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Win Spinnaker with Winnaker - Open Source North Conf 2017


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Learn how and why Target Corp developed Winnaker a tool to audit and test Spinnaker. slides presented at Open Source North Conf 2017.

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Win Spinnaker with Winnaker - Open Source North Conf 2017

  1. 1. Winning Spinnaker with Winnaker. Medya Ghazizadeh @medyadaily Sr.Cloud Engineer @ Target
  2. 2. The Quest for the Best C.D TOol The List ...
  3. 3. What is Spinnaker ? Spin·na·ker ˈspinəkər/ noun a large three-cornered sail, typically bulging when full, set forward of the mainsail of a yacht when running before the wind.
  4. 4. An abstraction for all The clouds LoadBalancer Server Groups Security Groups Service Service ports ReplicaSetApplication Namespace Cluster ReplicaSets versions
  5. 5. No runtime config. Sorry. Not sorry !
  6. 6. Because Immutable A Netflix’s Philosophy. Bake the image Once, deploy it everywhere. The end of a cliche “Worked fine in dev, not in Prod.”
  7. 7. A pipleline
  8. 8. Find baked image in another pipeline
  9. 9. Open source Developing one product across multiple companies. Apache V2
  10. 10. Target’s Contributions - Openstack driver - Acomplishments - Challenges and lessons
  11. 11. Chicken and Egg How to deploy spinnaker ?
  12. 12. Winnaker
  13. 13. Components And Micro services
  14. 14. Things that can go wrong - Connectivity between spinnaker components. - Connectivity between where it bakes and where it deploys. - Ip spaces. - Parallel jobs. - Cloud provider quota.
  15. 15. Features of Winnaker ● Start a pipeline on Spinnaker ○ Login. ○ Execute a pipeline. ○ Get last build status. ○ bake. ○ Deploy ● Get stage details ○ return status codes for pipelines (0 or error) ● Screenshot the stages ● Integrates with HipChat (notify someone that spinnaker is not functional)
  16. 16. Automate Troubleshooting ● Every error in Spinnaker means something new that we document, but who reads the documentation? Winnaker has a list of known error messages and it comes up with suggestions that you may want to use based on the error message.
  17. 17. Winnaker Scereenshot
  18. 18. Pressure Test your cloud/SpinnaKer Make winnaker run X pipelines and let you know if they succeed.
  19. 19. Open source is win win ! ● Removed company specific-info. ● Provide a contribution guide. ● MIT License. ● More contribution to winnaker after I moved on! ● Issues and bugs were fixed by community.
  20. 20. Run in Docker ! ● HOW DO YOU INSTALL WINNAKER ? 1. Everything ships in a docker container. 2. Or install with pip ● WHAT DO YOU NEED ? 1. A Spinnaker URL 2. A sample app 3. A sample pipeline to run
  21. 21. Links ● ●
  22. 22. Demo Maybe?
  23. 23. annoucement
  24. 24. K8Guard is an auditing system for kuberentes.