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Miguel Balparda - A day in support


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For the last couple of years I’ve been helping Support teams to solve countless Magento 2 issues from all around the globe as the platform evolved. But before this, I used to be on the other side of the phone as a developer, contacting the Support to have my issues resolved and I can’t say I was always educated.
After all this time, it is now clear: how to effectively work with a Support team as a developer is a vastly underrated skill everyone should learn to have easier interactions and faster solutions.
In this presentation I had speak about what happens on the other side of this phone/email with real world examples where Support engineers meet customer in an always volatile environment.

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Miguel Balparda - A day in support

  1. 1. #MM18IT
  2. 2. #MM18IT Miguel Balparda Sr Magento Developer @ Nexcess TITLE OF TOPIC Your Company logo - Full time traveller - Magento Master 2016 & 2018 - Frequent Magento Speaker - Top 4% Magento StackExchange - GitHub Community Gatekeeper - Magento Certified Solution Specialist
  3. 3. #MM18IT A day in Support
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  13. 13. #MM18IT Supporting magento/magento2 ● - 731 contributors - 200 open PRs - 1200 open issues - 63000 commits
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  19. 19. #MM18IT Trust but verify
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  21. 21. #MM18IT Grazie mille! Domande?