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Your Guide to Increase Profitable Web Traffic


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We all want to increase our website traffic. Increasing our PROFITABLE web traffic is even better.

This Slideshare presentation will show you how. For more, visit at Traffic Generation Café.

Created by Mauro D'Andrea for Traffic Generation Café.

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Your Guide to Increase Profitable Web Traffic

  1. The Ultimate Blueprint toMore ProfitableWebsite Traffic
  2. Traffic is important for Your Business
  3. But not all traffic is equal
  4. Certain types of traffic willmake you money
  5. Other kinds of traffic will only bea spike in Google Analitycs
  6. The 8 types ofprofitable traffic
  7. 1 Content Leverage
  8. Make a blog post
  9. Turn it into other formats(video, pdf, presentation, podcast, etc...)
  10. Benefits
  11. Save Time and Money
  12. Build Backlinks
  13. Be Everywhere
  14. 2 Build Relationships
  15. Guest Post and Commenton Other Blogs
  16. Send Personal Emails toConnect with Bloggers
  17. Benefits
  18. Referral Traffic
  19. Get Backlinks
  20. More Social Media Shares
  21. 3 Social Media Marketing
  22. Find WhereYour Target Audience is
  23. Jump on ThOSe Social Media Networks
  24. Benefits
  25. Best Place toFind Targeted Audience
  26. Great to Build Relationships
  27. Important for SEO
  28. 4 Search Engine Optimization
  29. Care about On-Page SEO
  30. Build Backlinks andIncrease Social Shares
  31. Benefits
  32. “Passive“ Traffic
  33. Steady Flow of Traffic to Your Blog
  34. 5 Product Creation
  35. Build a Productand Find Affiliates
  36. Get Traffic from Affiliate Promotion
  37. Benefits
  38. Targeted Traffic
  39. Get Referrals
  40. Increase YourBrand Awareness
  41. 6 Mobile Traffic
  42. Use a Mobile-Friendly Theme or...
  43. Create aMobile App for Your Site
  44. Benefits
  45. Be Everywhere,AnytimeWith Your Audience
  46. Reach HigherMobile Search Engine Rankings
  47. 7 Paid Traffic
  48. Run Pay Per Click Campaigns(Adwords, Facebook, etc...)
  49. Buy Banner Ads
  50. Benefits
  51. Instant Traffic
  52. Get Targeted Traffic
  53. Save Time
  54. 8 Offline Traffic
  55. Give Out Business Cards
  56. Distribute Flyers
  57. Run Print Ads
  58. Benefits
  59. Build Brand Awareness
  60. Expand Your Reach Outside the Web
  61. Want More Traffic?
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  63. Designed by Mauro DAndreafor TrafficGenerationCafe.comWant More Traffic?Click Here to Read MyENTIRE Traffic Blueprint