins on the plaza at 3:45pm. A fiesta will follow Mass We celebrate stewardship throughout the year by emphasizing six in the Teresa of Calcutta Hall, located in The Basilica’s lower key themes. Each aspect of stewardship is represented through The level. Basilica ministries, guiding us to make it part of our daily life. GLOBAL: LOCAL: ECOLOGICAL: TAIZÉ WITH OPPORTUNITY FOR INDIVIDUAL PRAYER Promote peace Create bridges between Leave the world a TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 5:30PM throughout the world communities and better place for TERESA OF CALCUTTA HALL, LOWER LEVEL (Dec – Jan) advocate for those in future generations need (Feb – Mar) (Apr – May) PERSONAL: GIFTS: FINANCIAL: Care for ourselves in Share our knowledge, Give generously and body, mind and spirit talent, love, and joyfully (Oct – Nov) (June – July) experience to serve others2 (Aug – Sept)
  3. 3. Events of the week Get involvedADVENT SERIES: O COME, EMMANUEL! HELP WANTED! PERSONAL STEWARDSHIP TEAM RECRUITSSUNDAYS, DECEMBER 2, 9 AND 16, 11:00AM-12:30PM The gift of our lives demands we care for ourselves in body,STS. AMBROSE/TERESA ROOM, GROUND LEVEL mind and spirit. Help us promote healthy practices. Are youLed by Johan van Parys, this three part series will discuss interested in relationship building, exercise, nutrition, andwhat Advent, Christmas and Epiphany are all about. Please spirituality? Contact Nancy at orregister on MyBasilica at Cost is $20 for the 612.501.7872 for more information.series, scholarships are available. HATE TO COOK?JOIN US FOR AN ADVENT BLESSING OF THE EMPLOYMENT To help us deliver Meals on Wheels, and you’ll only need toAND MENTAL HEALTH MINISTRIES drive and deliver - no cooking required! We need volunteers to deliver lunches one Tuesday each month. We also needTUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 5:30–9:00PM substitutes we can call when needed. To learn more contactSAINT JOSEPH CHAPEL AND TERESA OF CALCUTTA HALL Leah at 612.374.4757 or or Brittany atJoin us as we pray and dine together followed by apresentation. Learn from each other how to get through this 612.532.1023 or holiday season. LOOKING FOR A WAY TO GET INVOLVED? Are you computer literate, highly organized, and have dataTHEOLOGY DAY — THE BOOK OF REVELATION: FACT OR entry experience? There is a volunteer opportunity for you inFICTION? the Christian Life Department with St. Vincent DePaulTHURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 6:00-9:00PM Outreach. Call Kimberly at 612.317.3419 or OF CALCUTTA HALLFr. Michael Patella will present on this topic. Please register VOLUNTEER AT THE WELCOME DESKon on MyBasilica or by calling 612.317.3414. Can you commit to a 30-minute shift once a month followingPresented by St. John’s School of Theology—Seminary. one of the Masses? Contact Sally 612.317.3417.Donations will be accepted. A light meal will be served. SOPRANOS NEEDED IN THE BASILICA CATHEDRAL CHOIRSANTA BASH-FRIDAY!! If you are interested, contact Teri at 612.317.3426 orFRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 8:00PM, VFW POST 246, to set up an audition.2916 LYNDALE AVE S, MPLSOne night in December, when the elves are changing shifts DO YOUR PARTand Mrs. Claus is upstairs, Santa strolls out of his workshop, Do you like to clean, iron, polish or organize? The altar guildparks the sleigh and ditches the reindeer by slipping out the cares for the many vestments, vessels, and chapels/shrines ofkitchen door. Where does he go? To a place where he can The Basilica and needs your help. Contact Travis atfind peace amidst a curiously satisfying assemblage of ugly sweaters and tacky décor. Tickets are $20 and are MAKE A DIFFERENCE — JOIN A TEAM!available online at .Must be 21+ to enter. Ministers of Hospitality (ushers/greeters) are essential inFor more info or contact Meghan at 612.317.3428 or supporting The Basilica’s mission of hospitality to the Volunteers serve once a month at their preferred Mass time. Contact Travis at or 612.317.3433 forLA NATIVIDAD FEATURING IN THE HEART OF THE BEAST more information or to sign up.THEATRESATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2:00PM, CHURCH DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARYJoin us during the holidays for The Nativity Story according There is significant need for more Eucharistic Ministers at allto St. Matthew and St. Luke. This alternative holiday show Mass times on the weekend. The time commitment is once aincludes the expressive puppetry of In The Heart of the month at your preferred Mass time. Training is required andBeast Theatre and procession. Much more than a provided. Contact Travis at 612.317.3433 orstraightforward enactment of the Christmas story, La for more details.Natividad unites evocative theater with an open-armedcommunity celebration of inclusion and generosity. For GET THE BEST SEAT AT MASSmore information and tickets visit the registration page at Acolytes (altar servers) share in an amazing ministry or contact Meghan at want to welcome you to one of our teams. The timeor 612.317.3428. commitment is once a month at your preferred Mass time. Training is provided. Contact Travis at tsalisbury@mary.orgBYA COUPLES’ EVENT: HOLIDAZZLE PARADE AND DINNER for more information.SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 6:00-9:00PM Check out all of our opportunities for volunteering atNICOLLET MALL Click on “Volunteer.”Plan to meet up after the 5:00pm Mass at The Basilica.Email for details. 3 4
