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How to get more Facebook fans


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How to get more Facebook fans

  1. 1. t raf f icge ne rat io ncaf e .co m http://www.trafficgeneratio m/get-facebo o k-fans/10 Outside-the-Box Tips on How to Get More Facebook FansDid you know that when it comes down to getting more Facebookf ans f or your page, more people are interested in buying f ans vsdoing it the “old-f ashioned” way – by actually working for it?It’s true.As I was doing a quick keyword research f or this post withSEMRush, I noticed one glaring trend: keywords that mentioned “buy” had over 5 times more search volume!Take a look f or yourself :“buy Facebook fans”“get Facebook fans”What I f ind even more interesting and amusing is the f act that “buy TARGETED facebook fans” is the secondmost searched term f or “facebook fans“.Riiiiiight…
  2. 2. Well, all the best to those who are looking to buy “targeted” FB f ans, but you and I have real work to do: findcreative ways to get more Facebook fans the right (and only) way. This post is a part Ana’s of Bite-Size Traffic Hacks newsletter. Should you decide you want to see more simple and actionable traffic hacks in your email inbox, plus get a FREE copy of my brand new “Mommy, Where Does Traffic Come From?” traffic report, simply add your email address and click “Yes, Send me my FREE report” button to the right.Why Drive Blog Traf f ic to Social Media?Bef ore I actually get to the point (this is the talkative introvert in me talking), I need to address the questionof sending your blog traf f ic away to social media.Af ter all, the whole point of developing presence on social media is to increase YOUR website traf f ic, right?So why encourage them to leave?Like this:My strong advice is DON’T do it.Too many choices lead to making NO choices.Instead, choose ONE social media network youwant to build and stick with it.Do you want to get more Twitter f ollowers? T henmake it all about Twitter.Do you want to build Google Plus presence? T henGoogle Plus it is.Are you working on getting more Facebook f ans?Yep, you got it.So why send your traf f ic away at all?LEVERAGE.Social media is the best “reach multiplier” I knowof.One more f an on Facebook might equal hundreds,if not thousands, more eyes to see your contenton Facebook, like it, and f ollow it back to your blog.T hat’s the only reason it makes sense to send your readers of f your blog: SO THAT they can bring backeven more readers.Get More Facebook Fans via Your BlogBack to getting more Facebook f ans.
  3. 3. Loved it ? Embed t his present at ion on your blog f or more t raf f ic!(just copy and paste the code below) <if rame src=”http://www.sli how/embed_code/T here are several ways I use Traf f ic Generation Caf é to promote my Facebook f an page. 17064148?rel=0″ width=”597″1. Sidebar Facebook Widget height=”486″ f rameborder=”0″T his is one of the most obvious ways to do it: place the FB widget in marginwidth=”0″your sidebar. marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no”A couple of pointers to help you make the most of it: style=”border:1px solid #CCC;border-not be wise to add the widget if you have just a handf ul of might width:1px 1px f ans – might actually work against you as negative proof ; 0;margin- bottom:5px”choose to show your f ans’ f aces – readers are more likely to like allowfyour page if they see other f aces they recognize; stronger social ullscreen webkitallowf ullscr proof ’; een use an action verb to encourage your readers to like your page – mozallowf ullscree n> </if“LIKE” or “JOIN” make sense; rame> <div style=”margin- bottom:5px”> enough f aces to make the widget stand out, but not too show many to overtake your sidebar. <strong> <a href =”http://www.s2. Cont act Page Ana/how-to-get-Iffacebook-f ans- ind it a great way to kill two birds with one stone: 10-killer-ways- the-bond-way” on the amount of junk emails I used to get bef ore I made this change; cut down title=”How to Get Facebook Fans: my readers to start discussions on my f an page. encourage 10 Outside-theT his Ways toitDo contact page looks like: Box is what my It” target=”_blank”>H ow to Get Facebook Fans: 10 Outside-the Box Ways to Do It</a> </strong> f rom <strong><a href =”http://www.s Ana” target=”_blank”>A na Hof f man</a></str ong> </div>
  4. 4. 3. Make it your Call t o Act ion in post sLike this:Two more ways to get more Facebook f ans via your blog – they are more on the technical side:4. Close post comment sI used to never close comments on my posts, no matter how old they were.However, the clever pesky comments spammers got to me.T hey were so good at f inding the pages with high PageRank to leave their spam comments, that they f orcedme to start closing comments on posts 90 days or older.However, I closed them with a bang: it’s now become yet another opportunity f or my readers to become myFacebook f ans:5. Link your Facebook f an page in aut hor bylineEvery post you publish displays your name as its author, usually somewhere by the post title.By def ault WordPress setting, that name is linked to your author page.In my opinion, it’s a waste of a great opportunity to direct your traf f ic to where it makes the most sense; inthis case, to your Facebook f an page.Get More Facebook Fans via Personal Prof ileChances are you’ve got many Facebook f riends on your personal prof ile who are not really f riends.T hey are your business connections that should really be your Facebook f ans.
