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Open Gets Real - From Software to Manufacturing: how the open, agile and p2p revolution is coming to the real world.


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A presentation I gave at Codemotion Roma 2013 on March the 22nd. This presentation connects the dots between the resource depletion trends (off peak), advancements in digital fabrication, open design, agile and lean manufacturing and shows the potential that an open production ecosystem may mean for ut in the future.

For those interested, here's a strongly related initiative that is also mentioned in the presentation:

Also, please note this work is strongly based on discussion I had with ouishare, open source ecology, open source hardware association, open knowledge foundation, etc...
In particular I wanted to thank:
- Marcin Jakuboski
- Catarina Mota
- Alicia Gibb
- Massimo Menichinelli
- Joe Justice

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Open Gets Real - From Software to Manufacturing: how the open, agile and p2p revolution is coming to the real world.

  1. meedabyte workshops & consultingOpen gets Real.
  2. –
  3. From Software toManufacturingHow the open, agile and p2prevolution is coming to the realworld.
  4. per – capita needs globaluse/availability
  5. “If civilization in anything likeits present form is to persist,it must take account of thefinite nature of thebiosphere.” The Macroecology of Sustainability -
  6. digitalization
  7. Open &Free Everythingplatforms As a ServiceUltra Large socialPervasive interactions &computing collaboration
  8. democratization
  9. Neil Gershenfeld
  10. DIY
  11. 2009:a novel 2013 a business book
  12. DIT
  13. from mass production to DIY
  14. DIO(pen)
  15. Distributed capital > Open access = No rents
  16. “It’s paradoxical that vastpopulations living in povertyare surrounded by anabundance of naturalresources from which all thewealth of the economy is built”
  17. first CEB Press in Europe in Padua by OSE Italy
  18. decentralization & resilience
  19. “In short, Software is eating the World” Marc Andressen
  20. Source: Wall Street Journal
  21. mass production
  22. is broken
  23. 99%digital exchanges 1% phisical
  24. BestPractices
  25. Extreme manufacturingJoe Justice takes the best practices for distributed team management, frugal engineering and frugal design and applies back to the physical world
  26. Lean Agile
  27. one day
  28. Since we built our first prototype of The Liberator (CEBpress) four years ago, we’ve been refining the machine andoptimizing fabrication to make it the simplest, highestperformance, and most replicable, open sourcecompressed earth brick press in the world. The firstprototype took a month to build. We have streamlinedfabrication to 4 days in September of this year, 2 days inNovember, and on December 18 – we achieved the one daybuild. Marcin Jakuboski – Open Source Ecology Founder
  29. When the first 1Bcompany in OpenSource Hardware?
  30. challenges
  31. global scale (cooperation) impact (real production)adoption (remix, replication)
  32. IDE
  33. the promises
  34. Pictures from closed manufacturing open manufacturing
  35. Pictures from
  36. seek long term value
  37. Let’s have a honestrelation with resources
  38. stop reinventing the wheel start open-sourcing it
  39. THANKSget in touch! @meedabyte workshops & consulting
  40. special thanks to: Open Electronics for the Opensource HW+SW pictures