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Digesting Sugar


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Here I design a new digestive system that enables me to eat as much sugar as I like, using an arduino powered secondary digestive tract - why should I have to give up sugar?

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Digesting Sugar

  1. 1. My idea ofhappiness picture of me with hand full of sweets
  2. 2. “Deadly poison” Dermot O’Connor, the Healing CodeSugar Chances of Sickness Immune System
  3. 3. “Its an old wives tale that sugar feeds breast cancer”, Jennifer Sabol, M.D., F.A.C.S. (If she has all those letters after her name she must be right) Sugar Chances of Sickness Cortisol Stress Fear Immune System Guilt Sugar*Overly Simplistic Representation
  5. 5. “bless me father for I have eaten sugar.”
  6. 6. Digestive System
  7. 7. If we could eat as much as we liked, would we run out of food? --or--Would we starve because we’d get bored of eating?