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Mood board

  1. 1. Mood Board for a pop/r’n’b magazine<br />By Megan Allen<br />
  2. 2. Fonts<br />I have chosen these fonts to show the representation I want for my magazine. I wanted it aimed at females but be easy to read and catch peoples attention. These are curved but bold and will target my female audience and grab attention well. I think ‘Lobster’ in bold will be best for my mast head because it reflects the conventions for a female audience because it is soft. ‘Ballpark Weiner’ will be used in my magazine for quotes and to highlight interesting text. ‘Antipasto’ and ‘Caviar Dreams’ will be great for basic text because they are easy to read but still reflects the female audience. ‘Angel Tears’, ‘Bitter sweet’, ‘Lobster’, ‘Witched’ and ‘the girl next door’ are all good fonts which will highlight good points and will make the magazine look interesting and eye catching, they all follow the female convention for text because they are soft and curly and will attract my target audience well.<br />
  3. 3. Colour Scheme<br />Modernsoft<br />Valentine<br />Wew<br />Colors8<br />Southbeach<br />Fairy<br />Little girl’s world<br />Jewels<br />Sweet sixteen<br />Thekisszot<br />The colour schemes I chose all represent the magazine that I will be doing. The colours are aimed towards females and are bright and colourful to grab their attention. My magazine will be a pop/r’n’b magazine and therefore I want to target a large market and these colours show what I want my magazine to look like. I think ‘southbeach’ is fun and would look eye catching on a page, ‘Jewel’s is a good colour scheme for a front cover because it all ties together and follows a similar colour pattern. ‘Sweet sixteen’ is a good colour scheme for a contents page because it can be used to highlight certain features and will target my market. I used to find these.<br />
  4. 4. Framing for shots<br />I chose these shots because the show how to incorporate two or more people in a picture and see how they react. The image needs to display a bond between the two people and allow the reader to feel like they know both of them. For the main image I like the framing to be of a long shot or a mid shot of the two because it shows the audience what they represent. On the double page spread I want the audience to feel closer to them so some shots will be up close but other pictures may be of long shots to see how they interact with each other.<br />
  5. 5. Use of language<br />The language used very much attracts the female audience. The magazine will need to use language which reflects the audience such as ‘hot’ ‘cool’ these words are used by young females which is the age we are trying to target. The use of mode of address means that the magazine is seen to be up to date and is more personal to the audience. The use of language with words such as ‘Glam’ ‘Amazing’ they all tend to have a large font size and stand out from the rest of the text which is a convention that I will use in my magazine.<br />
  6. 6. Draft ideas<br />This is a draft of the colour schemes and mast head I will be using for my magazine. The main image is what I will base mine on, for it to be fun and eye catching this will be useful in targeting my audience and the colour scheme will draw the audience in.<br />The colour scheme will be used for the contents page and will get the attention of the female audience with the use of colour. The cover story on my contents page will be an interesting image to get them to go to the story.<br />This is an example picture of what I am looking for as my main image on my double page spread however I want more of a background to make it interesting and to show more of the personality of my models. The colour scheme is more fun and is more colourful than the others.<br />
  7. 7. Mock up front Cover<br />The sky line is good at giving the audience information to another feature in the magazine and with it being at the top it grabs their attention.<br />I have placed the cover story text here because it will get more attention because it is underneath the mast head. This will be the second biggest font on the page and therefore will gain attention.<br />This is my mast head which follows the convention by taking up the width of the page. The mast head is curly and bold and will attract my target audience well. I chose the name ‘Entry’ because it shows its up to date with new entries into the music charts. <br />There are many plugs which will have text about the stories in the magazine. They will use mode of address as well as lots of different font types and sizes which will help to gain the audience’s attention.<br />The barcode is a convention of magazines and will help create realism. It is placed in a conventional way and the price of the magazine will be here too.<br />
  8. 8. Report on Planning<br />Planning has been very useful in helping me design what I want my magazine to look like and how I can follow conventions to make it look professional and target my audience.<br />The diary is helpful in keeping me on track with my work and arranging what I need to do and when. The photo shoot and location details helped me into deciding what I want on my magazine to reflect my audience. The location Reece allowed me to see if the location was suitable and the details that went with it allowed the crew and models to be on time and in a safe environment. The costume plan helped me to decided what image i wanted to convey with my magazine and how I could gain the audience’s attention.<br />The mood board was very helpful for me because I could clearly lay out my ideas and pick what I thought was best. The fonts had to be right for my magazine to target my audience and need to be clear on my page and be eye catching. The colour schemes are a good way at targeting my female audience because the colours will show the audience I am targeting. The colours had to be feminine but fun which is what I found. The framing for the shots were good because it allowed me to see how to form a relationship between the two people and at the same time for the audience to get to know them both which can be a difficult job. The use of language keeps in mind my audience and the message I want to give to them and how to grab their attention. My draft ideas are a simple way of showing how I want my magazine to be and the messages I want to show and the shots I would like to use. <br />The mock up front cover gives me an idea how I want my magazine to look like and the best ways to grab the readers attention and make the magazine look interesting.<br />