  4. 4. Learning Please noteIF WE KNEW YOU WERE COMING …We ask that people register for many of the spiritual and educational YOU BECOME PART OF THE BASILICA...AND IT BECOMES PART OF YOU In this season of thanks, many of us are grateful to have The Basilicaofferings here at The Basilica. Registering in advance is crucial to as our spiritual home. Your contribution is truly life-giving to ourplanning. If registrations are low, we will need to cancel the event. community and gives witness to your grateful spirit and deep faith. Please prayerfully consider a pledged Financial StewardshipBAPTISM PREPARATION commitment to The Basilica for 2013. If you haven’t yet made aIf you are expecting a baby or are in the process of adopting a child, pledge, please take a form from the back of church and mail it in. Youconsider attending one of the monthly baptism preparation classes can also pledge online at, or contact Tim atnow. Baptism preparation classes encourage parents to consider their or 612.317.3472. Thank you for keeping Thefaith, discuss how to pass on our faith to our children, and share what Basilica shining brightly!to expect on baptism day. Contact Michelle at 612.317.3414 for registration materials. ARE YOU A CARETAKER? BASILICA YOUNG ADULT (BYA) EVENTS: A parishioner wrote about his visits to holy sites around the world, from Saint Peter’s in Rome to temples in China and Japan, BASIILICA YOUNG WOMEN commenting, “I’m always struck by the beauty of these places and SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 3:45PM the dedication of those who care for them. I take pride that I’m one We will meet on the plaza steps to attend the Our Lady of of those caretakers of The Basilica through my legacy gift to The Guadalupe Mass followed by the Fair Trade Market in the Basilica Landmark for the preservation and restoration of our Lower Level of the Church. Email for historic church.” We have our own landmark right here, just as more details. lovely and important as others throughout the world. Please CHRISTMAS CAROLING AND VISITING WITH NURSING consider becoming a caretaker of The Basilica with your own legacy gift. Contact Robin at 612.317.3429 or HOME RESIDENTS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1:00-3:00PM BENEDICTINE HEALTH CENTER, 618 E 17TH ST, A GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS FLOWERS MINNEAPOLIS The majesty of The Basilica at Christmas is truly a sight to behold. Join us and spread some holiday cheer! Email Thousands of parish members and guests enjoy the evergreens, to sign up. Hope to see you there. poinsettias and other festive holiday flowers. Please consider a gift for Christmas flowers. Tribute gifts received by December 11 are Sign up for the BYA E-Newsletter on MyBasilica on or visit the Basilica Young Adults Facebook page to learn about all listed in the Christmas leaflet. You can give online at donate.REMARRIAGE/BLENDED FAMILY SEMINAR FAIR TRADE MARKETTUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 6:30-9:00PM, RECTORY DINING ROOM SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PMThis important seminar is for couples who are in a remarriage or are BASILICA’S LOWER LEVELconsidering a remarriage, and one or both have been married beforeand/or have children. This workshop will discuss some of the unique Sustainable agriculture, the Global Stewardship group’s 2012 theme,and important issues in a remarriage/blended family. Register on shares links to Fair Trade concerns. It is generally estimated that or call 612.317.3478 for more information. Cost is $50/ percent of the world’s population are small farmers. In developingcouple. countries, workers’ average income is one to two dollars per day.THE YEAR OF FAITH 2013: CLAIMING THE TREASURES OF VATICAN II When farmers learn best practices for sustainable use of resources, they not only stretch their dollar, they manage resources with a viewSUNDAYS, JANUARY 13-FEBRUARY 3, 11:00AM-12:30PM toward tomorrow. The advantages are long-reaching andSTS. SMBROSE AND TERESA ROOM, GROUND LEVEL considerate of future generations, too.Sr. Catherine Michaud, CSJ will lead us on a treasure hunt through the Our fourth annual Fair Trade Market features unique art and giftskey documents promulgated during the Second Vatican Council for your family, friends and co-workers. Make a difference in theduring this four part series. Please register on or by lives of artists worldwide. Fair Trade products from 10,000 villages,calling 612.317.3414. Cost is $20 for the series. Scholarships are Guatemalan, Zambian and Nepalese handcrafts, and Palestinianavailable. olive oil will be available. It is a perfect time to Christmas shop. WeTHEOLOGY DAY — CHRISTIAN MYSTICISM: THE TRANSFORMING hope to see you there!JOURNEY TO GODTHURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 6:00-9:00PMTERESA OF CALCUTTA HALLS. Mary Foreman, OSB will present on this topic. Please register on MyBasilica or by calling 612.317.3414. Presented bySt. John’s School of Theology—Seminary. Donations will be accepted.A light meal will be served. 5
