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Weekly Marketing Skinny: Cute Puppies and Kittens Say Good-Bye to Google Reader


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In this week’s marketing skinny:

*Cute puppies and kittens say good-bye to Google Reader;
*Pinterest jumps on the “bigger is better” bandwagon;
*Google releases more services it will soon kill;
*will you use Amazon new button on your blog?
*and why Ana is not as charming as she thinks she is.

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Weekly Marketing Skinny: Cute Puppies and Kittens Say Good-Bye to Google Reader

  1. 1. t raf f icge ne rat io ncaf e .co m http://www.trafficgeneratio m/weekly-marketing-skinny-march-23-2013/Weekly Marketing Skinny: Cute Puppies and Kittens Say Good-Bye to Google ReaderIn this week’s marketing skinny: Cute puppies and kittens say good-bye to Google Reader; Pinterest jumps on the “bigger is better” bandwagon; Google releases more services it will soon kill; will you use Amazon new button on your blog? and why Ana is not as charming as she thinks she is.First, an update f rom Traf f icGenerationCaf of f t he press at Traf f icGenerat ionCaf Be Everywhere: How to Convert Blog Post into PDF in Under 60 Seconds - Learn how to quickly How to Convert Blog Posts into PDFs to maximize traf f ic, and backlinks. Submit PDFs to sites f or maximum content leverage. How Google Works: Why Does Crappy Website Rank Higher T han Mine? - How does Google search work when it comes down to which website shows up at the top of search engine ranking results? How can you get your site there?On another note, I’ve been getting A LOT f ewer comments recently – not even half of what I normally get perpost.T he only culprit I can think of is the f act that I had to temporarily disable CommentLuv due to the broken linkproblem I’ve had with it.T hat brings me to a sad thought: people comment on my post because of LINKS and NOT the inf ormationthey read here.T houghts?Would love to hear them in the comments (minus the CommentLuv links)!Social MediaPinterest changed their look.T hey ref er to it as “now you have more ways to discover what you love“.Facebook lifted restrictions on cover images.Mari Smith reported that Facebook has quietly changed the rules about what content you can haveon your f an page cover image! Everything but the “20% rule” has been nixed.You may need to clear cache to see the revised guidelines (or copy and paste this link into a new browserwhere you’re not logged into Facebook):
  2. 2. https://www.f to Mari, although both the older and revised versions of Facebook’s page guidelines state thatthey were last revised Dec. 17, 2012, rules that are no longer being listed include: Price or purchase inf ormation, such as “40 percent of f ,” or, “Download it on” Contact inf ormation such as a website address, email, mailing address, or inf ormation that should go in your page’s “about” section. Ref erences to Facebook f eatures or actions, such as like or share, or an arrow pointing f rom the cover photo to any of these f eatures. Calls to action, such as “get it now” or “tell your f riends.”(image source)Freedom!!!Facebook acquired domain name guess is as good as mine as to what they are going to do with it, but it was interesting enoughto include in the skinny.Amazon“Send it to Kindle” button.In short, Amazon wants to create the “save” or “read later” button f or content on the internet.
  3. 3. The Send to Kindle Button lets you easily send that content to your Kindle to read later, at your convenience. Just send once and read everywhere on any of your Kindle devices or free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, iPad and Android phones or tablets. No more hunting around for that website or blog that caught your eye — just open your Kindle and all the content you sent is right there. The Send to Kindle Button is also great for those who want to collect content from the web to use in work projects, school assignments, or hobbies.Here are simple instructions on how to use it.Because the button isn’t about sharing or additional exposure (at this point), it’s not clear how manypublishers will rush to implement it. (source)Just to show you what it looks like, plus to see what kind of ef f ect it has on my traf f ic (i.e. will I get moreref erral traf f ic f rom readers bookmarking my posts and coming back to check out more?), I