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Introduzione - Meetup su Geometric Deep Learning & TF.functions


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Published in: Technology
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Introduzione - Meetup su Geometric Deep Learning & TF.functions

  1. 1. Meetup Settembre 2019 Geometric deep learning & TF.functions September 16th 2019, LUISS ENLABS
  2. 2. Agenda 19:00-19:15 Registrazione 19:15-19:45 Geometric deep learning Emanuele Rodol�, Sapienza 19:45-20:15 Dissecting tf.function to discover AutoGraph strengths and subtleties Paolo Galeone, ZURU Tech 20:15-21:00 News, Open Mic, Birra & Networking!
  3. 3. Main thanks
  4. 4. Hands-on Codelab (Apache Cassandra) apache-cassandra-codelab-72907639713
  5. 5. IAML Tech Evening w/ Banino Powering Scientific Discoveries with Machine Learning Guest speaker: Andrea Banino (DeepMind)
  6. 6. Seguici!