  5. 5. It’s good to reserve your personal Facebook prof ile f or real f riends and f amily and move your businessf riends to your Facebook f an page.Two ways to do it:6. Invit e f riends t o like your pageMake sure you use Facebook as your personal prof ile and not as your Facebook f an page bef ore doing this.With your admin panel enabled (see the image above), you should see the “Invite Friends” section in thebottom right corner.Now all you need to do is to invite them to become your page f ans.Since they are already your f riends on your personal prof ile, that means they already like you. Might as welllike you in the right place – your f an page!
  6. 6. 7. St op accept ing f riend request sYet another way to get more Facebook f riends in the spirit of separating personal and business sides ofFacebook: stop accepting f riend requests f rom people who you’d rather connect with on your f an page.Here’s what I do:1. Pull up the list of your new f riend requests.2. Click on the prof ile of the person you’d like to getback to.3. Click on “Message”.4. Send them a message explaining that you’d much rather connect with them on your f an page rather thanyour personal prof ile.Quick tip: to save time, save the message template as an Everynote, or a text document, or whatever else you
  7. 7. use, and simply copy and paste it when going through your friend requests.I personally use Text Expander f or Mac to do something like this quickly and ef f iciently.Here’s what my message says (use it f or inspiration, not copying): I’ve recently noticed that I’ve been missing a lot of messages and wall posts on my personal FB profile. Truth is I am trying to keep my personal Facebook personal, but I am very active at my FB page at I’d appreciated it, if you connect with me over there. Otherwise, my family just gets confused when I post business/marketing stuff to my personal wall. AnaYou can send the same message to your current f riends who you’d rather “migrate” to your f an page.More Ways to Get Fans through Personal Prof ileI am mentioning the f ollowing two ways only because they are available to you, NOT because I’d advise youactually do it.You can quickly annoy your potential f ollowers or, worse, get your page banned by many of them in youroverly-zealous ef f orts to get more f ans.(Don’t ) “Invit e email cont act s”T his option is under “Build Audience” in your page Admin Panel.It allows you to import and invite email contacts f rom certain email services and autoresponders.Why you shouldn’t do it because it… annoys people; breaks trust; gets you spammed and banned.(Don’t ) “Share page”See image above.With this option, you can share your f an page on a f riend’s timeline.
  8. 8. Something that most of your f riends won’t appreciate, I bet.T his is the kind of strategy Empower Network might teach their f olks to do – another great reason to stayaway f rom it.(Sure it’s a cheap shot on my part, but I couldn’t fight the temptation off, plus I need to build internal links to myEN review to rank it higher on Google. )Even More Actionable Ways to Get Facebook Fans8. Like more Facebook pages!Remember we talked about installing a Facebook f an page widget in your sidebar?And remember I said to make sure to show f aces in that widget?Well, here’s another way you can use those widgets on OT HER blogs/sites to your advantage.In our day and age of extremely smart (at times, to a scary degree) activity tracking, when you visit anothersite, Facebook “recognizes” you (when you are logged into Facebook, of course) and uses their widgets onother sites to make you f eel right at home.How?By displaying already f amiliar f aces in those widgets.For example, when I go to Slideshare home page, I see a huge Facebook widget that’s hard to miss.I recognize a lot of these f aces; don’t you?T hese are either existing f ans, or f riends, or f riends of f riends, f riends of f ans – your typical “six degreeseparation” of social media.My point: the more great and highly traf f icked Facebook pages you like, the more people will see YOURf ace in those widgets.