included thebutton at the top of the post.You can add it to your blog with a simple “Send it to Kindle” plugin as well.Let me know in comments if this is something you f ind use f or.GoogleGoogle launched Google Keep. Every day we all see, hear or think of things we need to remember. Usually we grab a pad of sticky-notes, scribble a reminder and put it on the desk, the fridge or the relevant page of a magazine. Unfortunately, if you’re like me you probably often discover that the desk, fridge or magazine wasn’t such a clever place to leave the note after all…it’s rarely where you need it when you need it. To solve this problem we’ve created Google Keep.Considering their ever-expanding Google Graveyard (see below), I’ll stick with Evernote.More Google Reader Rant ings
  4. 4. Feedly has gained half a million new users thanks to Google’s stupid decision.Have a f avorite new RSS reader that you’re enjoying af ter Google’s early entrant in the“Knuckleheaded Moves of 2013″ contest?Why, vote f or it at, I am sticking with Feedly.It does the job, and I don’t have time to research the “perf ect” alternative.Is there such a thing anyway?Slate has started a graveyard of dead Google products (in the image above). Buried in these hallowed grounds are some of Google’s ill-fated services. Some, like Google Reader, lived long, prosperous lives, full of admiration and glory. Most, like Google Wave and Google Buzz, struggled to carve out a place in this harsh, unforgiving world where technologies continuously clash and innovation reigns king. But whether these services transformed our productivity or only polluted our inboxes, they all touched our world in some way.You can click on a grave and add a virtual f lower to it – and let the healing process begin.My personal f ave: the last one.
  5. 5. Any predictions?Google Reader songOh, come on; I know you love it…Here’s the last good-bye to Google Reader:A Go o dbye So ng fo r Go o gle Reader by Hit ReachAuthority ROIRyan Deiss is launching his latest product Authority ROI on Monday.So f ar I tried to keep you up-to-date on his pre-launch f reebies – always worth checking out and packedwith f ree valuable advice.If you missed them, here are the links:
  6. 6. Authority Hacks – 3 simple tricks that transf ormed a f lat ordinary blog into a 100,000 visitor per month high prof it site that Google loves. Free Traffic Loophole – this f ree report reveals 6 steps f or an even complete newbie to the market to leverage traf f ic f rom big shots in any market.While those reports don’t reveal too much, they certainly give us a glimpse into what Authority ROI will be allabout, and I, f or one, am very curious to check it out when it’s f inally released on Monday.So f ar I did my best to buddy-buddy to Brian Silverman, Ryan’s af f iliate manager, to see if I can squeeze outanything beyond the released f ree reports (like actually get access to the product itself ): tried to capitalize on the f act that Brian is 1/24th Russian, got on the phone with him and turned up the charm; even played the “pretty please” card…I must be loosing it, f or I couldn’t get anything beyond “I’d love to, but…” f rom Brian.No worries; I’ll be the f irst one in line to purchase Authority ROI the second it comes out and will let youknow what I think: good and bad.But f or now, I strongly suggest you don’t miss out on his f ree reports: they do provide some great tested insights into what might turn your blog f rom zero to hero; you do need to keep up with what’s happening in the online world, and this just might the f uture blogging trend; Ryan is doing the entire launch on Facebook - something I’ve never seen bef ore.So here are your links again (the reports are f ree, but the link are af f iliate, just in case you decide to diveinto Authority ROI when it’s released): Authority Hacks Free Traffic LoopholeI’ll see you back here on Monday with a f ull report.Thank youTo all of you who generously mentioned Traf f ic Generation Caf e in your tweets, Facebook shares, and bloglinks, my whole-hearted T HANK YOU.Here are just some of the mentions:Weekly Social Media Wrap Up – Articles and Links – March 16, 2013 - LeagueComputers.com5 Tips To Bring Your Blog To The Next Level - IBlogZone.comThe Savvy Blogger’s Guide to Blog Engage - CareerMomOnline.comTo an even better week to come, Internet!You should also read:
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