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  1. 1. t raf f icgenerat ioncaf Ultimate Anchor Text Tutorial – from Basic to AdvancedAnchor text is nothing new under the sun; I agree with that.However, if we all know about it, how come I see many bloggersbuild links as if they have no idea what anchor text is?With that in mind, plus the f act that my readers requested a post onanchor text that they can actually understand, I put together acollection of anchor text tips that will satisf y both the beginnersand the more advanced link builders.What Is Anchor Text?Anchor text is the clickable words within a link.It is of ten underlined and sometimes colored dif f erently f rom therest of the content – blue, most of the times.For instance, http://www.Traf f icGenerationCaf is just a link (also called hyperlink).However, Traf f ic Generation Caf e is the same hyperlink as above (they both lead to the same destination – myhome page) with Traffic Generation Cafe as anchor text.Why Is Anchor Text Important?Certain search engines, like Google f or instance, use anchor text as an of f -page f actor in determining yoursite’s rankings.The words contained within the anchor text will help your page to be ranked f or the keywords you desire it tobe ranked f or, as opposed to what Google thinks you should be ranked f or.For instance, if I want to get my home page ranked f or the term “Traffic Generation“, I need to f ind ways tocreate links f rom other websites that will contain my home page URL and my keyword “Traffic Generation” asanchor text.The way you create links on other websites is via blog commenting, guest posting, becoming a topcommentator, etc.How to Properly Build a LinkIn order f or you to make use of anchor text links, you need to know some HTML basics, or at least, know howto copy and paste.HTML Code for a Standard LinkWhat you see:Click Here to get my f ree SEO Report
  2. 2. How the link was built:<A HREF=”http://www.getf”>Click Here</A> to get my f ree SEO ReportHTML Code for a Standard Link withAnchor TextWhat you see:Don’t f orget to pick up my f ree SEO report!How the link was built:Don’t f orget to pick up my <A HREF=”http://www.getf”>f ree SEO report</A>!HTML Code for a Standard Link withAnchor Text, which will open it in a new browser window.What you see:My f ree SEO report will teach you all you need to know about link building.How the link was built:My <A HREF=”http://www.getf” TARGET=”_blank”>f ree SEO report</A> will teach you all youneed to know about link building.How to Choose the Right Anchor TextMany bloggers continue to ignore this huge f actor in any one way link building and then wonder why they don’tget much search engine traf f ic.KEYWORD research.You need to target keywords that are:relevant to your nichemight be used by your potential readers to f ind youreceive plenty of daily searcheshave monetary value – meaning, words that signal buyers and not just lookie-loos.It might seem like a daunting task, I agree, but you just can’t skip this step.Since this post is not about keyword research, I’ll tell you one more thing about it: all the bestmarketers/bloggers I know use Market Samurai f or all their keyword research/rank tracking/competition spyingneeds.And when you decide to check out Market Samurai via my af f iliate link, you can get a cool 35% off (I am prettysure the offer is still available as of today). Just sign up f or the f ree trial and wait to get your coupon in the email.What Is Natural Anchor Text?All those PhDs at Google are no f ools.
  3. 3. Many webmasters realized that shortly af ter all the penalties Google recently dished out that (may) have beencaused by anchor text over-optimization.What do I mean by that?If you continue to build links with the same anchor text over and over again, it becomes a sure sign of SEO linkbuilding – something Google is not too f ond of .Solution: vary your anchor text, add a f ew useless words to it here and there; even use “Click Here” as youranchor text every once in a while.That’s what is called “natural anchor text” – it looks like it was built by users and not SEOs.7 Ideas to Vary Your Anchor Text1. Use Your Company Name / Your NameThis one is self -explanatory.2. Use naked URL more oftenEspecially, when it comes down to your home page.A regular user will most likely link to your page with the URL and not anchor text of any kind – we need toduplicate this pattern as much as possible.It’s been said that at least 50% of all the links going to your home page should be naked URL links (by “naked” Imean without any anchor text – in case you wondered).You can also vary it by using,,or Phrase MatchStay away f rom the exact match and do a f ew phrase matches instead.For instance, instead of using “weight loss” over and over again, come up with alternatives like how to loseweight, weight loss for teenagers, losing weight quickly, etc.4. Stop WordsVary your anchor text by adding some of the so-called stop words like the, is, at, which and on.Also consider adding words and phrases like how to, want, buy, etc.5. Synonyms and AntonymsThis is a great way to achieve natural anchor text.Make use of tools like or “Click Here”
  4. 4. It doesn’t get any more natural than using “click here”, “read more”, etc. as anchor text.7. ImagesThis is a great way to vary your link building ef f orts.Host a f ew good images on your blog and insert them into your guest posts with a link back. It’s always goodto remember to optimize those images with an ALT tag.The idea f or this portion of the post came f rom Kaila Strong’s post on SearchNewsCentral.Anchor Text for the AdvancedIf you know and use the anchor text basics I just described, you’ll be ahead of a lot of your competitors.Wouldn’t it be nice if anchor text was as simple as that though?No such luck.Here are some recent anchor text resources to give you an even better understanding of how it works (ordoesn’t) and what it might look like in the f uture.Prediction: Anchor Text is Weakening…And May Be Replaced by Co-Occurrence- Whiteboard Friday -SEOMoz.orgWhat about anchor text in internal links?Should you be just as caref ul about using exact match anchor text within your own blog?Matt Cutts to the answer:Anchor Text Marketing TakeawayUsing well-researched keywords as your anchor text and learning how to make your anchor text look naturaljust might be your ticket to better search engine rankings.I suggest you give this one some serious thought!If you like this post and think it would be valuable to your f ollowers,share the ish out of it f or me, would you?