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  1. 1. t raf f icgenerat ioncaf Twitter Tools to Get More Twitter Followers [Tweet AdderAlternatives]Set it and forget it” website traf f ic is a dream of every marketer.The only trouble with that dream is the f act that it doesn’t alwaysplay nicely with reality.Especially when it comes down to social media traf f ic.And even more specif ically, Twitter traf f ic.Twitter has recently restricted use of its API signif icantly, causingseveral Twitter tools to f ollow/unf ollow users to shut down.My f avorite Twitter tool, Tweet Adder, which I’ve been using andrecommending f or the past two years, had also gone through amajor overhaul, removing most automation f eatures that made it asocial media traf f ic generation dream come true.Which Twitter tools are still worth their salt?Which ones provide the most time-ef f icient way to get more Twitter f ollowers?Which Twitter tools allow you to get more Twitter f ollowers at the best price – the best being free or as closeto it as possible?Yes, we are on a quest to f ind the best Twitter tools to get more Twitter f ollowers.Best Twitter Tools CriteriaTo generate traf f ic f rom Twitter, we need more responsive f ollowers who are interested in what we have tosay.How do we get such Twitter f ollowers as ef f iciently as possible?The criteria I’ll be looking at when exploring the tools to get more Twitter f ollowers are as f ollows:1. How well can I target new followers?This is not a numbers game.Ten targeted and engaged Twitter f ollowers might help you to carry your business message a lot f arther than100 or even 1,000 Twitter f ollowers who could care less about what you have to say.2. How quickly can I follow them with each tool?Here’s Twitter’s of f icial policy on Automated Following and Un-Following:
  2. 2. The only auto-following behavior Twitter allows is automated or bulk follow-back. This refers tofollowing a user after they have followed you. Please review our Follow Rules and Best Practices fora detailed discussion of following recommendations.Also note that per the Twitter Rules, “get followers fast” applications and services are not allowed.Do not surrender your username and password to them, or otherwise grant access to or control ofyour account to any third party apps that claim to provide such services.And just in case you missed this very important point:Also note that per the Twitter Rules, “get followers fast” applications and services are not allowed.I used to love using Tweet Adder to automate some of the tedious tasks of getting more Twitter f ollowers:f ollowing and unf ollowing, to be more precise.To be clear, I was never a f an of f ully automating the process. I still f ired up my Tweet Adder on a daily basismanually setting it to f ollow/unf ollow a certain number of people. I called it “manual automation”.However, with new Twitter API rules, automatically getting more Twitter f ollowers is just not possible anylonger.So now I am on the quest to get the best tool to make the task of f ollowing/unf ollowing people as quick aspossible – without f ull automation.3. How easily can I unfollow people?Why do you need to unf ollow anyone?Simply put, sooner or later you’ll have to unf ollow those who don’t f ollow you to be able to f ollow more people.Twitter daily f ollowing limit is 1,000 per day.Please note that this is a technical account limit only, and there are additional rules prohibiting aggressive followingbehavior. Details about following limits and prohibited behavior are on the Follow Limits and Best Practices page.Up to a limit of 2,000 f ollowers that is.Once an account is f ollowing 2,000 other users, additional f ollow attempts are limited by account-specif icratios, i.e. you can f ollow 10% more than the number of your f ollowers.In other words, if 2,000 people are f ollowing you, you can f ollow 2,200, af ter which you have to wait till morepeople f ollow you (10% more).However, you can be waiting f orever till your f ollower ratio catches up with the number of people you aref ollowing.My rule of thumb: if someone doesn’t f ollow me back af ter 5 days that usually means they are not interestedin what you have to say. In this case, you need to unf ollow them so that you can f ollow more people who aremore interested in your tweets.Here’s how it works:
  3. 3. I’ll be looking f or a tool that allows me to unf ollow with ease.Twitter Tools to Get More Twitter FollowersAf ter looking into several Twitter tools that of f er f ollow/unf ollow f eatures, my f inal contenders f or the bestTwitter tools are:Tweet AdderBrand ChirpTweepiLet’s take a look at what each tool has to of f er, how they stack up against each other, as well as my f inalrecommendations.Tweet Adder (Paid)
  4. 4. Let’s start with my old f avorite: Tweet Adder.Those of you who’ve been around Traf f ic Generation Caf é f or a while or are getting my f ree Bite-Size Traf f icHacks email series know that Tweet Adder used to be my to-go tool f or Twitter traf f ic generation.Since Twitter API restrictions though, Tweet Adder had to make some signif icant changes to comply withTwitter rules, which basically turned it f rom a leader in Twitter automation to just another tool to do the samebasic tasks every other tool does as well.Take a look:Tweet Adder Version 3 – retired as of May 24, 2013The orange arrows are pointing to the Tweet Adder f eatures that allowed you to f ollow/unf ollow Twitterf ollowers automatically.