  9. 9. And the more people see your f ace, the more they want to check you out; human nature, right?With this strategy you’ll kill two birds with one stone: get more Facebook f ans AND build a stronger online presence and brand.9. Inst all Facebook comment sAnother great way to spread your Facebook wings: install Facebook comments.And I am not suggesting replacing the native WordPress commenting system – many of your readers stillpref er to use it over any other third party system, like Disqus, Livef yre, etc.Use it in addition to the native system.T here are several advantages to using Facebook comment system: Facebook values comments above likes and shares, so this way, you’ll be increasing your Edge Rank. When someone leaves a comment via a Facebook comment system, that comment is usually published on their timeline = more exposure to you and your content. If you choose to close WordPress native comments af ter a certain number of days (f or instance, 90 days at Traf f ic Generation Caf é), you can still keep FB comments open.T his is the part where I start hearing a bunch of objections:But… but… but… Google doesn’t index Facebook comments!As a matter of f act, I recently read a Facebook status update post at Neil Patel’s blog (yes, that’s the post Ibased my How to Write Awesome Facebook Status Updates Slideshare deck on, which as of right now hasover 98,000 views! on Slideshare).I quote f rom that post: The sad part about this is Facebook comments are in iframes, so search engines won’t be able to index the comments on your blog. But you will end up getting more social traffic.I love Neil Patel, but I have a f eeling he outsource this post to someone who had no idea what he/she wastalking about.Google not indexing FB comments is a news of the past. Facebook Comments Now Being Indexed By GoogleI am currently testing a couple of Facebook comment plugins trying to decide which one works bestf or Traf f ic Generation Caf é.Got a suggestion? Leave a comment.10. Facebook Paid Ads
  10. 10. “Paid” doesn’t always mean “expensive”.Even though I haven’t taken advantage of Facebook ads myself , I know of many bloggers who don’t mindspending $5 – $10 to promote some of their epic posts with and get killer results f rom it.T he only reason I haven’t done it is because I haven’t had a chance to study up on the subject.T here are several ways you can get more Facebook f ans using paid ads:1. By promoting your Facebook page, like this:Wouldn’t be my f irst choice: looks like a good way to get quantity, but would these be quality f ans?2. By promoting your business directly, like this:3. Now you can even create “Custom Audiences”by uploading your email lists and marketingdirectly to certain segments.Again, since I am not very well-versed on thetopic, I’ll leave it at that, but hope you won’t.If you know of any great resources to learn moreabout using Facebooks ads, leave a link in thecomments.Either way, this is something I am very interestedin and will be learning more about it very soon.Bonus t ip: Like Facebook comment sT his tip comes courtesy of Ti Roberts f rom her post 4 Hidden Traf f ic Tips to Spike Your Traf f ic Stats.T his traf f ic tip is dual purpose.It can be used to increase your Facebook “likes” as well as to ultimately drive more traf f ic to your blog.While it can be ef f ective to go through and “like” the pages of some of the gurus in your niche to get moretraf f ic and likes to your Facebook page, it can prove to be even more ef f ective to actually “like”
  11. 11. the comments of the people on their f anpage.T hink about it.Every time someone “likes” your status or a comment you’ve made, that little notif ication box pops up in thebottom lef t corner of your computer screen, right?T his simple action will allow them to get exposed to you, your website and what you have to of f er.What My Facebook Fans Said on the TopicI also asked Traf f ic Generation Caf é Facebook f ans f or their opinions on how to get more f ans and here’swhat they said:Do you want your opinion to matter?Like Traf f ic Generation Caf é on Facebook.Marketing TakeawayT he bottom line on getting more Facebook f ans is this:Facebook quality f ans trump Facebook quantity f ans.
  12. 12. T his is a stark opposition to my stance on how to get more Twitter f ollowers.Just goes to show that each traf f ic generation method requires a dif f erent approach.I’ve been working on getting more Facebook traf f ic f or the past couple of months (af ter all, isn’t that why wewant more Facebook f ans to begin with – to get more traf f ic to our businesses) and the results speak f orthemselves: even though the number of my new Facebook f ans grew by only about 5% in the past couple of months, my Facebook traf f ic to Traf f ic Generation Caf é tripled.Quality interaction is the only way to go on Facebook.Getting more quality Facebook f ans is just the icing on the cake.Of f interacting with my Facebook f ans (like my Facebook page to join the party!),If you like this post and think it would be valuable to yourf ollowers, share the ish out of it f or me, would you?