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Kindle Publishing Guide

  1. 1. t raf f icgenerat ioncaf Publishing: Your Guide to Getting Responsive Trafficwith KindleSince Amazon introduced the Kindle back in 2007, it’s been training their readers to use it.You don’t actually need to have a Kindle device to read Kindle books and related services.You can download a f ree app to read in the cloud or via your smartphone. If you love your tablet device, that’scool, because there is a Kindle app f or those too.Since I installed the app on my Galaxy Note 10.1 last November, I’ve read nearly 480 Kindle books on multitudeof subjects.Yes, that’s right, those of us that have Kindles (apps or devices) are readers.They take their devices everywhere with them. I know when I have a spare ten minutes or am hanging aroundwaiting f or something I can read a book…From Kindle Reader to Kindle PublisherI’m not just a Kindle reader, I’m a publisher too.I have about 9 Kindle books f or sale in the Kindle store (I try to add 2 a month) and it’s f rom these books I earnthe majority of my af f iliate marketing income and I’ll move onto that later down the post.You’re a smart marketer.You’re reading Traf f ic Generation Caf e posts, you implement all of Ana’s advice and you know that Amazon isa buyer’s marketplace and you should be leveraging that – but how?This post will help you connect the dots between Kindle publishing, Blogging, and Marketing.I’m going to start with a tough premise. I’ll apologise in advance.Not everyone consumes content in the same way.Not every person that f inds your blog has a reader or likes their email inbox f illed with marketing messages(aka great newsletters).Some people pref er to use Control D to bookmark rather than or StumbleUpon.I like to call them “internet civilians”, but they are not civilians, they have smart work f lows just as we do…These internet civilians are not like us: constantly checking our smartphones, checking our email and keepingon top of our niches / blog posts or content promotion activities.These people f ire up their computers when they need to know something.Sure you know why you need to be on the page one of the search engines, but the internet civilian is dif f erent.
  2. 2. You see, she knows she has a problem, she knows what it is, and she knows where to look: Amazon. Thechances are she has a Kindle device or app and she knows how to use it.If you are a smart marketer (and we’ve already established that you are as you’re here reading this right now),then you’re already publishing in Amazon Kindle stores.You know that someone is searching f or a problem that you can solve and you know that Amazon is a quickroute to market and the way to establish your expertise is to have a book under your belt.If you didn’t know that .. you do now. You need to get a book up and into the Kindle store f ast.From Your Blog to Kindle PublishingIf you blog on a regular basis, creating an ebook or beginners guide f rom your existing content is quick andeasy.You can use a f ree WordPress plugin called Anthologize to export part of your book into a Word document, ifyou use WordPress (we’ll talk more about it in a little bit.)If you use something else, well you’ll have to copy and paste your content f rom your site into a Worddocument.Amazon gives you some amazing tools to market your Kindle book – the ability to enroll in their KDP programand give away your book f or f ree – these aspect enables many new readers to sample your work and go on tosubscribe to your newsletter and purchase through your af f iliate links as well as to click through and read /view content that you’ve linked to.However, you cannot enroll in the KDP program if your work is f reely available on the web. Your Kindle bookneeds to be unique.Giving away your book increases your visibility in Amazon’s marketplace.I’ve had several Amazon best sellers (f or a couple of days) and, as I become more adept at using Amazon’smarketing system, my books are staying at the top of the charts f or longer.How to Create Kindle BookSo let’s look at this practically: you already have the content f or your Kindle book; it’s right there on your blog.Step 1: Gather your postsIf you blog using WordPress, this is a f ast process f or you:1. Install the Anthologize plugin2. Export your blog posts into a Word Document.3. Edit the book.4. Add an introductory section about your experience and talk about the content and what problems itsolves.5. Add the things that Amazon require like the clickable Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, Copyrightetc.6. Then expand on your content.
  3. 3. 7. Add the “about the author” section8. Proof read.Note from Ana: I’ve tried to use Anthologize at Traffic Generation Café in the past, and could nevermake it work for me – it was always buggy. As an alternative, you can use a service like Zinepal,even though it costs $5 per ebook to format it any way you want to (I don’t think their free version isa good choice).If you leave room f or conversation in your blog posts, you can readily expand the content and take it in newdirections, again solving the problems that your reader has.Once you have your book, the next steps are to get it up onto Kindle and f or that you need a book cover.Step 2: Create a coverYes, people still judge a book by its cover.However, there’s a nif ty piece of sof tware that will help you create great looking, simple ebook covers – MyEcover Maker.It has a f ree version and a subscription version.I use the paid version and I love it. You can create a great looking book cover in a matter of minutes.Amazon requires that the book cover that you upload is huge in size, at least 1000px along its longest edge.Using My Ecover Maker makes the whole process f ast and easy.You’re almost done now – all you have to do is f ormat your book f or Kindle and upload it to Amazon.Step 3: Format the bookThe f ormatting part is a pain the backside – but it’s okay.I have the Kindle Guide that will show you the tools and how to use them. I recommend you grab the bookbecause the f ormatting part is a minef ield.Last year I uploaded a Kindle guide that was screwed.You see Amazon released the Kindle Fire and I wasn’t ready f or it. I also used sof tware f rom a company thatcame highly recommended, but was still beta testing. The company didn’t say they were still in beta and I’vebeen editing the images on 389 pages ever since… the moral of the story: f ind people who publish Kindlebooks of ten and see what they use (if you don’t wish to spend 99 cents on my guide).Kindle Pricing99 cents f or a guide?Yes. Kindle books can be used to build your email list and blog subscribers.By pricing low you remove the element of risk. Some readers think that because a book is that cheap, it doesn’tcontain usef ul inf ormation, but it’s not true in most cases.
