How to Drive Traffic from Blog Link Roundups


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  1. 1. t raf f icgenerat ioncaf Blog Link Roundups to Get Traffic FromA couple of months ago, I didn’t know Adam (Connell) f rom Adam.Then I started getting pingbacks f rom his blog – notif ications that helinked to my blog posts.Of course, I went to check him out and, once I saw his content, Ibecame a f an.Since then, Adam has been f eatured in several blog posts at Traf f icGeneration Caf é and, as long as he continues to create valuablecontent, I will continue to share it with my readers.A couple of years ago, when I f irst started Traf f ic Generation Caf é,Kristi Hines didn’t know me f rom Adam either (or is it f rom Eve?).I spent a lot of time on her blog – reading, learning,commenting.Eventually, I asked Kristi to take a look at one of my pillar posts on how to increase blog traf f ic to see if sheminded including it in one of her f amous Fetching Friday mashups.And so she did. That gesture sent me some traf f ic, gave me a boost of conf idence, but most importantly,started a blogging f riendship with Kristi.Iain Robson runs a marketing blog in a very interesting niche: marketing f or f armers (great way to zero in onyour potential audience!).He likes Traf f ic Generation Caf é and is not shy to show it: he’s been including my posts in almost every one ofhis weekly link roundups.He made it impossible f or me to ignore him. And I am glad. Iain can now ask me f or any f avor he wants and,chances are, I’ll do it f or him.Blog Link RoundupsWhat do the three examples above have in common? All those relationships were built as a result of blog linkroundups.Speedlinking, roundups, mashups – all roads lead to posts that curate the best content on the web.“Best content” is, of course, in the eyes of the beholder, i.e. the publishing blogger.There are two ways to promote your blog and, as a result, get more traf f ic, with blog link roundups.1. Get Mentioned at Link Roundups
  2. 2. You need to be proactive to get other bloggers to discover your content, and link roundups are the perf ect wayto do it.The keys to promoting your content via roundups:Write stellar content (no one will mention it unless it’s worth its salt);Build relationships with the publishing bloggers (don’t just approach them with “how about mentioning mypost?”);Only alert them to your best posts (don’t be the boy/girl who cries wolf).Once those bloggers know you, like you, and love your content, seeing your posts pop up in their roundups willbe just a matter of time.My List of Marketing Link RoundupsHere’s a short list of blogs I know of that publish regular roundups:Kristi Hines Kikolani.comBest way to catch Kristi’s attention: every week on Friday, she starts a thread on the Social Media ExaminerBlogging Club so members can share their f avorite blog post of the week.Danny Iny FirePoleMarketing.comFrancisco Perez IBlogZone.comLaura Crest SEOCopywriting.comTom Ewer at ManageWP.comCarol Lynn Rivera at WebSearchSocial.comAngela at UpCity.comShonali Burke at WaxingUnlyrical.comBrooke Howell at Repcapitalmedia.comRebecca Gill at web-savvy-marketing.comTo f ind link roundups in your specif ic niche, type this command into your search:intitle:roundup “YOUR KEYWORD”Of course, remember to add your keyword and also play with the word “roundup“. For instance, you can try“mashups“, “weekly links“, etc.If you know of or f ind other roundups in the marketing niche, let me know in the comments.I also publish my own version of link roundups here at Traf f ic Generation Caf é: I include a list of blogs thatlinked to any one of my posts in my Weekly Marketing Skinnies.Naturally, if you want to see your blog mentioned there, simply mentioned any relevant Traf f ic Generation Caf épost on your blog. But please, don’t do it f or the sake of a mention; link to my posts because they are relevant
  3. 3. to your readers and will add value to your writing.Google and I will thank you f or that!2. Publish Your Own Link RoundupsThis is one of the best ways to increase your website traf f ic – be generous by mentioning other worthy blogsin your own link roundups.Wonder why you’d want to to link out to other blogs?1. Chances are the bloggers you link out to will stop by your link roundups, leave a comment, and sharethem with their f ollowers = TRAFFIC and EXPOSURE FOR YOU.2. Those bloggers you link out to will now know who you are = NETWORKING and LONG-TERMrelationship-building.3. Your readers will get valuable content.4. When you publish roundups, it’s one less post topic you’ll have to worry about – whether it’s weekly ormonthly.If you are on def ense about linking out – f or whatever reason – here’s why you shouldn’t be:In a Post Google Penguin World, It is Still Okay to Link Out - by Bill HartzerPlus, take a note of how many blogs I am linking out to in this or any other blog post at Traf f ic GenerationCaf é – f ollow the leader!More Link Roundup IdeasPublishing link roundups is not dif f icult, but bef ore I let you go, here are some other creative ideas to curateother bloggers’ content.Scoop.itThere are many reasons to use a website like to curate content f rom around the web – even inaddition to running link roundups on your own blog.To learn more about it, I’ll send you over to the Queen of – Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips.How To Curate Content and Build Authority With Scoop.itTwitter Link Roundups
  4. 4. Here’s a f resh spin on creating link roundups: publish roundups of your f avorite tweets instead.Example: Twitter Link Roundups at blogOf course, it doesn’t have to be Twitter – if you are a f an of Facebook or Google+, what stops you f rompublishing Facebook or Google+ roundups, right?By the way, if you still haven’t embraced the power of Google+, read this post on Google Author Rank and addAna to your circles:More Link Roundup TipsMore tips on running successf ul link roundups:Blog Exercises: Weekly Link Roundups – Lorelle at lorelle.wordpress.comLink Roundup Marketing TakeawayIt’s simple: link roundups are a great way to get your blog noticed – whether other blogs mention your epiccontent or you run a roundup of your own.Plus this is the kind of traf f ic generation strategy that works f or all niches.Link roundups: what goes around, comes around.And don’t f orget to mention Traf f ic Generation Caf é in YOUR next link roundup!If you like this post and think it would be valuable to your f ollowers,share the ish out of it f or me, would you?