  5. 5. Take a look at the new Tweet Adder version 4:Let’s take a look at how the new Tweet Adder measures up against the three best Twitter tool criteria setabove.Tweet Adder Pros and ConsProsMore of an “all-in-one” Twitter tool.Of f ers f ollow/unf ollow (albeit the recent removal of most automated f unctions).Can add RSS f eeds, send DMs (under “thank you messages”), schedule tweets/retweets, etc.Great f ollower targeting.Can research Twitter trends.Allows to f ollow/unf ollow now or save unlimited number of names f or later f ollow/unf ollow.More economical Twitter tool: one-time price vs monthly subscription.BIG ONE: So f ar Tweet Adder seems to be the only Twitter tool to of f er running multiple Twitteraccounts through proxies.Why use proxies with Tweet Adder?
  6. 6. You and I know that we are using Tweet Adder to ultimate add value to our new Twitter f ollowers, not tospam them.Twitter doesn’t know it.So if they catch too many f ollowing/unf ollowing requests f rom the same IP address (yours), they mightban you f irst and ask questions later.How many is too many?Anyone’s guess.I’ve been able to f ollow thousands of f olks per day without getting into trouble, and then some of my readersgot banned af ter f ollowing 50 people by hand.So now I use proxies just to be on the saf e side.ConsMost f ollow/unf ollow tasks are manual (although it’s hard to count it as a con since all Twitter tools haveto comply with Twitter term of service and not allow any automation).Price: used to be a bargain because of its automation f eatures, but now Tweet Adder is a bit pricey f orwhat it has to of f er.Is Tweet Adder My Recommendation for the Best Twitter Tool?Allow me to say f irst that I am still pretty bitter that Tweet Adder had to turn of f most of its automationf eatures.For those of us who were using the automation f eatures to leverage our time and not to spam anyone onTwitter, this was a major blow.That said, it’s not Tweet Adder’s f ault.They chose to do the right thing (i.e. comply with Twitter new terms of service) and good f or them.How does it position them among other Twitter tools?Af ter taking a deep breath and comparing it to other tools to get more Twitter f ollowers, I was relieved to seethat in many ways Tweet Adder is still ahead of its competition.Here are the f eatures that make is stand out in my eyes:Running multiple Twitter accounts by proxy – this is huge. As f ar as I see, Tweet Adder is still the onlytool to of f er this f eature.Combining f ollow/unf ollow f eatures with Twitter management elements, like adding RSS f eeds,scheduling tweets, automated welcome messages, automated retweets, etc.Even though the number of f eatures went down and the price remained the same, compared to the otherTwitter tools I analyzed, Tweet Adder is still ahead: one-time f ee always beats a monthly subscription asf ar as I am concerned.So overall, yes – I still recommend and use Tweet Adder as my best Twitter tool of choice.
