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  1. 1. t raf f icgenerat ioncaf Profit Builder: Traffic Conversion Plugin to Do More WithTraffic You HaveSticky Prof it BuilderRating: 5Reviewed by: Ana Hof f manOn May 3, 2013Last modif ied:May 3, 2013More DetailsReview Summary:How do you do more (conversions, leads, sales) with less (websitetraf f ic)? Convert your existing website traf f ic better. Dont know how?Do what I did – get a good traf f ic conversion plugin to help you toincrease your conversions right now, without the cost of time or money.More is better.Most of the times.Unless you don’t know how to get more.Or more is actually more work and doing more with less is a betteroption.Unless you can do more and more with less at the same time…Yes, that’s the one: more is better, but doing more with less is evenbetter.How do you do more (conversions, leads, sales) with less (websitetraffic)?Convert your existing website traffic better.Traf f ic conversion can be a very complex, but very worth exploringsubject. To convert your existing traf f ic better, you can:set up split tests to see what design tweaks might make adif f erence to your conversions;check out heat maps of your site to see where your readers are clicking and where they aren’t;use Google InPage analytics;split test your Aweber f orms to see which one converts better;
  2. 2. hire an agency to do all of the above.Or you can do what I did – get a good traffic conversion plugin to help you to increase yourconversions right now, without the cost of time or money.Don’t get me wrong: Sticky Prof it Builder, the plugin I’ve been testing at Traf f ic Generation Caf é to increase myconversions, is not a substitute f or an in-depth split testing, tweaking, adjusting, testing, adjusting, testing…However, since most of us won’t be doing the required adjusting, testing, tweaking any time soon, Sticky Prof itBuilder just might be what we need.Traffic Conversion Plugin: Sticky Profit BuilderWHAT IS STICKY PROFIT BUILDER?Sticky Prof it Builder will make anything in your sidebar sticky – that simple.Not everyone can af f ord to hire a web designer to hard code a “sticky” f eature like that.I had that done f or Traf f ic Generation Caf é and got a lot of questions on how my Aweber f orm was sticking inthe sidebar.Now you don’t have to take a “sorry, it’s hard coded into my theme” answer; you can have your own stickywidget and then some.Get your own Sticky Prof it Builder.WHY USE IT?Most of our sidebars are set up the same way: they are inf ormation-heavy at the top, and completely empty asyou scroll down.Unf ortunately, not too many readers pay attention to the top of your sidebar – af ter all, they came to yourblog to read a post, not see what eles you’ve got going in your sidebar.When they f inally ARE ready to be prompted to take action (usually towards the end of the post or af tercomments), there’s too much to catch their eye.Sticky Prof it Builder changes that.It makes ANY widget or even multiple widgets in your sidebar scroll down with your post, thus f illing that emptywasted sidebar space.HOW DOES IT WORK?Install, click, stick – it’s really that simple.Traf f ic Conversion Plugin Marketing TakeawayI love it when things are simple, don’t you?
  3. 3. For me, Sticky Prof it Builder has been one of those things.Get your own Sticky Prof it Builder.If you like this post and think it would be valuable to your f ollowers,share the ish out of it f or me, would you?