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Evolution of the snowboard


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Evolution of the snowboard

  1. 1. The 1st snowboard.The Novak Snurfboard Developed in 1965 by Sherman Poppen in his garage after watching his daughter try to stand on her sled while going down hill.
  2. 2. The rapid growth of thesnurfboard! “I rushed into the garage, clamped two water skis together, tied a rope around the tip for control, and turned her loose,” said Poppen.“Pretty soon the neighbor kids started coming over and asking if I could make one for them.” in late 1966 he licensed the idea to Brunswick and the “snurfboard” hit the market!
  3. 3. Transition from snurfboard tosnowboard. In the late 70’s the snurfboard was replaced by the snowboard. The 1st snowboard was created by a man named Jake Burton.The snowboard utilized an additional “binding” for more control rather than a rope on the front end of the board.
  4. 4. The Improvement of Burton’sSnowboard Skateboard legend Tom Sims and surfing legend Dimitrije Milovich began to improve the snowboard and create their own versions of the snowboard. These three men would set up the into to a new era of snowboarding.
  5. 5. The explosion of interest insnowboarding. The craze of snowboarding took of in the early 80’ first the majority of the mountain was skiers and had very few snowboarders. However that would later change.
  6. 6. Skiers VS. Snowboarders As we all know us snowboarders and those two plank, pole wielding skiers DO not get along real well on the slopes. Wit that being said there is one of holiest of all holy events that occur on the mountain….. A YARD SALE!!! “this photo is from tab2space via flicker”
  7. 7. The Yard Sale. A yard Sale is when a skier completely eats snow and his/her skis fly of his/her feet and there poles are dropped from their hands. As a snowboarder when you see one such event you yell out “Yard Sale” and grab either a pole or ski and continue to snowboard down the slope a few feet and then proceed to ditch the item and continue to ride on.
  8. 8. Types of boards, Free Styleboards A free style board is wider and much more stable and is way more forgiving for the rider. It is also shorter and lighter. “picture from”
  9. 9. Carving, Alpine, or RaceBoard These boards are more narrow and thicker also are longer. They are constructed for higher speeds. “this picture is from”
  10. 10. My Snowboard, A free styleSims Artist series 2011 model.
  11. 11. That’s Andrew…..
  12. 12. …True Love…