How google works


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How google works

  1. 1. t raf f icge ne rat io ncaf e .co m http://www.trafficgeneratio m/ho w-go o gle-wo rks-relevance/How Google Works: Why Does Crappy Website Rank HigherThan Mine?501 Flares 501 Flares ×How exactly has Google PageRank become the accepted standardby which we measure our websites?If you take a look at Google’s Technology Overview, you’ll see thatit points to relevance as the primary ingredient of how Googlesearch works.So why are countless posts being written on Pagerank and yet noone seems to be talking about relevance?I truly believe it’s because PageRank comes as a number – it canbe easily measured, explained, and presented.Not so much with relevance.However, just because PageRank is easy to track, it doesn’t mean that it accurately represents how wellyour site should rank in search engine results.Why Don’t I Rank Higher?T his post is my best shot at responding to the numerous questions I get that sound something like this: “Why is a particular site ranking higher for a search query than mine, when on the surface of things, our sites are equal in terms of links and other signals or my site is even better?”I’ve asked the same question a f ew SEO experts in the past and always got a boiler-plate answer that neverquite did it f or me.T he truth is no one really knows how Google REALLY works.Neither do I.However, as I was researching the topic, RELEVANCE as the answer made more and more sense.Allow me to explain.How Does Google Work?Loved t he present at ion? Embed it in your post !(Just copy and paste the code below)
  2. 2. <if rame src=”http://www.sli how/embed_code/1. Googlebot crawls t he web. 17463133?rel=0″ width=”597″To be quite precise, Google spiders don’t really roam the web. height=”486″ f rameborder=”0″What really happens is that they request web servers to provide specif ied pages, then they scan them f or marginwidth=”0″hyperlinks, which in turn will lead them to the new documents that they f etch in the same way. marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”border:1px2. Google builds an index. solid #CCC;border-Now that crawling is done, the pages are not searchable yet. width:1px 1px 0;margin-T he next step is to build an index. bottom:5px” allowf ullscreenT his process lists every document that contains a certain word. webkitallowf ullscr eenFor instance, the word “ballroom” might appear in documents 5, 11, 54, 71, and 97, and the word “dancing” mozallowf ullscreemight appear in documents 11, 23, 54, 68, and 71. n> </if rame> <div style=”margin-3. Google ranks document s. bottom:5px”> <strong> <aNow =”http://www.s to determine how relevant documents are and rank them accordingly. href Google is ready Ana/how-google-If you are to do a search f or “ballroom dancing“, Google will take the f ollowing two steps to return search search-works”engine result pages (SERPs): title=”How Google Search Works: Why Crappy Sites of pages that contain your query. 1. Find the set Rank Higher T han 2. Rank the matching set of pages in order of relevance. Mine?” target=”_blank”>HIn the example of documents containing words “ballroom” and “dancing” above, you’ll see that BOT H wordsappear only Search ow Google in documents 11, 54, and 71. Works: Why Crappy Sites RankT hose are the prime contenders to be listed f or your query f irst. Higher T han Mine?</a>How Does Google Rank Relevance? </strong> f rom <strong><a href =”http://www.sHere’s where the answer to the question of “Why is my site not ranking as highly?” might lie. Ana”It only makes sense that a document that mentions both “ballroom” and “dancing” next to each other will be target=”_blank”>Adeemed more relevant than the one that talks about square dancing and simply mentions the word “ballroom” nasomewhere else on the page. Hof f man</a></str ong> </div>Similarly, if the entire “ballroom dancing” phrase is mentioned in the title of the page, it will appear to be morerelevant to the topic.In the same way, if the phrase is mentioned several times throughout the page, the page is more likely to beabout ballroom dancing than if the phrase appears only once.Check out this great quote I f ound at Google’s Librarian Central (there used to be a link to the source here,but the source moved and I couldn’t find it again): As a rule, Google tries to find pages that are both reputable and relevant.
  3. 3. If two pages appear to have roughly the same amount of information matching a given query, we’ll usually try to pick the page that more trusted websites have chosen to link to. Still, we’ll often elevate a page with fewer links or lower PageRank if other signals suggest that the page is more relevant. For example, a web page dedicated entirely to the civil war is often more useful than an article that mentions the civil war in passing, even if the article is part of a reputable site such as Your Website Relevant?I understand that there are certain topics you think your site is relevant to, but remember you need to spell itout f or the Google bots – that’s how Google works.On-Page Optimization Determines RelevanceYes, it might come down to how well you optimize the page itself that will determine whether and how highlyit’ll show up in Google search results.T hings like title, <H> tags, description, on-page keywords.So What’s Your Plan of Action?Now that you have an idea of how Google bots work and how they determine which page to move up thesearch results, let’s get to work.1. St ay on TopicIf you want to tap into the wealth of SEO traf f ic, you have to work f or it.And that means staying on topic.Both your readers and search engine bots will love you f or that.If your post subject is list building, don’t talk about video marketing.If you run a cooking blog, don’t talk about relationships.T his principal applies both to your entire site (pick a niche, i.e. a specif ic subset of a broad market) and eachparticular page of your site.Remember, Google ranks pages (that includes your home page), not websites.2. Learn about on-page opt imizat ionOn-page optimization is all about using every trick up your sleeve to tell Google bots what your page isabout so that they can rank it accordingly.As I mentioned above, it’s things like title, <H> tags, description, on-page keywords.If you need to learn more about on-page optimization as well as other Google ranking f actors and how touse them properly to get more search engine traf f ic, I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of my f ree SEOreport.
  4. 4. 3. USE on-page opt imizat ionHaving the knowledge on a subject vs actually applying it are two dif f erent things.I know just about everything there’s about on-page optimization.It’s not exactly rocket science.But do I actually optimize every post I write so that it has a better shot at ranking f or specif ic keywords?No.4. How t o st ay on t rackTo make sure you actually apply the principles of how Google works to your on-page f actors, I suggest youdo one of the f ollowing:1. Do it yourselfYou could put together a check list of all the f actors that are important and make sure you stick with it whenwriting a new post.2. You could hire someone t o do it f or youSEO outsourcing doesn’t come cheap, but if you value your time above money, it’s a great way to go.3. Get a t ool t o help you do it yourselfI was never a f an of using on-page SEO tools in the past; particularly because of all the recent Googlealgorithm changes.I am ref erring to the tools like ScribeSEO, SEOPressor, and Easy WP SEO.(Note: I’ve tested a few tools and the best one by far was Easy WP SEO, both for the features and the price.That’s why I didn’t bother linking out to the other two, but Easy WP SEO link is affiliate.)However, I must admit, I didn’t actually test any of them; just thought I knew what I was talking about… a perkof being Ana Hof f man, I suppose.Since then I put my money where my mouth was and tested SEOPressor and Easy WP SEO at Traf f icGeneration Caf e.I was so impressed with Easy WP SEO that I am sticking with it and revising on-page optimization f or someof my older post, including this one.4. Do not hing.Free search engine traf f ic that brings in targeted visitors like a clockwork?Too much work…Doing nothing is certainly an option.Marketing Takeaway
  5. 5. Marketing TakeawayI realize that this post is just my opinion on the issue of how Google works and how we can take advantageof it.And you’ll still see many crappy websites outrank yours f or no apparent reason.At least now you’ve got some knowledge and tools to help you kick them to the curb.Dot your I’s and cross your T ’s and then let Google do its job.Whether it’s a job well-done on their part is entirely out of our control.If you like this post and think it would be valuable to your f ollowers, share the ish out of it f or me, wouldyou?