How Tin Can API Can Bring Us Closer to Personalized Learning


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  • Based on what you’re looking at, not so much you as a person
  • This isn’t as obvious, I’m a nit picker so I tend to sit looking at these ads. Why me? Did PointlessBlog pay for everyone in my area to see this? Everyone in my area of age x-x? Everyone who also “liked” certain other bands? Which bands? Clearly they didn’t parse my post a few months ago about the terrible sound set up at T5…
  • is why I have 3 different browsers on my computer, always give people an escape route.
  •’s our turn. Really, any good teacher or facilitator does this already. They don’t scale. We need ways to reach people at much larger scales in better ways. The technology is here, we can start doing this in the real world. But how, where, why? Performance support, solve real world problems. Compliance training is not a good one to play with. Try something that actually matters to the bottom line. Simple things like:OnBoardingSupporting tasks in the job role (I know this person needs to do X, they have role Y, and they have not yet done Z)
  •’s a lot of training that goes into putting a group of people in an underwater vessel for a long period of timeStory:200 people killed in 1988 when a sub mistakenly shot down an Iran Air flight over the Persian Gulf
  • about the stress here, what they could possible remember from their mnemonics? Stress, lack of resources, lack of time, requirement to make a decision. Can they remember things they learned in a safe, structured, not stressful environment?This is the exact case they studied. Studied training before a mission, after a retrospective, sending them into a simulation with a handbook of everything, and a different ways of supporting decision making on board.
  • conclusion makes a lot of sense. Put small bits of information right next to where they’re already working.
  •’ve got the activities, you’ve got the people. Look at all of the places that could passively offer help, that could have search boxes.
  • Explain that it means we decided to capture activities in general and make the data interoperable, not the content.
  • The real world: With Tin Can, a few vendors have taken steps towards personalization with Tin Can. Metryx has a prototype, some have started building systems and connecting them in ways that will allow personalization.
  • Short cycle, if you will.
  • How Tin Can API Can Bring Us Closer to Personalized Learning

    1. 1. Megan Bowe | Rustici Software | @meganbowe | #tincanapi September, 2013
    2. 2. Personalization, it can be adorable.
    3. 3. Recommendations
    4. 4. Advertisements
    5. 5. There’s a standard for that.
    6. 6. The Filter Bubble
    7. 7. Personalized learning experiences
    8. 8. Submarine!
    9. 9. Is that an enemy aircraft? Not sure. We have one minute to figure it out #TinCanAPI | Trying to remember that list of enemy aircraft characteristics from training 6 months ago...
    10. 10. #TinCanAPI | “...due to inherent uncertainty in the performer’s task environment... training is insufficient to improve judgment performance. Here, performance can only be improved by enhancing the overall reliability of the proximally displayed information (e.g. by improving or adding sensor or display technology)” Alex Kirlik Apadtive Perspectives on Human-Technology Interaction
    11. 11. #TinCanAPI |
    12. 12. #TinCanAPI | Discuss. If you could personalize any performance supports in your organization, today and without constraints, what would you make?
    13. 13. Interoperability #TinCanAPI |
    14. 14. (quit looking so excited) #TinCanAPI |
    15. 15. SCORM was cute in the 90s
    16. 16. It did one thing fairly well SCORM Course LMS 1 LMS 2 LMS 3 Four for you And, fou r for you ....and four for you Did they finish? Did the pass? What was their score? How much time was spent? #TinCanAPI |
    17. 17. We’ve outgrown it. #TinCanAPI |
    18. 18. A shared language to capture people’s experiences across contexts. #TinCanAPI |
    19. 19. Cute sentence. What does it mean? #TinCanAPI |
    20. 20. Activity Statements Learning Record Store (LRS) Actor | Verb | Object and... result, context, authority, activity, extensions LRS Tin Can Basics #TinCanAPI |
    21. 21. Activity Statements Learning Record Store (LRS) Actor | Verb | Object and... result, context, authority, activity, extensions LRS Tin Can Basics #TinCanAPI | Little pieces of data that describe what the person did. Tool that collects all of the data and makes it accessible to other systems.
    22. 22. Activity Statements Learning Record Store (LRS) Actor | Verb | Object and... result, context, authority, activity, extensions LRS Tin Can Basics #TinCanAPI |
    23. 23. Game s LRS LMS 1Simulators Social Platform s LMS 2...and more Mobile Applications #TinCanAPI | Now, everyone’s invited to the party. eBooks
    24. 24. LRS LRS Application Visualization or Reporting Interface Visualization or Reporting Interface LRS’ share and receive, without knowing what’s coming. #TinCanAPI | Application
    25. 25. #TinCanAPI | Time Out. Questions?
    26. 26. #TinCanAPI | What’s happening today?
    27. 27. #TinCanAPI | Little Feedback Loops. Exercis e Skill Assess Ability Sugges t Buildin g Block
    28. 28. #TinCanAPI | Giving classrooms the tools to make sense of activity data
    29. 29. #TinCanAPI | Support learning in real time, at the students level Student plays a game of math bingo Teacher sees struggle with 7s Assigns learning activity on adding 7s
    30. 30. #TinCanAPI | Personally and contextually relevant training Complianc e Onboardin g
    31. 31. Questions? Comments? NSA Jokes? Megan Bowe Rustici Software @meganbowe