  5. 5. Did You Know? Christian life 494 people were served through employment ministry in the lastPRAYER LINE MINISTRYBusy? Homebound? Traveling? Basilica Prayer Line Ministry is calling year, with 120 moving on toyou! Prayer Line Ministry is a chance to offer the power of prayer, on school or work.your schedule, during your personal time of prayer. Prayer intentionlists are e-mailed or direct mailed weekly. Your prayer helps supportsouls who are suffering illness, loss, sorrow, isolation or uncertainty. WINTER WEAR NEEDEDContact Cathy at or 612.317.3474 to receive a Guests to our St. Vincent de Paul Outreach and Shoe ministry areweekly list. always in need this time of year of hats, gloves, mittens, and scares. And, guests always are in need of toiletries. Donating is easy - just drop items in the blue bin just outside of the elevator on the lower CROSSROADS EVENTS level. Thank you for helping our neighbors in need! OPEN TO BASILICA PARISHIONERS AND FRIENDS, AGES 50+ CHRISTMAS SERVICE PROJECT THURSDAY MORNING BOOK CLUB Join The Basilica and serve lunch to our neighbors in need on FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH, 10:00AM, COWLEY CENTER Christmas Day. Location is Catholic Charities Opportunity Center For more information call Karen at 612.872.7535. The December 6 at 17th and Chicago in Minneapolis. Contact Julia at book selection is Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum. The January 3 or 612.317.3413 to volunteer. meeting will select upcoming books. BASILICA PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY DINNER OUTING “The prayer shawl that you gave to me was and continues to be a THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 6:00PM great comfort. It also keeps me very warm!” Create beautiful, prayer Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill, 550 Winnetka Ave. N, Golden Valley filled shawls of comfort. Join Prayer Shawl Ministry. Call Jane at For reservations call Marilyn by January 20 at 763.541.9393. 763.479.1555.LISTENING AS MINISTRY SCRIP GIFT CARDS = IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFTSFEBRUARY 2013 The holiday season is here! Use Scrip gift cards for all yourAre you drawn be a listening ear to your friends and family? Do the purchases. Are you entertaining, doing a cookie exchange orwords ‘companion’ or ‘confidant’ describe you and your baking for the holidays? Use Scrip cards to do your grocerygifts? Consider participating in our Befriender Ministry. shopping. Scrip cards also make ideal gifts, with no fussExplore a call to the BeFriender Ministry by participating in the 20 wrapping or standing in lines to mail out your packages. Wehour training. The Basilica BeFriender Ministry strengthens our also have an assortment of gift card holders for just $1.00community by reaching out to one another through sacredlistening. Listeners hear, affirm, and welcome the story of each.another. Contact the Christian Life office for more information. The deadline to place special Scrip card orders in time for Christmas is Monday, December 17, by noon. SpecialEACH OF US HAS SPECIAL GIFTS – BUT HOW DO WE MATCH THEM orders will be available for pick up at the Reardon Rec-TO SERVICE? tory on Friday, December 21 or Sunday, December 23The Gifts Leadership Team addresses this question by planning after the Masses.communications and reaching out to individual parish members. We Scrip gift cards are available online; Sundays after 7:30am,are looking for a few people to join us. Do you feel called to this work? 9:30am, and 11:30am Masses; and Monday-Friday 9:00am-Meetings are monthly and we have a lot of fun. Monthly commitment 4:00pm in the Reardon Rectory 3-5 hours. Contact Sally at 612.317.3417 or formore information. CONTACT US MASS TIMES RECTORY HOURS PARKING P. O. Box 50010 MON-FRI: 7:00am & noon MON: 8:30am to 5:00pm Visit Minneapolis MN 55405-0010 (ST. JOSEPH CHAPEL) TUE–FRI: 8:30am to 8:00pm for complete parking info and 612.333.1381 SAT: 5:00pm (THE BASILICA) SAT: 8:00am to 7:00pm driving directions. SUN: 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, SUN: 7:00am to 8:00pm 4:30pm & 6:30pm (THE BASILICA) The Basilica of Saint Mary is a community rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the Co-Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, it is our mandate to model, to inspire and to: provide excellence in liturgy, faith formation, pastoral care and hospitality; preach justice and provide emergency relief to the poor; pursue interfaith relationships; and to contribute to the celebration of the sacred arts in this6 community. The parish is marked by hospitality and rich diversity.