  7. 7. ==> Download Your Copy of Tweet Adder HereUse discount code AH20 at checkoutBut don’t take my word f or it; let’s take a look at other candidates f or the best Twitter (Paid)Brand Chirp is very similar to Tweet Adder – not only it allows you to f ollow/unf ollow Twitter users, but also docertain tweet management tasks.Does it do it as well as Tweet Adder?Let’s take a look:Brand Chirp Pros and ConsProsShows how active prospective f riends are (the last time they tweeted). There’s no reason to f ollowpeople who haven’t tweeted in a while.More of an “all-in-one” Twitter tool.Of f ers f ollow/unf ollow, as well as adding RSS f eeds, brand monitoring, and scheduled tweets.Great f ollower targeting.Does have a one-time payment option vs a monthly subscription; a plus in my eyes.Multiple accounts (could be unlimited; I am not entirely sure).ConsSearch by keywords is extremely slow.
  8. 8. Overall, f ewer f eatures than Tweet Adder at a steeper price.Monthly subscription – adds up pretty quickly (unless you want to spend $200 up front).Is Brand Chirp My Recommendation for the Best Twitter Tool?Af ter closely examining all the f eatures, I think Tweet Adder still takes the lead over Brand Chirp: moref eatures, less expensive, and more (Free/Paid)Tweepi allows you to discover and f ollow new users, unf ollow users, f ind and unf ollow inactive users andblock f ollowers who send spam.Please keep in mind that at the moment, Tweepi Premium accounts are linked on per Twitter account basis. Ifyou wish to upgrade more than one account, you’ll need to do so f or each one.Here’s the rundown on the f eatures you can expect to get with Pros and ConsProsYou can f ollow other users’ f ollowers or f riends.You can f ollow semi-automatically (f rom 20 to 200 people at a time depending on your account).You can “f lush” the unf ollows.You can cleanup inactives.
  9. 9. Can run several Twitter accounts f or f ree.ConsBetter f ollower targeting is only available with premium accounts.Premium accounts get expensive: $7.49 – $14.99 per month per account.Can’t do any kind of tweeting (like adding RSS f eeds, retweeting, DMs, etc)Is Tweepi My Recommendation for the Best Twitter Tool?I think Tweepi is pretty mighty for a free Twitter tool.For those of you who are new to Twitter or still learning the ropes on how to put it to good use in yourbusiness, I think f ree Tweepi is a great choice.It allows you to test the Twitter waters without any f inancial commitment.However, if you are serious about Twitter traf f ic generation, I wouldn’t pay f or their monthly subscription plan. Ithink it’s just too much to pay f or multiple accounts and the f act that it doesn’t do much of anything else (anykind of Twitter management) makes it even more expensive.Choose Tweet Adder in that case.More Twitter ToolsThe Twitter Tools listed above are the ones I’d strongly consider f or getting more Twitter f ollowers.Of course, there are many more.Af ter a while, they all start looking the same.Most of them of f er a minimal f ree service and charge a monthly f ee f or more – and you always need moresince you can’t really do much with their f ree options.Here are just some of the Twitter tools I ran into:Manageflitter.comManagef of f ers to unf ollow 100 people per day f or f ree – anything beyond that, including anyf ollowing f eatures will cost you $12 per month and up.Granted, you can increase the unf ollow limit to up to 2,000, but without being able to f ollow users, it doesn’tdo you any good.Justunfollow.comJustunf is yet another unf ollow tool that will let you to unf ollow people and f ollow back those whof ollowed you, but not f ollow new users.Friendorfollow.comFriendorf of f ers limited f ree f eatures and the ability to unf ollow/f ollow back, but not search/f ollower
  10. 10. new users.Best Twitter Tool Marketing TakeawayWhether we like it or not, we have to adapt to changes.Recent Twitter API limitations were just one such change.Getting Twitter f ollowers will never be as easy as it used to be; true.But getting more Facebook f ans was never that easy to begin with, yet we managed just f ine, right?I’ve given you f our pretty darn good choices to do well with getting more Twitter f ollowers, establishing yourbrand, and getting more Twitter traf f ic back to your site.Twitter can be an incredible traf f ic generator (it always has been f or Traf f ic Generation Caf é); it’s time tof igure out how to make it work f or YOU.If you like this post and think it would be valuable to your f ollowers,share the ish out of it f or me, would you?