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RushmoreDrive, the search engine with a blend of highly relevant results for the African American community presented an introduction to optimization on Search engines in general and RushmoreDrive's search specifically to an audience during the Target Market News Internet Summit.

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  1. 1. TMN Internet Summit: REO & SEO with Kevin McFall VP, Product & Content – BWE Inc. / An IAC Company 10.30.2008
  2. 2. What is The first online Discovery Destination for the Black community
  3. 3. An Overview of • The world’s first of it’s kind true search engine for the Black community • An innovative online news search and aggregation tool including original editorial opinions from Black journalists covering current and relevant topics affecting our community • Jobs search and social networking platform focused on diverse talent
  4. 4. The RushmoreDrive Value Prop Advertisers / Agencies • RushmoreDrive is uniquely positioned to enable you to promote, influence and/or persuade the brand engagement decisions of Black consumers in a targeted manner either in an online environment (i.e., search terms, innovative media, and/or IAB std. units), offline environment, or both
  5. 5. RushmoreDrive’s Representative Client List
  6. 6. The RushmoreDrive Value Prop Publishers • is dedicated to promoting and improving the visibility of Black web content creators by enabling users who are looking for the products and services that you provide to find your websites quickly and in a more relevant context
  7. 7. REO - RushmoreDrive Engine Optimization • REO Tips & Best Practices – Elevating the ranking of web pages with a high propensity of being more relevant to the Black / Urban community. – Delivering a viable blend of accurate results – Promote your site to geographically relevant audiences – Suggest a site; suggest your site – Evangelization of your site to the RMD team
  8. 8. REO at work and the opportunity to optimize
  9. 9. SEO - Search Engine Optimization • Objectives of SEO: A Tips & Best Practices Discussion – RELEVANCE, QUALITY, FRESHNESS – Identifying and influencing the Search Engines crawling/indexing of your Site – Tips for getting your pages to Rank higher. – Additional ideas to Increase Traffic – Tools to help improve your ranking – RELEVANCE, QUALITY, FRESHNESS
  10. 10. Driving Search Engines to See You • Search Engines attempt to identify every good page on the Internet! • The vast majority of new sites and new pages; however, are either spam or very low quality. • Search Engines might initially be conservative with crawling a new domain, especially with dynamic content • Give crawlers the best view of your sites by shielding non-important pages using Robots.txt (for instance, you should block internal search and dynamic pages).
  11. 11. Driving Search Engines to Rank You • Having high enough quality to be selected for the ‘high quality’ partition (search engines partition their indexes into quality tiers). • Matching text to the Search Engine User’s Query • External Links – Anchor text that matches to a user’s query – A large number of links from high quality sites – Links within a query community • Domain name text matching (to some extent) • Being an established site (years on the web)
  12. 12. Driving Ranking of Your Site • In General: – Look to high-ranking peers in your category for clues on what to do to get better ranking. – Don’t implement any of the techniques to the extreme that the Spammers do! – Try to link websites in a way that mimic natural business relationships. – Try to make sure you’re not linked to by lots of low quality sites, i.e. don’t hang with a bad crowd. – Try to use language on your page that is part of your audience’s ‘normal’ vernacular.
  13. 13. Other Best Practices: Text in the HTML Page • Text in the HTML Title and HTML Headings are more important than HTML Body Text • Text at the top of the document is more important than text at the end of the document. • Text in: Meta Description Meta Keywords is less important (this area has been heavily spammed)
  14. 14. Other Best Practices: Value of Anchor Text • What is Anchor text? – Anchor text is the visible text with a hyperlink. – “Read more news…” • A “community” of anchor text describes the page naturally, and identifies its importance
  15. 15. Other Best Practices: Expand External Anchor Text • One way to expand external links is to generate press releases that link back to important pages on your site: – Utilize the PRNewsWire releases that you already send. – Provide an RSS feed for the Press Release section of your site. Go to Blog Engines and subscribe to the feed. • These Press releases will be syndicated across the web, thereby creating more links.
  16. 16. Other Best Practices: Anchor Text to Avoid • The worst Anchor Text is ‘Click Here’. – It doesn’t contribute any text or meaning to the page. – It doesn’t provide any description for the referred-to page.
  17. 17. THANK YOU!
  18. 18. Contact Information Kevin McFall Vice President, Products & Content Email: Office: 212.915.3203 Susan Scott Vice President, National Sales Email: Office: 212.915.3207, an IAC Company 11215 Rushmore Drive Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28277 212.915.3200