  4. 4. Many of my books are priced much lower than I would like, but they generate subscribers and leads. I’ve optednot to worry about the money, and f ocus on building the relationships with my new readers and subscribers.But how do you get subscribers f rom your Kindle book?Kindle to Newsletter SubscriberStraight af ter the Table of Content (TOC) add a call to action to subscribe to a newsletter with a f ree gif trelated to the book’s content.For instance, in my Zero to Social Media book I of f er templates f or social media marketing strategies andcampaigns.When you upload the book to Kindle, you have’ll the option to show 10% on the book to people looking to buy.They will see your call to action and have a chance to subscribe. Without buying your book. Cheeky, eh.Yes, you can use Amazon Kindle to build your newsletter. You can even build a separate email list and see howef f ective this is as a marketing tool.Kindle Publishing for Affiliate MarketingAs I mentioned bef ore, the majority of my af f iliate income comes via my Kindle guides.I sell the books at a low price and I already know the purchasers have a specif ic problem, so at the end of thebooks I add a list of resources, some f ree and some with af f iliate links.I’m not one f or overloading the af f iliate links in my Kindle guides – I’m looking to demonstrate expertise andbuild a relationship with my new readers.The key to using Kindle f or af f iliate revenue is to have good content that solves problems and providesresources and upsells.Chances are you already have that kind of content on your blog.Kindle ReviewsIt’s 2013 and American readers still think British English is a book f illed with typos… you couldn’t make it up.No matter how you describe your book, someone will not read the description and grouse about it.I’ve even had a bad review based on the f act the book was on Kindle and not a physical book.I always try and manage the readers expectations – my Kindle guides are basic guides unless the descriptionsaid otherwise; if they are about sof tware I say that too.If your screenshots are too “clean”, people will think (and say) you’ve stolen them.If they are a little less prof essional (have URLs, etc to show they are not stolen), they moan about them… ifyou are sensitive by nature, you’ll cry when you get a review that’s a little of f .But people who are not biased and objective are rare creatures.I’ve written 3 books with another author. Aside f rom their bio, they’ve not contributed a word to the book… andeveryone loves those books, not a bad / half -hearted review to be seen.
  5. 5. I have no idea what’s†in the†mind of an Amazon reviewer, but they are rarely consistent.But when you get a great review, it will make your heart sing, and you’ll f eel great.The Send to Kindle ButtonWe’ve seen the power of the Amazon marketplace, we’ve seen why we need Kindle books, but what about theSend to Kindle button? How does that work f or marketers?The Send to Kindle button enables marketers to be carried around with their ideal reader and to be recalled at amoments notice.Your of f line word of mouth will increase and I’m†predicting†your af f iliate revenue will increase too.If your reader can send a really usef ul article to their Kindle and share it (which is something f or the f uture),then you have another route to market. As the post is sent to Kindle, your af f iliate links go with it, along withthe link to your blog and the post – it’s going to send back traf f ic to your site f or the f oreseeable f uture.Kindle Blog SubscriptionBottom line: by utilizing these Kindle marketing strategies, you’re going to be at the f ront of your readers mindf or a long time. Isn’t that every marketer’s dream?If you use an RSS f ooter plugin (part of WordPress SEO by Yoast), you can even invite your readers tosubscribe to your blog via the Kindle Marketplace.You do have your blog available as a Kindle subscription, right? No? Oh dear…Yes, Kindle Blog Subscription is another route to market. The reader pays a small subscription f ee (around99 cents) and all your posts are sent directly to their Kindle – they can read at their own convenience and yourcontent is on their Kindle.It might not generate you a f ortune to have your blog as you only get a small percentage of the sales, but yourcontent is being consumed in the f ormat most suitable to your reader.Kindle Publishing Marketing TakeawayAlthough we have no idea how many Kindles have been sold, the estimates say there are around 3.5 milliondevices used plus the apps (making 10 million in total).Is that marketplace big enough f or you?What’s more, it’s virtually untapped.Will use be using Kindle to market your blog as well as send you a tonne of traf f ic?SarahArrowSarah Arrow is a blog-centric social media marketer. One of the UK’s most influential marketers, Sage businessexpert and the creator of the†internationally†renowned Birds on the Blog, and of course raving Kindle fan (eventhough she doesn’t own one).Kindle Publishing Resources
  6. 6. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing - Amazon.comHow to Make Money with Amazon Kindle Books - Steve Scott at SteveScottSite.com72 Places to promote your Kindle Book - Sarah Arrow at SarkeMedia.comPublishing On Kindle For Prof it – Pawel Reszka at AffHelper.comPublish Your Book on Kindle - Cathy Presland’s Kindle courseKinstant Formatter - best and easiest way to format your Kindle booksMy Ecover Maker - make your own ecoversIf you like this post and think it would be valuable to your f ollowers, share the ish out of it f or me,would you?